Isha Yoga – just another scam


A friend of mine wanted to visit this dhyanalingam temple of Isha Yoga (@coimbatore).I have heard a lot of good things about Isha through some of my friends, relatives and they are all over the media, naturally i was curious. so i accompanied him.

Now these are the things i have learnt about Isha through the people who have been there,

  • You go there to get enlightened, people respect each other more and be very compassionate, even towards plants.
  • Isha yoga is not based on any religion
  • Sathguru claims that his methods are scientific

So these where the expectations i had, when i entered their ‘temple’,

my first shock was when i noticed that the volunteers and residents there who are supposed to be enlightened showed clear signs of frustration.

There is this one kid who is running here and there and these guys are giving a death look to his parents asking them to catch hold of him.

Another instance,within the temple there is this another kid who strays away from the line and starts inspecting the walls, and some isha guy comes and threatens him! mind you the kid was just touching the walls nothing more.

There was this other supposed teacher who was preching a couple of guys, so i mingled in the group wanting to know more.

He was saying how great sathguru is, how his energy levels are in a dreamy eye like how a small kid talks about his imaginary super hero.

we were all sitting in the grass, so all this time he was casually plucking the grass to keep his hands busy! where is the supposed compassion towards even plants? Also i saw so much wood work everywhere , from beautifully decorated wooden doors to ornamental objects, i didnt expect to see this in an organization which supposedly promotes itself as tree loving.

This guy continues saying that because dhyanalinga traps so much bad energy they have constructed this new bhairavi temple and he claims its so powerful that nothing wrong will happen within 13 kms! Wonder how they found it is 13 km may be because Coimbatore is 20 km away and for 13 kms around the temple there are only very small villages and mostly forest.
And he continues saying that It is because Tamil nadu has all these temples that it is free from many major disasters and that it is safe (tsunami?). He also claims that the US people wanted sathguru to build something like this in their country in a meeting and he said very boastfully that a lot of people stood up and objected to this. Tamilnadu will always be awesome, he told it with so much pride!! Now hold on for a second, aren’t people supposed to be treated equal? Shouldn’t they be struggling to have this everywhere so everybody in the world are happy ? Racial Discrimination is a virtue of the yogis now?

Then he started talking all abstract ridiculous stuff like vibration and energy levels, that’s when I decided i have had enough and went to the bhairavi temple.

Now isha claims it is non religious and meant for all religion, but trith is except for a small marble stone in the entrance where they have symbols of all the religions, every other place screams Hinduism!

  • A huge nandhi sits outside the isha building.
  • Behind the dhyanalinga building they have a huge marble with lord shivas face etched!
  • The bhairavi temple has a trishul where people tie yellow ropes after praying!
  • They give kum kum !
  • Within the temple they have chantings praising lord shiva.

Now tell me this isn’t Hinduism!

I am not saying Hinduism is a bad thing per se, but why should they hide it? what do they gain by hiding it, so they can attract more people?

The other thing i noted is how they demand money for everything. they say a red rope when tied around your hand will improve your ‘vibration’ but you have to pay 5 rs for it! its just a very small piece of rope, if enlightening people is your objective shouldnt you be giving it away for free? or atleast for a nominal fee? why would you sell it for a profit?they also sell a red handkerchief sized cloth for 20 Rs.
Before entering the dhyanalinga you are asked to go to theerthakund where you can wash your feet or get a bath, guess what each person has to pay 10Rs for that.
Outside they have a store selling isha merchandise, they sell everything from isha branded soaps to night pants at a very high price.
The building and temples were far from being modest, they are very fine pieces of art with so much attention to details. It would have costed a fortune.
Sathguru himself has a very luxurious accomodation.
I find it hard to accept this is a foundation which preaches modesty and simplicity.

See where they are building their next ashram, in the United States !! Is it because of all the countries in the world, people in the US are suffering the most and in dire need of enlightenment?

As usual whenever we raise these questions, people will say they they do this good thing and that, but to me it looks like a front for all their bullshit so that people can defend them if something leaks out. Because honestly do you think these are the practices of a foundation which preaches enlightenment?

All their behaviours clearly point them towards being a cult, please read through the following link which show some characteristics of cult’s.

After seeing all these things, i was pretty upset by the time i reached my home. I looged on to the internet to see if anybody else has found anything suspecious with Isha, guess what i am not alone! even ex ishaites have blogged their problems.

here is a very length discussion on Isha and Jaggi,

the user Velliangiri of that forum has summed it up very nicely,

  • Was Jaggi accused of killing his wife Viji by her parents? Yes
    Was there another women involved in this matter? Yes
    Did this women divorce and leave her family? Yes
    Was she the closest disciple of Jaggi in a previous life time? Yes
    Is she a Brahmachari/Sanyasi now? No
    Is her life opulent in the ashram just like Jaggi’s? Yes
    Did Jaggi initiate his young daughter into Brahmacharya? No
    Is he initiating other young girls/boys into Brahmacharya? Yes
    Did his daughter ever do volunteering? No
    Did she ever go through long term/permanent ashram life in her teens like Samskrithi kids? No
    Is there any objective proof/witnesses of Jaggi solidifying mercury? No
    Is there an objective proof that he learned and practiced yoga from Malladihalli Swami? No
    Is there an objective proof that he was student of Rishi Prabhakar for more than a year? Yes(1)
    Is Jaggi and his colleagues are teaching the same yoga, meditation and BSP with minor differences? Yes
    Did Jaggi ever gave credit to/confessed about Rishi Prabhakar? No
    Did Jaggi’s contemporary/colleague Ravisankar Mysore Ramakrishna commented about Jaggi’s plagiarism and lies? Yes(1)
    Is there an objective way to confirm Jaggi’s enlightenment before taking his programs? Yes(2)
    Is he a self confessed liar? Yes
    Does Jaggi have political tie-ups? Yes
    Does he shadow celebrities and crave media attention? Yes
    Did Isha ever disclose their social outreach program details/numbers to public? No
    Is Isha a 100% volunteer run organization? No
    Did Isha use/is using immoral tactics to usurp land? Yes
    Are Isha fanatics waiting for an utopian mass enlightenment never explicitly promised by Jaggi? Yes
    Are they dangerously delusional/hypocritical? Yes


Ravisankar Mysore Ramakrishna

the arguments and counter arguments about Jaggi and his life are interesting. One fact I wish to share is we both got trained by Guruji Rishi Prabhakar in the years 1984-86. e both took SSY teachers training together in Gommatagiiri near Mysore. We did SSY classes together and westarted the Hyderabad center of Rishi Samskruti Vidya Kendra under Guruji. then he was sent by Guruji Rishi Prabhakar to Coimbatore to start center there. there he slowly left the organization and started his own. He renamed himself as Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev and became popular. His Guru Rishi Prbhakar will not cclaim him to be his student as Jaggi has not lived upto his word. there is no secrecy in these matters. Jaggi himself will accept it(I still believe he is truthful). I have not contacted him so far after he left Guruji Rishi Prabhakar.

2.Jaggi ‘Jatti’ test (aka) Red underwear test of enlightenment.

Jaggi’s biography(Sadhguru by Arundhathi) says he saw his kinder garden teacher’s red underwear and asked her about it when he was 6. She freaked out. He always could see inner organs and garments. So ask the color of your underwear when you get a chance. Before sucked into his direct/subtle claims of spirituality give him this test. This is for your benefit and everybody around you. If he passes then you can be sure of your fast forward enlightenment.

more reading:,59190,page=1

For tamil readers:

அன்பார்ந்த களவாணிகள்

Another excellent article which is kind of related:


397 thoughts on “Isha Yoga – just another scam

    1. That was an interesting read thank you. It’s horrible to see all these people sacrifising their lives for somebody to get rich.

      1. Dear Yogi, for message below. I have visited the ashram once I have never attended Isha classes. It’s not a scam. I can tell you this. Those things you are saying that “exquisite material” are actually not exquisite. and you are clearly not aware of other progarms they do eg. Isha Vidhya. Have you ever been to Isha vidhya village schools. just go there and see. you will understand. Please don’t blindly accept or reject something without knowing. I believe you are a yogi yourself. You need to experience Isha to understand it. either you may like their approach or you may not that’s one’s personal opinion but do not make baseless allegations. Regarding your post….. YES yoga is Hinduism or I shall say YOGA is intertwined with hinduism. Sadhguru himself told that once in an interview for the same question you asked. you may as well google about it.

        1. Yeah true, isha yoga programs are very unique not like other yoga programs, when I have done my first yoga program surya kriya I never knew anything about yoga what it do I always, used to think it’s is physically sadhguru said something about inner space and I experienced something like inner space within me which is really beautifull can’t be expressed in words, I know they charge money, here money is just a mean to conduct run the ashram activities and other activities for gracefully and to their best it is very foolish way to compare the experience with the money you are paying no where in the world you will get this experience with the same money, see the clarity with sadhguru speaks do you think who is lying and he is doing all this to make profits, will welcome so many questions for such a long time and give justify answers for such a long time, no one is brained washed everyone ask him questions with so many doubts, nor everyone is attracted to isha just by his claims but also by the experience really getting from there yoga programs.., if its a a scam it would have collapsed till now and would not have sustained this far in between these many million people, just like baba rahim Do you think it is brain wash, I would suggest try to run a small organisation and try to gather small audiences just making logics and claims you will not succeed to get such a large audience just by brain wash, even if you succeed it will not remain for a long time, people are experiencing something tremendous that is why they are there and volunteering out of the gratitude for what they got not by some fear of God or hell,

      2. Dear Yogi i sympathise with you. You poor thing. Just sorry to hear that your expectations weren’t fulfilled when you visited the centre and weren’t greeted in kindness. That must have been a terrible and futile trip to you. Despite being a victim of a scam which you claim, you have gone to great lengths to research and slam another human being and his efforts. It is also amazing how you have tried to turn hearsays and opinions to make your claims truthful. I wonder if people who say that he murdered his wife and did all the other things were there physically and witnessed it. Where is the evidential prove for all? Just testimonies of disgruntled ishaites and whatnot? I Are you happier and contented in life now that you have done this? Are you one step closer to enlightenment now that you have blogged about your suspicions in a truthful manner? I would assume the answer is no. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If his way of spirituality doesnt excite you can walk away. You don’t have to write a whole blog trying to prove that he is a con artist unless this had made you a million dollar richer or achieve mukti if you are a real yogi. Words are very powerful and i just hope you watch what you say and how you say it.

    2. It is not a scam! Jaggi is a real guru… he knows a lot of stuff you cant even imagine. grace takes time to flow!

      1. It is not a scam at all! I have benefitted immensely from Sadhguru’s teaching and kriyas that I practice daily. This is definitely not a scam! I can vouch for it. My life has changed immensely, I feel much lighter both in my body and mind and all of this is because of Sadhguru.

        1. Dear Neha,

          Have you been to his sanithi?

          You can find the footprints of him imprinted on stone or metal,which is a sign of kalki Avatar,Which means he is planning to destroy the Universe not save it my friend!!!

          1. Destroy the Universe?? Steal people’s energy?? Kalki avatar?? Dude, do you even hear yourself when you talk bullshit??

            You need URGENT psychiatric help.

      2. To the followers of Hitler, Hitler never seemed like a villain until his time was Up. He was their Hero. Just an analogy. Nothing to hurt you. Cheers. Madness consumes instantaneously! I sincerely hope all of us do our research before we get into Isha/Sadhguru/Yoga. It id better not to be hoodwinked into deceptive priniciples. But I must say, it is easy to identify a Wolf in Wolf’s clothing. But a wolf in Sheep’s clothing. Wow, it is tough!

      3. Jaggi vasudev is a real Guru. He convinces every aspects logically; those who can not understand better don’t follow; who is compelling! why all mud sliding and character assassination. Lesser the said is better

        1. Dear sanjiva,

          Have you been to his sanithi?

          You can find the footprints of him imprinted on stone or metal,which is a sign of kalki Avatar,Which means he is planning to destroy the Universe not save it my friend!!!

      4. yes. Actually what i have observed and felt in his behaviour and his overall attitude is that he is not at all any mistique!!! rather he is a very intelligent and cunning guy who knows very well how to implement his gathered knowledge (from some texts or some other sadgurus like osho) according to the questions of his disciples and yes, one more thing, he mixes the pure truth very finely with the astral physics and human phycology so that he can impress his audience very well. well, according to me the simplicity of truth itself is enough to open the eyes of a person, so why to confuse the audience by using mystical words ? Just knowing the mystical words and ability to implement it doesnt make u a mystique!! And yes, I cant find any signs of enlightenment in that corrupted man which u call sadguru!!! He is just using his collected data and nothing else. I feel that only blind people can follow him blindly… That is what i wanted to say.

    3. For a fact, Sadhguru urged his daughter into marriage telling her that he has seen that she should be married by 25. That he can see she would be very unhappy without it. If you can’t find someone, I will find someone for you, he said.

      1. Oh poor ‘The favourite.’ Did anyone want you to find a guy? Wake up and try to know the purpose of YOUR life. You might be in for a rude shock when your clock stops ticking and you wanting to know about life. It would be too late.Either get involved to know, or listen to the discourses where logical answers are given. It is unethical for you to investigate into other people’s marriage, unless they approached you for help.

        1. But. But. But. I know I made you think about it. And you know I’m right. Because if I am wrong, then why did she? Plus, it’s never too late for anyone now is it? That guy oscillates between being too confusing or overtly simplistic. Women like him because there is something very pretty about the whole get-up. And logical answers? I don’t he has ever answered any question, straight up? Apparently he answers the person and not the question but he is just like a Miss World contestant, trying to buy time. And why threaten me into Isha? Aren’t you supposed to win me over with your Seva and give me a raw-food breakfast instead?

    4. Jakki vasudev projects himself as a Godman and in the Dhyanalinga temple its written in the brochure that he has controlled lord Shiva, very foolish of him to tell this. the volunteers are all young and in saffron dress and with very suspicious behaviour. the ashram sells all sorts of day to day usable items at high price, for the isha maniacs. only his fanatics will appreciate his cheating and acting attitude. he is smart in attracting the elite and affordable. This idiot will be caught one day as he has spoiled many families.

        1. Best way to criticise some one is too do something better than him and show them this can be done in the better way like this, no one in history till now initiated such a big movement like rally for rivers, no one suceeded till now to plant billion trees through project green hands, no yoga programs ever benifitted people and made people experience what yoga is, if you can really do something for the people, I have no issues if he is making money too because of this money he is really doing constructive things in the society and his works are worth while, he deserves to earn that money, rather than the people who do nothing significant but are paid

    5. Namaskaram!!!
      I am only this year April initiated to Shambhavi Mudra by Sadguru. But my dream to go this Place Dyanalinga from the year 2008.
      I didn’t realize Dyanalinga at Isha.
      I am very happy with Isha programs .
      This foundation I agreed they charge but no issue at all. How to raise fund???
      Nowadays people hardly donate without sufficient fund any organization will collapse.
      They raised fund too make the organization to their best. I stop drinking coffee and tea, but it help me by stopping my stomach cramp unbelievable. My face was breakout and clarity my face gone and make me a bit old. Even I consulted skin specialist and follow up nearly one and half year. No improvement. This year July I went to Isha Yoga Coimbatore. I went to dip in Chandra Kund, around five days I was there. Between two days I can see the changes of my face, look brighter and young. Now almost one month plus my face clear all the breakout and better. I really love to dip in Chandra Kund. Did you tried??? Everything for me is very smooth. I visited some other places they are not fair to people. But in Isha I can’t find even a 0.1 percent for me to complain. Only I am having peace over there.

      1. Yeah true, isha yoga programs are very unique not like other yoga programs, when I have done my first yoga program surya kriya I never knew anything about yoga what it do I always, used to think it’s is physically sadhguru said something about inner space and I experienced something like inner space within me which is really beautifull can’t be expressed in words, I know they charge money, here money is just a mean to conduct run the ashram activities and other activities for gracefully and to their best it is very foolish way to compare the experience with the money you are paying no where in the world you will get this experience with the same money

    6. You are a big liar and you have simply raised some stupid questions with readymade answers without any proof just to defame Sathguru .Are you an investigative journalist?-No,
      Is your posting full of prejudice and hate?-yes
      Have you presented any proof on your baseless allegations? -Absolutely No.
      Do you need a programme at Isha to become peaceful and stop slandering? -Yes

    7. Hello
      The cuts that scam are ones that ask homeowners to sign over their house and then they are kicked out of their house and made to live in a barn. The house is then rented out! They get followers to give everything to them and leave them with nothing. A cult that did this back in the 1970s was the Unification church also known as the Moonies, it originated from North Korea. Its mission was to fund the North Korean people due to USA sanctions. This cult is still very active and I have respect for them, as they will kill me if I don’t… lol.

      Isha appears to be helping people and giving them a way to fix themselves using non conventional medicines. It also promotes mental health and looking after outer humans. So I fail to see how it is a scam. The only things to note are the Symbols such as the moon the snake, the female head and bull. All have links to negative symbols, but this is working on the pretense that the man, sun and bird are positive. Some may say a man is a negative symbol so it depends on perspective. In life I feel we need both to find balance and harmony.

    8. No one till now started such a big movement in history like rally for rivers, what he will get with this all his yoga programs where no one is washing your brains, complaining about some one plucking the grass what about the project green hands dude which had suceeded in planting million trees what you have figured the small issues are very small things as compared to the constructive things in the society he is doing, first thing a liar person will not encourage people to question him and go in between people for such a long time even cant sustain for such a long time with so many questions, when nalsar student asked totally charged him for everything he was good in answering there too with clarity, about hinduism it’s people have misunderstood that it is a religion sadhguru I think answered if some one do nothing then people have problem, if some one doing something which is benefiting such a lot of people, then also people have problem, he didn’t gather such a big audience just by talks and claims ok his yoga programs are really good, no where in the world you can get this experience with the same money, money is a just a small aspect for what he is doing

    9. My God. What sort of minds are so unclear and unhealthy, that people feel compelled to spread false gossip and negative imaginings about a genuinely holy man, HIs ashram and His family all over the internet?! The negative karmas such people are incurring for themselves by such actions are pitiable.

  1. You are absolutely right. Even I felt the same when I visited Velliangiri. I felt it like a theme park.This person is cheating the people in the name of Yoga and God. He says that they work for the upliftment of rural people and running a hospital for them. But in reality ,they sell everything for high price and the uplift themselves. I feel very pity for the poor souls who follow him.

    1. People an easily be prejudiced with what they see in the ashram like the shop selling books and other merchandise. The books are not expensive as they hardly meet the cost and the videos and other publications are relatively cheaper than similar products outside. The handicrafts are meant for foreigners who visit the Ashram and generally not for the local public and the prices are related to Us$ price for similar products available in USA or Europe. The Local public can buy similar products in any local shops in their places at a much cheaper price. One must know thousand of visitors flock the Ashram out of reverence for sadhguru and providing even basic amenities like parking, electricity, food at subsidised rates all cost money that does not grow in trees. Further Ashram has built lot of amenities for program participants and these facilities are not occupied throughout the year. But they need maintenance through out the year. The only person who could mobilise funds for running the Ashram is sadhguru and no one else can do that without him. But what people get back in return is something the words cannot explain. There is no compulsion for any one to visit the Ashram or attend any programs or pay donations. It is all voluntary and hence to cast aspersions is nothing but frustration on the part of those who suffer from a big ego in themselves. please dont analyse the physical aspects of sadhguru but look beyond that and listen towhat he says. I am yet to come across any one who can speak with such clarity on spiritual matters. If such clarity has to come it requires extraordinary understanding of the cosmos and it does not happen to every one.

      1. Hello Sundaresan thank you for putting your thoughts on this. I apologise for the late reply i procrastinate a lot and it was exam time so it took me some extra time to get back to you.
        I always believe in hearing both sides of the story. Assuming you are not some
        Public relations guy for Isha from mumbai, let me try to address some
        of your points, not as eloquently as you but let me try.

        Regarding selling books and some stuff for a relatively normal price
        yeah i side with you. Maybe they aren’t as overpriced, my memory is poor,
        i don’t remember the cost very well and i will give you the benefit of
        doubt. But that’s about the only thing i can agree with you.
        Saying things like the products are meant for US people in a place frequented
        mostly by Indians doesn’t make any sense to me, also like you yourself
        said they can be bought for a cheap price elsewhere, so in effect you
        are agreeing they are fleecing foreigners?

        Regarding the amenities, Now i agree money doesn’t grow in trees ,
        keeping that in mind if you have ever visited the ashram you would
        have noticed that every material they have used for building the
        ashram are exquisitively crafted high quality stuff. I just cannot
        imagine somebody who is enlightened spending money on vanity! When
        there are poor mouths to feed ,especially when it is other peoples
        money. I assume you will agree that there is a difference between
        basic necessity and luxurious need.

        There is no compulsion indeed to visit the ashram, but you know how
        easy people can be brainwashed , hell even Hitler had followers. Also you guys conduct programs regularly in rural areas. Even i
        asked my dad to attend the program before i knew better.
        I have listened to what he says, he is a good speaker i will give him
        that, but you saying that he understands cosmos better than anybody is just
        goddamn ridiculous. One time for instance director Bhagyaraj asked him
        a simple and direct question , you say there are 7 lives, how do you
        know? Listen to his answer if you haven’t already. People in politics
        have especially mastered this craft, for a question they will say some
        unrelated answer, at the end of which we will be confused as to what
        the hell did we ask in the first place.

        You guys throw around the word ego for every thing, if people question
        your belief you people say those with ego wont accept. How convenient!
        One more thing I have to add is, I felt personally that the people at Isha are smug elitist (at least most of them I saw) people who think they are better than others from the way they talk and behave with the normal people who visit their ashram, so may be the ego you talked about is the other way around.

        Saying you should not look at what he does, but only listen to what he says is hard to accept. Wont this make him a hypocrite then? and what kind of enlightenment is that?

        1. If prices are cheaper, it becomes the regular business. The target customer is affluent people and they do not want to change their target customers. Majority and Majority of the products sold by them are for the affluent people only

      2. And suddenly, as eloquently as SWAMI entered, he has vanished like the wind – for Isha is not about logic, science or even common sense, but the word or to put it more accurately, the “IMAGE!”


    2. Don’t they all cheat. All these godman, the first thing they do is open a ashram in America which they do to validate that if those americans believe us you stupid indians are nothing and must believe us and worship us since you are from a third world country. Basic receipe for being a god man 1. Wear a white saffron black robe. 2. Open a ashram in America to validate your authenticity since for most of Indians anything which has anything to do with America is pure godsend 3. Keep on smiling 24x7x365. 4. Laugh at every single question you’re asked to show “you poor idiots have no idea how rich you are making me by wasting your time here”. 5. Get some jobless people to do the detective work for you so that anything that goes against you can be stopped. 6. Keep your own kids away from mumbo jumbo. 7. Always keep woman around they’re the most gullible after all.

  2. I visited the IYC in this past month for the first time and with no background with the organization other than viewing some talks of sadhguru online. I just wanted to say that I found the experience to be very beautiful. Every volunteer at the ashram treated my husband and I with kindness and respect. Sometimes they even went out of their way to help us and if they could not provide what we were looking for, they tried their best to give whatever they could in a lovely spirit of giving. Being in the ashram was very peaceful and touched my heart. Sadhguru was not present at the ashram but still the atmosphere was very spiritual and disciplined. I do not mind the prices of things as long as profits are being used for essential things for the betterment of all. Such a space and many of the service projects being conducted by Isha do need money to work. As far as I could see many of the local communities seem to have been helped by the ashram in terms of employment and education and other services. When it comes to whether Sadhguru can lead people to a higher spiritual state, I think it is for the individual to explore and decide on that. By listening to others we can only choose to believe or not believe but if something stirs your curiosity, self exploration will give you the truth.

    1. Hi Samruthi, I am very happy to hear that you had a positive experience with ISHA, good for you!

      I see where you are coming from, if i had the same experience may be i would say the same thing as you.

      However aren’t we morally obliged to reject things which might hurt others even if it might be beneficial for us personally? Lets say a company hires children and forces them to work 20 hours a day and produces a beautiful dress, magnificent it may be but would you support such a business? is it morally justifiable? wont that make us selfish?

      Lets see what organizations such as Isha promote,
      -Inequality ->hierarchy and belief that some people are better than others.
      -Promote the notion of personal salvation as opposed to happiness for all through political and economic reform.
      -Accustom people, especially children, to lies.
      -Blind faith, make people believe whatever a person in authority says, discouraging people from thinking for themselves
      -The families it damages because one person decides to forego his life and family, believing something which may not be even true. Problem is once you get inside, even if the evidence that something is not right stares right at your face, psychologically you cannot come to accept that (Google backfire effect and confirmation bias). take the Nithyanandha`s fiasco for instance, he still has ardent followers.
      -Read about JonesTown Massacre if you don’t know already, that’s what happens if people believe everything they see or feel is true.

      If ISHA is really such a good institution ,why cant they be more open with their spending’s? why cant sathguru give proper explanation for accusations against him, if he really did solidify mercury at room temperature (he claims so), why not show it in front of scientists so we can all recognize his magnificence? why do they have to lie about being no crimes around the temple? why does a honest organization be shrouded in mystery?

      There are real institutions, NGO`s where people work day and night for the betterment of all people, if people would join such institutions wont it be better for everybody?
      Of course such kind of thing almost always require hard work on our part, we would rather sit comfortably and meditate, give money to some company, get content that we helped the society and feel all elated about ourselves. Sadly it is but human nature.


      2. you are leaving under a big well …….n that is your world… please dont come outside….u stay alone there….your god bless you…..take care of your self

      3. “Promote the notion of personal salvation as opposed to happiness for all through political and economic reform”

        LOL……good luck with the politics and economics.

      4. It appears that it creates a society for elite and aristocrats for networking themselves. If religiously or if a head of a religious institution indulges in creating assets for such institution in the name of salvation for the poor, there is something more profitable for the elite lies there. New opportunites are created for the businessmen to be supported by political bigwigs in the presence of religious heads.

      5. The question is if all these godmans are so worried about humanity why do they all run to America where people already are rich, why there is so much poverty and people living like animals in India, why won’t they go to poor african countries, they would go to USA CANADA UK and even Russia but not to poor countries even if they’re located in europe. All these godman, the first thing they do is open a ashram in America which they do to validate that if those americans believe us you stupid indians are nothing and must believe us and worship us since you are from a third world country. Basic receipe for being a god man 1. Wear a white saffron black robe. 2. Open a ashram in America to validate your authenticity since for most of Indians anything which has anything to do with America is pure godsend 3. Keep on smiling 24x7x365. 3. Laugh at every single question you’re asked to show “you poor idiots have no idea how rich you are making me by wasting your time here”. 5. Get some jobless people to do the detective work for you so that anything that goes against you can be stopped. 6. Keep your own kids away from mumbo jumbo. 7. Always keep woman around they’re the most gullible after all.

      6. Your looking at the shadow and saying that shadow is dark in color but your not understanding that shadow is only a reflection of the light. You people can find faults in everything. I think you belong to NALSAR university or your paid person to comment only negativity on Sadhguru

    2. “By listening to others we can only choose to believe or not believe but if something stirs your curiosity, self exploration will give you the truth.”
      Yes very true.

    3. I agree with you…it is the self exploration which can be the right way to decide on such matter…I don’t understand why and how people reacts on small pity issues in negative way inspite that they choose for right things for which they are at liberty to choose .You can not ignore the good deeds of a institution for heard (read or listened talked) and take any decision . Many a very good institutions who are doing a lot to humanity today have to face such type of stories. To sum up this is human Phycology to choose the dark side and to see every aspect of life in suspicious way, and loose his valuable life in wasting precious life time.

  3. Dear sir,

    Find below a mail sent to MOEF,Govt Of India , which is self explanatory.

    Through your media and friends circle, I request you to educate people on danger of Mercury in cultural, spiritual & other applications and ask them to do away from such inhuman rituals, to make our environment a safe place to live at least to our future generation.
    Should you need any further information on Mercury, please feel free to write to me.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Natarajan V.L.
    Date: Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 1:32 PM
    Subject: Mercury Hazard from cultural and spiritual applications.

    To : Minister for Environment & Forest, Govt. Of India,N Delhi : 110001,

    Respected madam,

    I work with United Nations Environment Program ( UNEP ) as Partner for reduction of Mercury from all applications.

    Mercury is highly neurotoxin and is dangerous to mankind and environment.If it enters body through inhalation or oral dosage, it can cause dementia/lassitude/brain damage/alzheimers disease/ even death. Mercury is in liquid form at room temperature and even slight temperature rise in the surrounding can make mercury to become vapor and it can easily get into human body through inhalation. Mercury in water can become Methyl Mercury, which is again a dangerous substance to human and surrounding eco system. If a person is exposed to even 4-5 minutes in a very low level of Mercury environment, it can effect.Mercury is odorless and it is difficult to say if one is inhaling Mercury lased air/water. Mercury is more detrimental in children and pregnant women since it easily gets absorbed in them.

    Study has been done by University of Calgary,Canada how Mercury can damage brain and see web link: to understand the problem associated with Mercury.

    Mercury is used in health care sector, dental amalgam, chlor- alkali industry, CFL lamps, batteries, paint and coatings, etc. Huge amount of Mercury is let off from thermal power plant/cement plants while burning coal which travels along with air and gets deposited far away places and hence, a trans border problem.There has been some awareness about the Mercury Hazard in these sectors and lot has to be done in these sectors for mercury free/reduction programs.

    In India another major source of Mercury Hazard is from cultural and spiritual applications,which is being done out of belief, which has no scientific evidence. I believe usage of Mercury in this sector in India may surpass usage of Mercury in all other sector put together.Use of Mercury is rising in this sector.

    1) Isha Foundation, Coimbatore : This is run by Jaggi Vasudev and the receipient of “Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar ( IGPP )” for the year 2008 from your ministry for Significant and measurable contribution in the filed of Environment protection and improvement.As per THiNK 2012, Jaggi Vasudev is mentioned as voted 100 most powerful Indian for his contributions to the field of Environmental protection and Ecological concerns.
    They have a pond in which 700 Kg Mercury based idol is immersed and they recommend visitors and discipline to have bath inside the pond for better spiritual enhancement ( see their web link : and explanation ).Their main idol Dhyanalinga and Lingabhairavi has also Mercury in it in large quantity ( ( see at 1.3 minutes and 2.16 minutes where they are handling Mercury by hand ).Recently they have opened another Pond in the name of Suryakund in which again 3 large Mercury based Idol for men for spiritual receptivity ( see their web link: ). Also see link :

    They also say to have bath in these ponds if having any ailments,so that they will be cured.

    Jaggi Vasudev receipient of IGPP award is supposed to be a role model to the society and if such a person resort to such activities,what would happen to others which are unnoticed.

    2) Yogiraj Siddhanath’s Forest Ashram,Pune:They have 1000 Kg weighing Mercury Idol.Also, refer their link Alchemy of total transformation for explanation.See their link:

    3) Siddha Ashram, Ujjain by Swamy Naradanad : It has 2500 Kg weighing Mercury Idol.See their link :

    4) Mahamerupeetam,Bilaspur: See their link:

    5) In Andhra Pradesh : See link :

    6) In Tamil Nadu : How they make these Mercury idols in crude way and explanation :

    See link :

    7) There are many more Mercury idols in Delhi, Haridwar, Maharashtra,etc,which I can send you the details.

    8) There are innumerable Sky shops in internet and spiritual/cultural outlets in India, which sells Parad Mercury idols/cups/beads/rings.They claim spiritual receptivity increases, if one is surrounded in Mercury pond or idol. If they do pooja every day or drink milk/holy water from Parad cup, then all their problem would get solved and they achieve what they desire such as wealth, fame, health, etc.

    Just google” Parad idols” in internet, then so many sites would pop up selling all kind of Mercury based prducts for spiritual applications.

    Refer United Nations policy on Mercury in cultural applications : for you to understand problem with Mercury.

    I am enclosing herewith a file “Creating Networks & Information for Mercury Policy in India and Europe” done by Toxics Link, which has done Leaching behaviour of Parad Mercury idol in milk and water( see page 43 to 56 ) and indeed it is leaching and harmful.

    In early 80’s Hindustan Unilever Ltd (earlier Pond’s India Ltd) dismantled their Mercury Thermometer plant from US( due to Mercury legislation and local protest in US) and set up the unit in Kodaikanal,T.Nadu. In short time people working in the plant and neighbourhood realised danger associated with Mercury.At least 45 Mercury related death and innumerable Mercury related diseases are reported and finally this unit was closed and still compensation litigation is going on.See attached file Basel Action Network on Mercury.

    What would happen to people and environment near by these sites and also to people visiting these sites?

    In many countries Mercury is banned due to its problem associated with human kind. Industry is going away from Mercury to safer methods. Even in health care sector, WHO has come out with Mercury free policy, looking at the danger associated with mercury:

    By way of this mail, I request government to bring in some legislation in use of Mercury for these unscientific ways. Or request Pollution control board/government to step in to enact law for banning use of Mercury for spiritual and cultural application.They can educate people on Mercury hazard by putting up information in mass media (print/visual, hand outs, posters etc).

    I also request you to withdraw withdraw Indiran Gandhi Paryavan Puraskar( IGPP ) awarded to Isha Foundation immediately and ask them to do away with Mercury from their surrounding and once they do away with Mercury, then IGPP can be given back to them. This would act as deterrent for others, not to do such things in future.

    I can send you further information on Mercury, please feel free to write to me

    Request you to take up necessary action to ban/reduce of use of Mercury in spiritul and cultural areas.Also, withdraw IGPP award from Isha Foundation and give back IGPP to them, once they are Mercury free.

    Kindly acknowledge receipt of this e-mail and awaiting your immediate reply.

    Thanking you,
    ” Basel Action Network:

    Room > Press Releases

    Hindustan Lever admits to dumping of mercury-containing wastes
    New Delhi, 22/03/2001
    By Toxics Link

    Hindustan Lever, which had earlier denied charges levelled by citizen groups in Kodaikanal against its thermometer factory of illegal mercury waste dumping, has admitted that the mercury-containing glass wastes, now ascertained to be 5.3 tonnes, lying at the Munjikal scrap yard in Kodaikanal originated from their factory. In a letter to Greenpeace India, the company has also agreed to track and retrieve other such shipments, which have been sent to various locations outside the factory, and to having cleared the wastes that were found to be dumped in the watershed forests behind the factory wall.

    The Tamil Nadu Alliance Against Mercury, while welcoming these admissions is irked that Hindustan Lever has not yet apologised to the community, and is downplaying the extent of their bad practices evident from the fact that several shipments of potentially-mercury contaminated wastes sent over the last 17 years of operation may now be untraceable and spread out over various parts of Tamil Nadu and beyond.

    “HLL’s admission of their dumping is a good first step, but discussions with the company cannot begin in earnest, until the company offers a public apology to the community,” said Navroz Mody, TAAM member and Greenpeace India’s campaign director. “HLL should realise that this matter goes beyond mere financial compensation and remediation which can never fully make up for the damage to the quality of life and environment. More importantly, they should realise that if such dumps were found in London or Amsterdam, where Unilever is based, the company would be in deep trouble.”

    Hindustan Lever has said it has employed an international consultant, Dames & Moore to provide them with advice on assessing and remediating the environmental consequences of their waste dumping. The Indian representatives of this company have submitted a protocol to clear the 5.23 tonnes of mercury-contaminated wastes lying in Munjikal.

    At a press conference held in Chennai today, TAAM stated:

    Our concern extends beyond the Munjikal dump. The fact that this company, which vehemently denied all charges of wrongdoing, now admits that such wastes may be lying in various locations outside the factory fuels our concern of the long-term impact to the water bodies in those areas.
    The Alliance appeals to the Tamil Nadu public and to the Government to look out for any stockpiles or dumps of glass or thermometer wastes and report the same to the Alliance and/or the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.
    Despite the company’s assurances that their production practices pose no risk to the workers, statements from workers and ex-workers recorded by the Alliance indicate that mercury was handled casually in the factory shop-floor lending weight to allegations by many workers of occupational exposure to mercury and associated health effects.
    “Workers tell us that mercury spillage on the floor, and intentional and accidental handling of mercury is routine within the factory. Workers were certainly exposed to mercury vapours, more in some sections than others,” said Dr. Kolhatkar, a medical doctor and member of the Kodaikanal Consumer Action Group.

    “If big companies like HLL practices such dangerous working conditions, then one dreads to think what small mercury thermometer factories around the country are doing”, said Madhumita Dutta, a TAAM member and activist with New Delhi-based Toxics Link.

    Incidentally, two months ago 118 tonnes stockpile of used toxic mercury from a closed down US based chlorine-caustic factory was destined to be shipped to a secret recipient in India. The toxic trade was stopped due to huge international opposition from environmental groups around the world which includes Greenpeace, Toxics Link-India, Srishti-Delhi, Basel Action Network, All India Port and Dock Workers’ Federation, Penobscot Alliance for Mercury Elimination, Maine Peoples Alliance, Mercury Policy Project and the Natural Resources Council of Maine.

    “We strongly urge our government to take proactive measures and frame rules and policy with the ultimate goal of eliminating mercury and encourage adoption of safer alternatives to the limited application of mercury in the production processes and products”, said Basel Action Network spokesperson Ravi Agarwal in New Delhi.


    1. On March 7, residents of Kodaikanal, HLL’s ex-workers and environmental and human rights activists exposed from HLL’s recently discovered 15-ton mercury waste dumpsite to the factory gates to demand an immediate end to the mercury pollution. Mercury, in the presence of water, readily converts into methyl mercury, a deadly poison, which is persistent in the environment and moves through the food chain magnifying up to 100,000 times in quantity by the time it reaches the top predators in aquatic ecosystems.

    2. Hindustan Lever’s entire production from the thermometer factory is exported to the United States, for sale in Germany, UK, Spain, USA, Australia and Canada. The mercury for the plant is imported, mainly from the United States. The factory, set up in 1977, was a second-hand plant imported from Cheseborough Ponds from the United States, after the US factory was shutdown for unknown reasons. Hindustan Lever is a 51 percent owned subsidiary of Anglo-Dutch multinational Unilever.

    3. The Tamil Nadu Alliance Against Mercury comprises local, national and international environmental, worker and human rights organisations.

    4. Owing to the extreme toxicity of some of the mercury compounds and the practical difficulty in keeping pollution to harmless levels has resulted in various national and regional initiatives to eliminate all releases of mercury into the environment. In India, mercury is still classified as a low-level hazard according to the Ministry of Environment.

    5. Health warnings have been issued in 41 states in the United States advising people to reduce or avoid consumption of fresh water fish and certain seafood due to mercury contamination. Goals have been set to virtually eliminate mercury releases from human activities in the New England states, the Great Lakes region and other states and provinces

    6. Faced with growing environmental concerns surrounding the toxic metal, many US cities, states and hospitals are phasing out mercury thermometers as a first step towards eliminating mercury releases into the environment. Boston, San Francisco, and the US state of New Hampshire have outlawed mercury thermometers. In September 2000, 11 leading retailers and manufacturers in the United States, including Walmart, Kmart Corporation and Meijer’s Supermarkets, announced that they would terminate sales of mercury fever thermometers.

    For details, contact:
    Dr. Kolhatkar, Kodaikanal Consumer Action Group, Tel: 04542-41315.
    Navroz Mody, Greenpeace. Mobile: 09820194022. Tel: 044 4462401.
    Toxics Link, New Delhi. Tel: 91-11- 24328006, 24320711; Fax: 24321747.
    Ravi Agarwal, Basel Action Network (India). Tel: 011 4328006/4320711.

    For information on international mercury status:
    Visit the websites of the Basel Action Network and Mercury Policy Project.

    1. My friend
      First of all I would like to say that I am not a fan or follower of sadguru.
      I suppose you have less knowledge about Indian alchemy. There are processes that can purify mercury to an extent that it can be consumed as medicine without any side effects. And I suppose sadguru being a student of malladihalli swami a great Ayurveda doctor, would have knowledge about mercury and it’s purifications and applications. So my brothers and sisters of the world just chill. I am sure that nobody especially sadguru who seams to be knowledgable, won’t distroy himself placing raw unpurified mercury in his vicinity.

      1. you are right friend.. when people benefited in lakhs, few number will expose themselves with immature above replies… Need not worry.. ancient siddha has numerous literatures about mercury in medicine… Sadhguru proves it ..

      2. My dear friend he is stealing life force energy from people go get fooled.
        He thinks himself as kalki avatar and wants to destroy the existence.

    2. Fire can light a lamp and even burn a forest. You are telling only about fire burning the forest and telling dangers of fire. Here the point is Sadhguru had used fire to light a lamp. Even i can send you letter showing the damages caused by fire. It is what and how we make use of it matters the most.

  4. We are direct victim of isha s land grabbing,manipulative villans in kaavi dress,using their immense money and political power they bought media(if any media we call to cover the process they use to buy the land from poor farmer in that area with absolute proof they ll cover it but not be published coz they d be stopped by huge negotiation)police its been 6 times we have lodged complaint but it went in air we went to alandurai si,perur dsp,coimbatore sp every thing in vein. Normal people like us won’t get any justice in this country? Who’s the right people we need to contact?

      1. India was finished with Osho only and it all started in 1900s when these frauds found that going to america was the way to make fools in india.

  5. Thanks I hope this isha gets f’D over , cuz it’s kind of all fishy too me about how this guy is a spiritual master when all he does is ramble about random shit

    1. And my bro you must be from one who hanged the jesus because what was there in him like god . You must be the one questioning mother marry’s virginity . You are such crap so you got to rais the question without even understanding anything . Simply wasting your precious human life .
      May jesus bless you

  6. They charged us Rs500 per head to attend a prayer. Once the ticket holders to the prayer were in the temple, they shut the temple doors – those that didn’t have a ticket were not able to join the prayer.

  7. Why don’t you try Isha yoga for 48 days and then write an article, that way it will be objective, Lot of things what you say may be true may not be true, in the end is he spritually helping people or not is what matters.

    Having gone through the course, it has helepd me a lot and he is helping a lot of people. I see some petty accusations here nothing else

    1. What i have mentioned here are based on my own personal experiences when i went there and based on my friends who have attended programs there. Personally i don’t want to encourage charlatans by giving them my money. That i think is my moral responsibility.

      A woman is dead under mysterious circumstances, acres of fertile forest is being destroyed to expand the ashram, do these things sound petty? Personal satisfaction is above all these things??

      Please do read about cult behaviours, of course it feels good, but what are we willing to sacrifice for the feel good factor?? Are we that selfish and blind??

      1. @Yogi: Your moral responsibility seems to very comfortable in just commenting. Why doesn’t your morality tell you to try out stuff before commenting on it ?
        If you are so concerned about not spending money in things you dont believe in (even without trying), doesn’t that make you any less hypocrite ?

      2. no no …wait …. we dont know what those mysterious circumstances were so better not to talk about that now.
        About destroying forest….ha ha…tamil nadu is “only place in asia” where green cover is going up…. To just get a glimpse of what he is doing ecologically…please please look PROJECT GREENHANDS
        He is actually giving solution and not just whining like you on free internet blog…

        And for god sake please change your name from YOGI and first do a thorough research in what activities he is involved in and what he is trying to do …then comment…

    2. I was part of Isha for almost 6 years. ..he is a spiritual energy stealer.He steals life force energy from people.

  8. Very interesting,

    Money seems to have taken precedeence over everything..when what we should seek is experiences in life. If we wish to drive a luxury car or live a fancy life, why not? But why put a clause of money in there when it the experience we seek ? A car could come as a gift, lucky draw, possible? So can holidays. Money too has become a reason to jugde. Isnt money, just a mean to experience our hearts desire?

    But who said, if u r enlighten or lead a spritual life that u r not allowed to enjoy luxuries. Did god say that? Who said u cannot keep money under ur bed? How do we decide that money is being used for greater good or evil.isnt it all perception, based on experinces in life?

    Why do we jugde and spend time, focusing on so called weaknesses of others or for the matter of fact, why the need to even point out the strengths? are we happy? Truly happy every moment of every day?..then why doesnt our heart tell us to strive to make ourselves happy first. When we ourselves arent there yet, how can we direct n guide others?

    Do u make a bad parent, just cause u scold and correct ur child to prevent disaster? Does it then make the parent selfish or self centered? Who made us feel that being spritual means u are rid of all emotions? When did we come to a conclusion that noone should be corrected or disciplined in a spritual place?. Arent conditions necessary for us to live? Heartbeat, the breath..isnt it all conditions to be met.

    And why do we feel the need to defend n impose onto others what we feel is right n good. On one side defending n protecting by “enlightening” the poor, perceived brainless, gullible society and on the other hand,speaking on behalf of the silent guruji, trying to set things straight..defending his innocence.

    Maybe, just maybe, all we need to do is a self check to see where we r and just be happy.

    1. You know what? you sound eerily like jaggi himself, lot of complicated seemingly profound statements which appear correct in the surface.

      I agree with some of the things you said, for example i reflect your opinion about the experiences in life, about their importance over money.I remember reading a psychological study that confirms this, But i will have to disagree with you on the other things.

      You mention that who cares what you do with your money, a person is entitled to do what he wants with his money.
      To some extent, yeah why should i bother? But lets just ignore ethics?? How convenient, if everybody just wants to maximise their happiness do you think world would be a better place?? lets start justifying selfishness?? No religion tells you to maximise happiness or live life lavishly. Almost every religion places emphasis on being modest and humble. Why do you think that is?

      To you spending money lavishly might bring happiness, in the same context i derive happiness from hearing songs at full volume. So by your argument why should i care about my neighbours, its my happiness that matters right? Why should they care? They are just being nosey? Till people dont realise how globalization has intertwined everybody’s lives they wont know how their shiny new diamond earring affects some poor kid in africa.

      Of course it is difficult to determine if the money is being used for good or bad, but you dont decide to ignore it just because it is difficult, its always easy to look the other way. Shouldn’t we do at least what we can? Confronting the inequality around us, concern about our fellow beings, is what makes us human.

      There are countless people who have sacrificed their personal lives to give us 40 hour work days, our freedom and the life we have now is the fruit of their sacrifice. If they had just said fuck it all, let me just be happy. We wouldn’t have this life today.

      Scolding a kid for their own wellbeing does not make them bad parents, but if the parent/s think they are doing good for the kid when they in fact are spoiling him/her in reality, then of course it is bad parenting.Can all parents understand how their actions will affect their kids? If they did, we will only be surrounded by great people. good intentions alone does not produce good results. In our case the so called good intention is itself questionable. To correct a kids mistake threatening is not the only solution, why would you threaten a kid, cant you reason with him? Cant you talk kindly. And what was the mistake? Kids playing? Kids being kids?

      You contradict yourself, in one paragraph you say we should all just take care of our own lives and should not impose our beliefs on others and in the next paragraph you are defending jaggi saying he is only trying to correct our mistakes!!?? If he does it, it is correct, but if we do its wrong?

      1. Yogi wrote: “…you sound eerily like jaggi himself…”

        That’s EXACTLY what I thought after reading the post of “Rathika”.

        Here’s a tip for anyone who attends one of his 2 week sessions. When the day arrives on which he instructs each attendee to stand before a microphone and declare “I am a parent to the universe”, instead do as I did and say, “I am *apparent* to the universe.” No one can discern the difference, so you don’t have to decline approaching the microphone and risk the potential psychotic wrath of the scores of hysterical, wailing attendees.

        Why was I unwilling to say “I am a parent to the universe”?
        Because I’m a parent to 3 teenage boys, and parenting them is as much as I can handle.

      2. This is just a new dialogue they’ve learned from Ramdev in recent years “who says sadhu and enlightened should not be rich and should not have money”. If one wants to be rich why become a sanayasi or sadhu or godman only, go be a ambani but no they won’t do that since that path is full of struggles so why not be a saint and make use of some gullible vulnerable rich people. There is a reason sadhu saints were asked not to have money because with money comes power, with power comes ego and where there is ego there is no enlightenment only business of human emotions.

      1. If you really know your mom and value her and your sister (if you have), you would not use such bad word in this forum. Please avoid such words.

      1. I am not a follower of anyone but a listener. When i see the disgusting comment charged against a female, irrelevant to her posting, still exist till date, I felt the “The game over” and the purpose of this article failed, though simply exposed, the nature of this wordpress author within, by having the worst inhuman comments still in this forum, without removing. I am sorry.

  9. Probably somebody should mention what Catholic missionaries did all these hundreds of years all around the world in the name of Jesus Christ!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, i think all these people are using the name of religion and peoples general curiosity to find meaning in their life to their advantage. Wish the governments wouldn’t support them like they do now.

  10. I was reading a book gifted to me by my sister Mystic Musing bu Sadguru, I was simply mesmerised by the book. I was literally pulled to vist Isha Aashram.

    I have been into awareness that something is wrong within me. I was so restless that thought Isha is an answer to my restlessness. Thanks to my past deeds, I felt still restless with that decision.

    I just am awake now. I being myself NLP practitioner never knew how I got hypnotized by the book. But I would say its a beautiful example of conversation hypnosis.

    1. You are spot on. Thanks for your comment.

      Since you knew NLP you knew how we can control people, hence you were able to stop and question back. But how many of us are aware of our brain, our thinking?

      These people are just using our insecurities for their benefit. In my opinion i think people are drawn by his speech, he is a good speaker we have to give him that, he mixes real science with pseudo science very well that people without a scientific background ( not the science we learn in schools btw) mistake everything he says for science and so they begin to trust him.
      Media is another big factor, those guys are all over the news, magazines, everywhere, even yesterday i saw an isha van selling their merchandise in a nearby village.

      These people misuse our trust or may be we are misplacing our trust.

  11. Yup! He is a fraud. One person (or at least I) can easily find out if a person is truly a sanyasi by the vibration you get or that instant attraction to them. The first time I saw this dude, he looked like a wasted (high) man! He had no tejas in his eye and his philosophy is nothing new!
    I haven’t seen Maha Periva of Kanchi Kamakoti (He died the year I was born) but I was instantly attracted by his tejas just by looking at his photo. That is the real vibration , not like the fake one this dude boasts of!
    and back to the point.
    My Mom and GrandMom accidentally bumped into their restaurant in Luz Church Road, Mylapore to have a quick lunch. And Damn them Dosa is Rs.350 Upma is Rs.400!
    I don’t want to abuse that dude, but Karma will take care of the rest.
    Satyameve Jayate

    1. you must be the biggest fraud in the world, see when you was born the Maha Periva of Kanchi Kamakoti was died see how unlucky you idiot you killed him bas***

      1. Mr Mahadev, it seems you are follower of ISHA… See I am indifferent to him but at the same time I do not subscribe to any one who makes money and live in luxury in the name of spirituality because in India very very highly spiritualistic people live/lived a very very simple life……And you being a follower, it seems you are an ardent follower, so being an ardent follower how can you use such immoral/unethical language? Your foul language will only reflect badly on your Guru.. Sadguru Jaggi… is this way you return your respect to your Guru???

  12. We are trapped in this world of illusions and delusions and takes everything we hear and see to be real. Not attaining, not knowing. Nothing needs to be understood or acquired. Free yourself from belief systems. Use your common senses and free from all the nonsenses. My Truth is “I don’t Know” that set me free.

  13. Jaggi is a classical example that one can successfully make spiritual as corporate level business. Two important aspects can be seen in the foundation. Firstly-Isha foundation is marketing its products worth crores of rupees but, they issue only donation receipts not bills for their sales. Secondly, you can find an add in Isha foundation calling for his devotees to become partner with Isha foundation. Evading tax and Public issue of shares. What else needed to be a successful corporate man.

  14. Looks like this “Yogi” who is commenting wrong about Isha is hired by some other fake godman to spoil the name of ISHA. Look at the way he has responded to almost every post here! Normally anyone who reply to a post and follow up only with that. But here Yogi is going into each and every post and trying to defame IYC. Folks! Dont get pulled buy this idiot Yogi. I did my courses and has transformed me completely. Ealier I used to booze, smoke, eat non-veg etc almost eveyday. I know people who could not give up evil habits even going to rehabs but they have completely changed in ISHA.

    Just ignore this idoit guys.

    1. I really hope you are joking :). Dude what does “fake godman” even mean? The term “fake godman” is itself redundant to me, I dont believe in “any” Godman`s, you would have understood that if you even so much as glanced at my other posts. Oh and by the way sadhguru has started calling himself godman nowadays? That is news! It is strange for all the things you say, you yourself dont know much about Jaggi. On to your next point, In your eyes it is wrong for a blogger to engage the audience and reply to the comments? People have shared their opinions and i reply based on my observations, it is as simple as that. If you think i am wrong or have a difference of opinion, comment on how and why i am wrong, lets have a rational and informed conversation, so we can all learn something in the process. Calling me names aint gonna cut it. If all the Isha`ites are as clueless, short tempered and so deeply ingrained in the system that you cant even handle criticism that you have to resort to calling others idiots, man it will only make me stay the fuck away from such an organization.

      Possible icing on the cake: Is your name really David Pierse, a foreigner? your IP says you are from Bangalore!!

    2. despite being a chain smoker, alcoholic, drug abuser i gave up on all of those without going to Isha, self control and will is the key buddy

    1. Don’t you think any problem needs to be analyzed to see both the negative and positive impacts on the society? Wont that let us take a more informed opinion? being oblivious to the negative effects will only affect us in the long run wont it? Take development for example, it is because of our “focus on short term development, ignore everything else” attitude that in our quest to develop our country we have destroyed agriculture, made a lot of species extincnt, worsened climate change, frequent droughts and so on..if we had concentrated on sustainable development and looked at what is the real cost of everything we do, we wouldn’t even be in this mess would we?

  15. You only say the things that makes you feel better.. isn’t it? the things that you think is right but who are you to judge people without knowing it by yourself? You only based your judgement through observation, there’s a lot more to that. Why don’t you take up the course and join Isha Yoga… you will know by yourself. Your own Experience makes a lot of difference. That makes you more credible.

    1. Thank you for your comment, it is a very good suggestion to take up a course, but let me tell you why i didn’t. I shouldn’t say this myself, but i am aware of how judgmental we all are and i consciously avoid judging anybody unless i know something factual, this is something i live by. Enough about me. When i heard about Isha, I was actually happy, i was ready to finally embrace the organization that i was waiting for, that can bring meaningful change to our society, i was even asking my dad to join their program which was supposed to relieve the stress. I have read some of the early books by him and i really liked the fact that he was condemning superstition which was so rampant in our society. But when i started noticing all the things they are doing it was clearly hypocritical of them, you cannot oppose superstition and simultaneously talk about vibrations, mercury cleaning you and other pseudo scientific babble. I have a lot of friends who are attending Isha and after talking with them i have realized that it is not an organization i wished it was. Most of them have gotten an elitist attitude after they started attending the classes. Believe me, I even thought of volunteering when i didn’t know any better.

      As for why i wont join, to put it simple, I will try my best to not support any organization that acts against the good of the society. How do you not encourage the things you don’t want happening? By not giving them our hard earned money. For instance kaspersky is one of the most effective antivirus out there, i even used to recommend it to my friends when people didnt even know what kaspersky was 10-12 years back. But i stopped using it the moment they started supporting SOPA and their stance against peoples revolution and privacy. As for ISHA two things are factual, 1) they lied about the solidification of mercury 2) they are destroying forest land to expand their empire , Even though there are many other things which makes them no different from the countless cult organizations we have, these two things are enough to make me want to stay away from an organization. If these are not enough evidence about an organization`s hypocrisy i don’t know what is.

      If you read the other comments you can even see for yourself that some of the people who have actually attended a course in Isha agree with some of the things i said.

      My main issue with all of this is that, all the people who fall for ISHA Yoga are good people, the kind of people who can bring about a change, who go the extra mile to analyze what they want, who realize life isn’t just about money. i just cant rest easy when they are being lead on the wrong path, wasting potential. That is my problem.

      1. You are just spoiling the image of one great Indian soul who is making India proud by taking Yogic science hidden in the Sanathana Dharma to the International community.

        When Modi calls him for advise on improving spirituality in India, when United Nations invite him to address delegates from 170 plus countries, when UK parliament asks him to address Upper house, when world economic forums seek his expert advise on eliminating long lasting human issues………….. it clearly makes a point……………HE IS WORTH HIS SALT……….unless you think you only are intelligent…….while the rest of the world is idiots………..

        1. I learnt spiritualism from other yogis,after being part of Isha foundation I realised that he is stealing energy from people using alchemy techniques

  16. pl save our children from esha ..they target higher income group youngsters.they forget their family and thier family ties and work in esha like slaves after giving theit hard earned money. pl pl save our children

  17. Hi, It was really immaturity talk about Isha and Sadhguru… there are no valid points regarding inner awaking and positive elements of the foundation, the discussion only about base level…
    I personally got changed lot of things after reading his books, after attending his free sessions (not even I spend single rupee) 6 years ago, in a MAHASHIVARATHIRI function at the ashram ground… I got enormous changes and good feeling physically and mentally, the power, etc., myself… it can’t explainable, that day in my life I do not forgot… from that day my life and my vision on world, man, live, universe, etc all has been changed. After two years only I attended the first yoga class (SAMBHAVI MAHAMUDHRA) in our village. After attending the 7 day classes (for just Rs.500 only, it very very cheap for the program commercially) my understanding level is gone higher level about things I said last sentence. After that I did the regular practice of SAMBHAVI, it was teaches me lot of remaining things of inside and outside of me… OK I leave it… it may not be useful I discussed here but for Mr.Yogi.
    Even God is there, Sathan also there, Sadhguru is not exception… We really feel about GOD, while Sathan presents… It is good chance to Mr.Yogi to get into Isha, also he created now and worked on that mode, how long he is going to discuss about Isha and Sadhguru… very soon he will attracted to the foundation and activities. Because, if he really interested find a truth, definitely he will reach it… I’m happy about the discussion… Many Thanks…

  18. Well, so we have two possibilities, he is either a mystic or a fraud. Millions of frauds are present around, may be he is just another. And if he is trying to enlighten us, then even, many have tried it before, and some are really popular and have magically kept their popularity alive even for 2000 or more years. So he is not the best among the frauds and he is not the best among the preachers. So lets leave him alone, when he becomes best in something we won’t need discussing so many things to prove anything about him.
    For now, we can believe or disbelieve that “Sadhguru is a fraud”. In other words, we can believe that, ” Sadhguru is a fraud”, or we can believe, “Sadhguru is not a fraud”. But we can only believe just like any superstition. One may argue that there is enough evidence to believe such and such things. But that is the problem. Why I can’t make you believe the same thing I believe, it’s because I am only believing and haven’t seen the reality. If I would have, I could have directly shown you. Like if I would have really seen that Sadhguru is a fraud, means I have seen him with my eyes or heard something directly from him, which gives me 100 % guarantee that he is a fraud. If that would have been the case, then even though you say he is not a fraud, I wouldn’t even bother to argue with you. Or if I had video recording then I would directly show it to you and both of us will be quiet thereafter.
    Sadhguru is just another human being for us. Let’s live in the world judging everything logically for ourselves. The mind is not under our control, that’s for sure. And it seems to us, that someway we can control it. So why not practice and bring it to utmost control. If we could control the mind we could then control our happiness. For example you are travelling and you see a restaurant, and you immediately feel like going in and having some great food, but something inside your mind tells you, you are not hungry, but still you can’t stop yourself, because money is not a problem for you. But suppose you immediately see a person, lets say a beggar searching for food in the dustbin nereby, your mind changes and you go and give the beggar the whole money you were planning to spend on the restaurant. So a change in the situation made you do something which is logical. You have enough to eat, still you were feeling to have some more. But if someone practices controlling their mind, then perhaps at some point the mind will learn to itself show the reason to stop us and turn us into the right direction. In the said situation, one can imagine the beggar, and do the right act, even though no beggar is present around. So that is a technique of controlling the mind. I have tried it and with a hell lot of effort it now works. And that gives me happiness, perhaps pride, or may be satisfaction to know that I am working what is just best for me.

    Let me put another situation, suppose your spouse or your parents or some of your beloved ones are blaming you for some act in your life. This situation is supposed to make us angry, and reply with anger. And that is what happens all the time. At that moment we think, that we have done so much to do things correctly and still I am being blamed. We reason ourselves to believe that we have done the best and yet we are being blamed, so clearly this is a thing which is wrong and must not be going on. So we answer back.
    Answering back won’t help, we all know it. Yet we do, we can’t stop it. The person who is blaming is very close to you, and is very dear to you. So blaming will only increase the distance but the situation which has occurred will remain the same, even if we answer back. .If the person who is blaming can’t see by himself or herself that you have tried your best, then you can’t show it. Or may be if you initially try to show it, and see that the person illogically is continuing in his/her act of blaming, then it is useless. So at that moment a simple thought procedure will help. Suppose it is your old parents who is blaming you, try and remember one particular event in your life perhaps from your childhood when your parent was so desperately trying to help you. I know you have many such events. We all have such events. If you can vividly remember such an incident, you will only smile back at the person, and the argument will not grow. We know how desperately our beloved ones once tried to help us, and wanted our success, but they are poor little creatures who are getting into this act of blaming just because they are illogical, and can’t act according to logic and reason out themselves into seeing that every person does what he can do at most.

    We understand what is logical, and the only reason for sadness is that we are not able to act according to it.

    1. very nice brother….. the way understanding……it means happiness is a reflection of our action n reaction… is not fixed…..very good explanation by you…..yogi must learn from you too….

  19. The only spiritual guy i know who was not a God was Siddhartha Gautama commonly known as the Buddha.

    You know why?.

    a. He said he was a human being nothing more , nothing less.
    b. He said there was no God.
    c. He said there was no use praying to God or doing useless rituals like puja etc.
    d. He said dont worship me, just remember my teachings.
    e. He said believe in YOURSELF, THAT IS ENOUGH.

    The man walked barefooted for 45 years with about 400 or so followers and never owned so much so as a small hut for himself.

    Tell me any of the modern gurus have these qualities?.

      1. Hi yogi,

        When some one gives an argument to support your view, Buddha is not a mythological figure. He comes across in flesh and bones. If its going against you, you want to protect URL mind and bring in mythological aspects. Even if I bring an enlightened person, you will say what’s the proof. You doubt so many things and question , have you thought at some time is your mind seducing you. You doubt all except your mind which is fooling you every day.

        By the time you doubt your mind it will become late. If you close ur windows sun how much ever powerful cant come in.
        It controls life on earh. But to see it you need to open your window.

        Om tat sat

        1. Dear Venkat,

          I am sorry I think you misunderstood me. I was asking you an example of somebody who supports your view. I do know about Buddha , in fact I have given him as an example to somebody else’s comment above. If you give me an argument I expect a proof. Something tangible so we can work with that, otherwise we just have to believe what everybody says isn’t it?

          I want to question my beliefs that’s the main reason for opening up the comments so that I can see what the other side has to say, I want to understand how they think. Otherwise I could have just blocked all the comments and do my work. Why am in spending so much time on this? But you people are not giving me any arguments, if I say something, refute it. Tell me where I am wrong and I will change myself. That is something I am actively trying to do. Instead of refuting my points people go on tangents talking about something unrelated or downright false to support their arguments. How can you have a proper debate?

          I am the one who is keeping the windows and even the doors open mate, may be, just may be, you guys should check too!

          1. I think now best course of action for u is to question ur mother and father since u like to question everything that is first thing to do since that is the source of ur very existence here.

    1. He also did not let women in his Sangha. He has told that if women enters his sangha, it will be destroyed in the next 500 years. What do u say about that

  20. Guys, Instead of criticizing someone or trying to deviate yourself into negative aspects. Better you can come out everything and do whatever you want to do in your own life.

    When we are leading life 100% the way we want, then we have rights to criticize others. Till then pay attention and mind our own business 🙂

    1. Great idea man, no body should care about whatever happens to anybody else. Social responsibility? Why do you think there are posts like these criticising something? So we can feel good about ourselves? Dude the life you are living is because people in history opposed everything from working conditions to colonialism so fellow humans can leave a good life.

  21. Haha Yogesh
    the RISHI prabhakar FRAUDD u are talking about greatly,
    like as if he taught sadhguru everything in your space..!
    has a sex RACKET and his wife has accused him of it !!!!!!..below link on him..

    Loooks like in India with a tradition of gurus for centuries + fake ones too..,its always difficult to find the real one..
    each one to his own.[unless they are doing illegal and caught lol]

    next time before u say someone is good or other bad –pls atleast google news articles about them at-least
    [ atleast there are NO mAJOR BAD news articles bad on Isha or SRI SRI ] [ not that I believe everything in MEDIa btw]

    people s blogs opinions are just that [ like @ss Holes each has one]
    just like mine above 🙂 😛

    1. I am sorry i don’t think i ever said rishi prabhakar is good. I have just pointed out a mystery over his supposed origins! Does that imply rishi prabhakar is good?

  22. First of all..the post written above is bull shit..But i loved the way Yogi argues..I would like to say some things to yogi…


    I would like to ask you to show one Woman or Man in History or even now who has not done absolutely any damage to someone else. mahatma gandhi has enemies who feel injustice was done to them because of him and their claims are very justifiable..Bhagat Singh has broken many laws..Many feel albert eistien’s work has done more harm to the earth than good..if we go to mythology , the legendary ram has many accusations on him…even today krishna is seen as a traitor in mahabharat by many..if you go on like that there are many examples..Now take normal people..let us take you for example…Have you not committed any crime until now which has affected others directly or indirectly? When i say Crime i mean all levels ..from the least to the highest…If you say the answer is no..then you are not are something else..every body does actions which affect other’s lives in a good or bad way..I give 5 rs bribe to a bus conductor instead of paying the ticket price of 10.It is not at all a crime in my view because it does not affect anybody and hundreds of people are doing the same thing and i save 5 rs..but it does affect people indirectly..let us not go deeper as to how it affects…Now why did we make mahatma gandhi as our father of the nation..why do we regard Bhagat singh with that great respect?..why have we made albert einstein the synonym of Geniusness?..It is because we saw that the greater good that has happend to the Humanity because of them overshadows the lesser bad..That is what should matter..i feel the same goes with Jaggi..You are just giving a few examples of people who are affected because of him in an unpleasant way..But there are many examples …i Repeat..MANY examples where he has influenced people in a very pleasant you know how many good things these happy people might have done? starts like a chain reaction ..if your neighbor is happy, it makes you also happy..and usually when you are feel more confidant ..when you are confidant you do things which you wanted to do and also get the inspiration to do new things..who knows ,maybe a rich man who attended the course might start donating to the poor which he never never know.. A greater good is happening,,why are bothered about the lesser bad?

    Talking about Jaggi:
    Was Jaggi accused of killing his wife Viji by her parents? Yes

    But was it proved?..NO

    Was there another women involved in this matter? Yes


    Did this women divorce and leave her family? Yes


    Was she the closest disciple of Jaggi in a previous life time? Yes

    So What!!?

    Is she a Brahmachari/Sanyasi now? No

    So What!!?

    Is her life opulent in the ashram just like Jaggi’s? Yes

    Many are

    Did Jaggi initiate his young daughter into Brahmacharya? No

    That is upto His daughter..Whats wrong int it?It is her decision.May be she did not buy what he says

    Is he initiating other young girls/boys into Brahmacharya? Yes

    That was upto them ..they got influenced and they took the decision..jaggi did not force them

    Did his daughter ever do volunteering? No

    May be she was too busy or maybe she did not like it

    Did she ever go through long term/permanent ashram life in her teens like Samskrithi kids? No


    Is there any objective proof/witnesses of Jaggi solidifying mercury? No

    Maybe he thought it was too dangerous for the out side world to know..he never said “see i created solidified mercury..I should be given the noble Prize for that.” ..if he said so,then the above question is correct

    Is there an objective proof that he learned and practiced yoga from Malladihalli Swami? No

    Why should we need one?

    Is there an objective proof that he was student of Rishi Prabhakar for more than a year? Yes(1)

    Ok ..So?

    Is Jaggi and his colleagues are teaching the same yoga, meditation and BSP with minor differences? Yes

    So?..what is the problem in that?…if i want to make idly..i may follow slightly different way but it pretty much will be similar to the standard way…

    Did Jaggi ever gave credit to/confessed about Rishi Prabhakar? No

    Rishi prabakar never had a problem with that..why are you having?

    Did Jaggi’s contemporary/colleague Ravisankar Mysore Ramakrishna commented about Jaggi’s plagiarism and lies? Yes(1)

    Thus, said Noah

    Is there an objective way to confirm Jaggi’s enlightenment before taking his programs? Yes(2)

    another OMG

    Is he a self confessed liar? Yes


    Does Jaggi have political tie-ups? Yes

    so did albert Einstien..How mean albert is..he had political tie ups..

    Does he shadow celebrities and crave media attention? Yes

    i dont know whether he craves..but even if he does whats wrong int it..?

    Did Isha ever disclose their social outreach program
    details/numbers to public? No

    many times..visit their website

    Is Isha a 100% volunteer run organization? No

    that i dont know..may be yes

    Did Isha use/is using immoral tactics to usurp land? Yes

    absolutely no i said ..for a greater good..compramisation is a must…thats what krishna did in mahabharat

    Are Isha fanatics waiting for an utopian mass enlightenment never explicitly promised by Jaggi? Yes

    Yes that is true

    Are they dangerously delusional/hypocritical? Yes

    every one in this world are ..including the Quetioner…


    your main concern is this…”Jaggi is cleverly influencing people by hypnotizing them through his words and his books talking about psuedo science and all other shit which will make some hindus feel good and other hindus proud that they are from such a great culture . As a result they are spending huge amounts of money by deceiving themselves and causing lot of pain to their family members..And jaggi and his team are amassing all this wealth and enjoyong the luxury”

    You are right that he is hypnotizing people..He has a vision..he knows something which he thinks if others know, they would also feel pleasant..he wants to share with others what made him happy..he knows people would not come if he calls he is hypnotizing them..What i do not like to agree is that you are saying that he is doing it for money..

    Ok you think you have found the right you are convincing others “Dont believe in what he says..believe in what i say”..infact i see that you are also hypnotizing people with your words..

    How are you different from him buddy?..he is doing it for money and are doing it because you are the cant see injustice around..and the biggest injustice happening in this world is
    jaggi vasudev…not IsIs not taliban not Al Queda…not Poverty..Not Injustice itself…But JAGGI…

    Good buddy..i like your hypnotism..but i somehow did not fall for it because maybe without practicing i knew NLP…

    But if you want to save people from his hypnotism then you are way behind have to catch up with him because he is very ahead of you

    We would not have had a bhagat singh, gandhi, vivekanada, etc if they did not want to cause pain to their family..i am not camparing them to anybody..i only wanted to say that there are different perspectives to look at “causing pain to family”..

    You think people are not being logical..they are not using their minds..Every thing that you think is logical is actually relatively logical. you are building that logic based on some pre concluded notions..every logic can be proved and disproved..that is the magic of logic..And you think mind is logical…just if you become little bit aware of the thoughts that go on in your mind ,you will understand how illogical the thought pattern has no logic at the recesses of our minds there is absolute illogical bullshit..Psychology proves this(what an irony)..

    so dont try to be too logical my friend give a benefit of doubt to something that is beyond logic..


    1. Hello! I really like the way you argue man other than the part where you summarily reject everything as “bullshit” of course. Thanks for stopping by and providing your inputs. Please allow me to explain my point of view.

      First off about crimes, the way you justify crime reminds me of how all the dictators of the world thought and acted. Even hitler thought he was doing something good for the world by killing of all the “vermin” jews. So please never justify a crime saying it is ok. If you go along that route anybody can justify anything they do. The bribe you or me gave to somebody doesnt equate the other crimes which affects others life adversely, also just we because we did it, does not justify our or their actions.

      The premise of greater good is in itself a great philosophical problem. When you say you can do anything for the greater good what about the people who suffer for it? For example in building dams (a supposedly greater good) the government has spoiled the livelihood of thousands of people and drove them to streets. to the adivasi who cannot provide for his family anymore, can you tell him don’t worry your family is dying so the rest of the population can be happy in future? Who gave us the right to take over others lives? Who decides what is greater good!?

      You are saying cutting down forests is ok because he is doing a greater good. my point is why should he have his ashram in the forest in the first place? Lot of arid waste lands are there to his taking. Is destroying the forest important for whatever you are saying he is doing? Problem with the cults such as these is that , you can never make them accept even the blatant things that is happening before their eyes, whatever Isha or Jaggi does, people will defend, not even thinking for a moment if it holds water. Wrap their minds and reasoning so much that they will say he cant tell how he solidifed mercury at room temperature because it is not good for the society, may be it will end the world? i mean come on, does this even make sense! Do you think this is healthy?

      Ok about comparing me with him, If i got money from people and then gave my opinion about jaggi to people, then may be compare what he is doing to what i am :). I am not saying i am right, all i am saying is “to me” this looks wrong, he looks like a lot of people in history who tricked people to part their hard earned money and time, please proceed with caution. Thats all i ever said.

      About AlQueda and stuff, so you are saying till there is ISIS, Alqueda and other bigger problems we should not talk about other problems? lets all close our eyes to what is happening around us till all the major problems you say are done? may be give us a list what you consider are big problems? next time something happens to my neighbour i am gonna go to him and say dude look ISIS is looming large, your problem is nothing lets wait for that to be over so we can discuss your`s.

      Also please stop mentioning all these great leaders of the world when talking about Jaggi, None of those people made themselves comfortable and wanted to make the world better, like you yourself mentioned they all sacrificed their own lives to try and make the world a better place, they didnt sit in AC halls in a comfortable chair preaching people.Most of them even died for their cause, hell even einstein died poor. Did Buddha charge people money ,sat in his comfortable home and preach so people will be happy? Please, really you are insulting them.

      Regarding the “pain to family”, i agree that sometimes that happens, you cannot please everyone, but you will have to look at what they are doing after opposing family? what are they doing? have they become vivekananda by following Juggi? what have all these people done for anybody? Look even some of my friends have opposed family and are working for social welfare, have abandoned good paying jobs to pursue their interests, to help somebody. Hell, even my parents dont approve of all the things i say and do. But to cause suffering just to join a cult, that is something i cannot agree with. Just think of all those people who abandoned Nithyanandha after his “exposure” ? If they had realized it before hand, all of the unnecessary suffering could have been avoided for them and their family. See, there are some things that jaggi says that are good, i agree, if you wanna follow that its cool. But beyond that if you want to blindly support and defend him or the organization and believe or do everything he says without critical thinking, then we have a problem. This is the kind of blind behaviour that (in Howard Zinn`s words) make people blindly obey the dictates of the government, of the leaders and have gone to war killing millions, while remaining obedient in the face of starvation , poverty and stupidity just becase their leaders said so.

      And the last bit about something beyond logic, the world we live in now, the things we enjoy are all based on logic, if our ancestors had continued to believe in something other than logic we would still be living in caves praying to solar eclipses.

      You say “maybe a rich man who attended the course might start donating to the poor which he never did” thats a big may be, Dude ISHA is already a rich organization, they themselves dont donate. Let them publish truthfully how much money they make and how much they spend on helping others then may be we can talk. That is what i meant, not put the meagre activities they do in their websites for promotion.

      You say “so he is hypnotizing them..What i do not like to agree is that you are saying that he is doing it for money..”, please i beg you, for a moment think outside of your indoctrination and see for yourself, if a person really wanted to help others, really wanted to make people happy will he spend so much money to make his buildings beautiful? will he live in luxury? somebody once said Luxury the word itself is an insult to all the poor people who cant even afford food. You tell me, what will you do if you had all the money and had the mentality that you say he has? Wont you and i spend it on helping people rather than buying a Pajero? Dont you see the hypocrisy, please Just think for a moment. Is this how you will manage that fund?

      Going to Isha might make you feel smug and content but it isnt going to change our society, The only people Isha benefits are the middle and upper class people who want the “feel good” factor. There are numerous organizations who are trying to directly work with the underprivileaged, spending their own money, sacrificing their comfortable lives so they can bring about a change. Problem is they dont advertise, they dont have flashy buildings, manicured lawns, they are not on tv and unless you look for them you wont find them. I am pretty sure they are there in your city too. IF you really want to help others, and if that is your intention of joining Isha,if you really wanted to do something, go out of your comfort zone and meet these people, then you WILL bring about a change.

      1. Yogi, you seem to have been indoctrinated that being poor is a virtue and being rich is bad. And your further think that people who live an affluent life do not help others, are not working for a benefit of humanity at large. You have mentioned many times, the buildings were beautiful, ornamental objects etc, so that is your main problem. If you had met an impoverished Sadhu, sitting under a tree with no clothes and a begging bowl you would’ve been convinced. You went there expecting this man to fit your idea of a Guru and you came out shell shocked. By your logic we should also be asking the Church to disclose their source of wealth, where they are spending their money etc. After all they have been in the business of selling God for couple of Millennia more than Isha.

        Anyway, good that you have been “saved” from the evil clutches of Isha people.

        1. For – Preethi MARCH 31, 2016 AT 12:37 PM
          “… you seem to have been indoctrinated that being poor is a virtue and being rich is bad.” Under the present economic system you cannot become rich without making somebody else poor.

          There is a law of nature, called conservation law, which says mass and energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed or transferred. In simpler and economic terms it means there is no win-win situation. It is always win-lose. In every win-win situation, if you look carefully, you will always find a third party who will be the loser. This third party will be from the bottom fifth of the population.

          If I dump a truck load of sand on my driveway, and if you search carefully then you will find that, I have dug many small holes in an all the sandy beaches of the world. The same is true for money also. Economy is like a bar magnet. The strength of the north pole (richness) is same as the strength of the south pole (poverty). Rich creates the poor, and the central bank plays the crucial role in it.

          Sathguru has done one good thing; he has created a voluntary system, which is a money-less economy (MLE) inside his local boundary. That MLE concept should be extended all over the world. Money is the root cause of all problems. Remove money and all truths will come out. Under MLE there will be no poverty, unemployment, wars, terrorism, racism, migration, pollution etc. Yet MLE will give you full democracy with any lifestyle you want. MLE will also create One World with no national boundaries. After all money is false, because money is not an object of nature. How can you create anything true using something false, like money?

          For more on this subject take a look at the Central Bank & Poverty chapter and the MLE chapter in the free book on Soul Theory at

    2. Siddharth, yours is the best and most sensible answer.. What people see is a reflection of their own self. I don’t see a point in justifying anything with Yogi because his mind had already concluded even before he went to Isha Yoga center and he promptly noticed and picked up all the points however trivial or serious it might be to validate his mindset.

      I am not a follower of Sadhguru but i have been deeply influenced and benefited just by watching his youtube videos. I have not spent 1 Rupee and yet I have been influenced in a positive way. It looks like if we say anything positive, we will immediately be considered to be some brainwashed ardent follower of Sadhguru.

      1. // I don’t see a point in justifying anything with Yogi because his mind had already concluded even before he went to Isha Yoga center and he promptly noticed and picked up all the points however trivial or serious it might be to validate his mindset.//


  23. Hi Yogi,

    Thanks for the reply. I was actually waiting for it. I said the post was Bullshit ,not all the comments and everything. I would not have commented in first place if i thought everything is bullshit. I still say the post is bullshit because i find the reasoning of the author as ridiculous(no offence..just my opinion).

    First of all..did jaggi start isha as a social service organization?….from his books we understand that his main aim was to create the dhayana linga..(“many sages’ wish” ,he says)..a linga which he describes is consecrated with all seven chakras..he says this was his mission that his guru has set upon him few lifetimes back. Why he chose vellangiri? ..because that was where he says his guru has left his body and also that place reverberates with tremendous amount of energy..this is one of the reasons he did not choose an arid land..

    Did he cut all the forest and built his ashram upon it?

    the hill on the foot of which the ashram was built was not having tree cover at was after jaggi has come there that they took up the initiative of planing trees..the place was very hot at first…they have planted many trees on the hill and also inspired the entire village to plant is cool now…it went on to become one of the biggest tree planting initiatives.. They have got the paryavaran award for that(which of course people here will argue that they used their political influence) and also a Place in the Guinness book of world records for planting most number of tree saplings in one single day(around 10 million or not sure) please don’t say jaggi is cutting tress and all other shit..Yes he uses wood in many areas in his ashram for construction..if instead of wood he used would say “see ? he is so rich that is used metal”..if he used plastic which is cheaper.. you would say ” see..he used plastic..he is against the environment”..Come on..he did what was appropriate.. I am sure he has compensated for every tree he cut.once go to his ashram it is full of trees..the people who accuse him ..i am sure most of them have not even planted at least one tree their entire life…He even gives ideas to the environmental of his ideas were that..every vehicle manufacturing company that manufactures vehicles should calculate the amount of carbon monoxide that vehicle will produce in its life time and compensate it with planting that many number of trees..this is just one of the many ideas..leave about the practicality of implementing the idea..i only wanted to say he is doing his bit..what about the people who accuse him?..

    regarding the mercury linga..Yogi..on one hand you argue that he has not shown any objective proof that he has solidified mercury at room temperature — meaning you are not actually believing he could do that– and on the other hand you say “come on man ..people will die”–meaning you are actually believing he can solidify mercury at room temperature..

    If anybody wants to know how he solidified mercury they can know it from learning the rasayana shasthra (Alchemy)or go to someone who knows it..He mentioned once that ancient Indian alchemy has stuff about how to solidify mercury at room temperature..he does not have to tell to the world how he did it..why should he tell..he does not have to prove..if you have a doubt, then file a case or write letter like one of the gentleman in the comments did, to some ministry or something..but simply don’t accuse someone based on mere assumptions..

    who knows? may be he really solidified mercury and used it in such a way that it does not harm people but benefits them..
    We all know that even poison is used as a medicine in some cases..what are antibiotics?…will you go to a doctor and ask him to prove if the tablets he is giving are of the right proportion and combination..No ..we don’t know a shit about what he is giving to us..we don’t question because we trust him…based on his education..his qualification etc etc..same with jaggi..

    You say i should not compare jaggi with other people i mentioned in my previous comment..because they have sacrificed everything for the sake of the people and they did not live in luxury and comfort..

    you think jaggi vasudev lives in luxury because he roams in cars..flies in aeroplanes, flies helicopters..plays golf..lives in big and posh rooms in his ashram etc etc..

    I ask you how is he different from gandhi or vivekananda or some ancient sages like vashita,vishvamitra in terms of luxury…

    vivakanada always preferred to travel in first class in train and so did gandhi..he always traveled in first class..Had there been cars and other vehicles that are present now during their time they would have definitely used them.. if you wanted to do things fast in a limited amount of time you need things which move fast..basically you do things as per the situation..vasista is considered one of the greatest sages during the ancient times..did he not live in luxury?.. …people will say no..because for them the luxury of those times is poverty of these times…he was given royal treatement by the kings..he was received and sent in the highest available vehicles of that time..he built his ashrams according to the luxuries of those times..I am not comparing him and jaggi .

    you said:
    .”did Buddha charge people money ,sat in his comfortable home and preach so people will be happy? ”

    see Isha charges only for the facilities they want AC ,,you want good seating arrengement …you want spacious atmosphere and althese you want for free…how is that possible ?

    Isha does not charge anything if you do the same course in a village..but you wont have AC.. you wont have proper seating arrangement etc etc..everything that they do in villages is for free..
    Dosent it make sense?..And all the higher programs that they offer are also for free..they say we dont want your money for higher programs but your commitment..if they see that you are not committed enough they advise you to not attend the course.

    Do you really think buddha has conducted all the meetings and preaching without any help from the people or the kings?he definitely did not have any business like isha did you think he could do all that without any money involved?…See jaggi is utilizing all that this present age of technology is giving.. Had buddha had a mike ..he would have reached more people in the world..but he had to shout so that maximum people could you think buddha would have neglected a mic because it involves money ? or do you think he would have used it to reach more people.

    See ..there is nothing and absolutely nothing wrong in living rich and luxurious as long as you are not attached to it..the above mentioned people were not attached to it..they had other and bigger goals than wealth… vivekananda or gandhi would have been least bothered if they had to travel in 3rd class..Basically they do not care about anything to reach their goal..i say ..same with jaggi..i know you wont accept..(i also know you wont like jaggi being compared to them which was not my intention)

    You have mentioned that Someone said people living in luxury is an insult to the Poor.. this is absolute Bullshit..

    i will tell you a story.. During the early days of communist revolution Vengalappa visited russia.. He was a nomad…he met man who was taking his two cows to his home..They started a conversation and the man with cows started telling about some of the ideals of communism like everyone should be equal..the rich man should give the poor man’s share to him to make him is only then that that the gap between the rich and poor in the society will decrease and so on ..vegalappa listened to all these and really felt happy and inspired..he spoke to the man ” This is a wonderful country and people here are awesome..You see..i am actually very poor..i dont even have proper clothes to can see my clothes are torn..i dont have a house and i did not even eat for 2 have all these and also 2 cows..could you give me one of them?”

    The man with cows asks vegallapa to fuck off and goes away…morals and philosophies are only good to speak and reality they do not exist..

    You will talk about this insult as long as you are poor..but once you are rich dont give a shit..

    jaggi wanted to create the dhyanalinga and make its surroundings look beautiful..this ..he did for his master..Jaggi’s disciples did it for their master..There is nothing wrong in building an ashram as he likes..i was not convinced by your explanation of why jaggi is money minded.. I think he is not money minded at all..that will not even be the last thing he will want…yes..maybe some of the volunteers of isha are..but that is a very low possibility..I have been a volunteer for few of isha events..i even donated (though very little) sometimes and am very confidant that the money is used properly..I dont know if there is a way to know how they are spending the money..but if you can go by law and find out..may be we all will know the truth of how they are using the money..Why unnecessary accusations?

    In one of your paras you have mentioned an example of dam and talked about greater good.In that example the government clearing those adivasis was partially right and if they have provided them proper homes thereafter would have been fully right.. In the ending you said who decides greater Good?..Thats exactly my point too..Who decides greater good?

    Basically we are talking in terms of Moral Values. Your definition of morality is different from mine.

    And Morality is based on only two words..Good and Bad.

    it all boils down to simple terms…You think jaggi is doing greater bad and i think he is doing greater good

    I would like to go a bit deeper on this good bad topic..

    See there is nothing called good or is just one man’s belief versus another man’s belief(quoted by jaggi)..

    You believe something is good or something is bad and then you are tying the thread of logic to it..

    I have a question : On what basis do you decide this is good or that is bad?..Definitely you decide them on some pre-concluded notions.
    What if those pre concluded notions where just mere assumptions?then every thing that you believed as right will become wrong and vice-versa…

    For example , tell me why murder or rape is considered wrong? Every living thing on this planet does everything possible to survive. a lion kills a dear for might argue that it kill for food..but still it is doing it for survival.. many animals kill other animals if they enter their territory and they don’t do it for food..they are doing it for survival they do every thing to avoid their death..

    If what a lion does is not wrong why is it wrong if i murder a person?..i kill him because i feel somewhere in my heart that he is a threat to my life.that was just a survival instict.A lion is considered a superior animal.. it does many things to show its superiority..that is also a survival warn others and keep them away from it.. If i want to rape a woman..i rape her..and there is nothing wrong in it..I only did what a superior animal does to its inferior..

    Am sounding crazy right?..but answer my question..please dont give shitty answers like” we are not animals we are humans and humans are Humane”…The only difference between man and animal is that man is more intelligent..Thats why he is able survive better than other animals and he also propagated so much and i am not expecting answers like “lion no kill lion” or “monkey No Kill monkey”..they do have fights and they do kill each other…anyways with all the stuff that human mind takes in every body is a different animal altogether
    and we also live like only humans exist on our planet.

    so please answer my question?..Why is murder or rape wrong? On what basis do you say that murder or rape is wrong?..I am sure there would not be a legit answer..

    Because the very words “right” and “wrong” are non existent..

    I ask what is the meaning of right? and wrong? they do not have any meaning..

    I think they came into existance only after man has started forming communities and civilizations and societies.. the society would not have been stable if every body behaved as they liked for a stable society and for better survival they might have formulated a set of right and wrongs..the more stable they wanted to make the society ..the more wright and wrongs came in..In other words morals came in…Again this is all an assumption..there might be other assumptions as well…

    right and wrong ..good and bad are only in the mind..They are dependent on your perception.

    See the ultimate goal of every living thing in this universe , consciously or unconsciously is to to be death t be immortal.. We may not realize that but unconsciously every action that we perform , every word that we speak and every thought that we generate is directly or indirectly linked to our survival or our desire to be be immortal…

    Hence the desire to be be be be good…

    I paint one of the famous paintings because somewhere unconsciosly i know that even i die.. this painting lives and this my name lives and throught that i live..I may not be aware of this ..but in my unconscious mind,,I am doing this for the dame reasons… I write my name on walls? why? for the same reason..I crave for attention? why? for the same reason..even if i die atleast my name lives or something to which my name is attached lives…(inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurthy)

    In this process Somehow we add goodness to the list

    I do social service for the same reason.. Somewhere in the deepest layers of my heart i feel i am doing a good thing…but the deepest layer i am doing it to be death less(survival)..

    Many think they do social service out of compassion…I think we are deceiving our selves..

    We are not understanding the difference between Pity and Compassion..We are actually showing Pity on others..we are not compassionate…i believe it takes enlightenment to show compassion..In Pity there is a sense of superiority…poor boy he dosent have food to eat ..((in the unconscious)..I have)..if we dont have anything to eat and we are going to die in any moment and then we see a boy who does not have anything to eat..If At that moment we say “poor boy he does not have anything to eat”..that is called Compassion..It is bound cannot be put in words.. i too dont know what compassion is..but this is what i have understood intellectually when i have read about it in a raramakrishina parama hamsa book..

    Yes jaggi hypnotizes people..yes there are many people in isha who just do what their master says without thinking anything..but i feel he uses them correctly..he achieved many things with farmers what many NGOs could not with ThinkTanks..
    i think his intentions are right and appropriate for the present situation our country is in…

    So i will say he is little more than an adolf hitler who turned good..

    I know lot of what i have written above is irrelevant to the argument ..but i wanted to say what i wanted to say..If we argue on what is right or wrong on a moral basis it would be a never ending discussion..

    took lot of time to write this 🙂
    Thanks for allowing me to comment..

    1. Hi Siddharth, thanks for writing back man, i am sorry i couldn’t reply immediately, have been little busy lately.

      “did jaggi start isha as a social service organization?” This. this is exactly what i want to emphasise. Isha is a new age religious organisation, Hinduism 2.0 if you will. He has stripped some baggages like mindless practices ( which is good) and then revamped some like vibration , positive energy and other abstract non quantifiable things (which is bad). All i am saying is see it as another temple not an organisation whose primary aim is a social cause, to help the poor or anything remotely like that. It is only tertiary ( secondary is,i feel getting in more people) , always been. It is no different than say thirumala tirupathi, for all the money they get, social cause isn’t their main goal.

      But what i have seen happen is, people begin to think themselves doing some kind of social service by participating in Isha. Even you argued in your previous post, as if their main aim is doing good to the people. They do some social work, agreed, but that is not their primary business. It is a drop in the bucket for all the money they earn and all the men power they have. This is a fact and should be clear if you critically see how they operate. Especially if you have visited their so called ashram. If people join Isha for their personal satisfaction for what you perceive as personal gain , then that is fine to some extent, but lets not pretend we are helping the society. Like i said in my earlier post, if you want to help the society then there are way better organisations for you to spend your time and money on.

      Contrary to what you say velliangiri hills was not arid before he came in, however i don’t dispute the fact that he has planted lot of trees. But that doesn’t justify themselves cutting down the trees. Just like i don’t have the right to harm my baby just because i am his father. All i see is a marketing ploy, they just used the public sentiment at that time to gain lot of fame. You cant dispute the fact that they got lot of publicity from this. If he truly cared for the environment, if that feeling was deep inside his heart you or i wouldn’t have done what he did. Agreed he says Dyanalinga has to be there because of some energy ( conveniently which is something very abstract and nobody can prove) even if it was so, they didn’t have to expand their ashram in the same place did they? Keep dyanalinga there and move rest of the accommodations and dwellings (they rent rooms!) some place more eco friendly? So they have minimal impact? Not use wooden furniture? Not use wooden ornaments to beautify their buildings?

      You are saying i object to using wood, and that i would also object even if they used steel ! Why would i say that? How does that correlate?
      If you cared for environment you wouldn’t cut trees for anything period, especially for something that has alternatives. I dont know about you but I wouldn’t. When you cut a tree down you kill more than a tree, you collapse an entire eco system built around that tree.

      Oh and i have also been to his ashram multiple times, i have been there before they expanded their ashram, before there was even a proper road to that place.I have also trekked the hills. So i do know little bit about how it was, which is why i am concerned.

      Regarding the mercury part, i said “come on, people will die” sarcastically (I guess i am not good with jokes 🙂 ), because you said he is not revealing how he solidified mercury, because it might be dangerous if we knew how he solidified mercury. See, about alchemy, there is no proof that we ever solidified mercury, that same alchemy tried to convert any metal to gold too, these were hopeful desires of people at that time, based on the limited knowledge of chemistry they had. Till now nobody has ever solidified mercury at room temperature, IF Jaggi claims something to be true based on Indian alchemy why not show it to the world? It will make the whole world notice us and might even give Indian Alchemy some credibility, ignoring all the industries that it will benefit. So why not do it? what is the problem? It will help lot of people! What`s keeping him?

      You say even knowing mercury is poisonous, you will accept it because you trust Jaggi. This is exactly what i was arguing about in my previous comment, blindly accepting something (Cult behaviour) when all the evidence at hand points in the opposite direction. Please dont compare antibiotics, doctors ( treatments which are scientifically backed with empirical evidence. I trust a doctor because it is backed by science not because i like the doctor or because he talks nicely) with blindly accepting something without any sort of evidence, Just because one poison has the effect of healing does not justify taking in any poison and assuming it ‘might’ do good, does it? Doctors have science to back them up, what kind of qualification does Jaggi have? You accuse me of assuming when you yourself are assuming he is knowledgeable on these things!

      Regarding the leaders living in luxury, Nobody ever said anything about travelling in first class or second class, Generally after people gain any sort of publicity it is almost impossible to travel peacefully in public transports. So nobody questions that, in fact i don’t even consider that as a luxury. OF course he gotta travel, but don’t you see there is a difference between travelling in a Qualis and a land cruiser. In comparing leaders you are comparing apples and oranges, just because somebody is famous we cannot compare them to another famous person.There are too many people, every leader fought for something they believed in and each believed in different things. To compare leaders you have to see what the leaders you mentioned fought for and what they did. You cannot compare Tendulkar with Ronaldo, they are entirely different playfields and so are leaders, just because one famous person lived luxuriously does not mean anything, not all leaders cared about the poor.

      Gandhi opposed the usage of foreign goods, so he avoided using them. IF he preached don’t use foreign goods and if he himself used those things then we will criticize him. Similarly for Jaggi, If you say he is working for the people, if you say he helps the poor then luxury obviously becomes hypocritical, especially when it is somebody else’s money that he is living in. Especially when people who donate assume their money is being used to help others.

      About Buddha using mic and all, I dont even know how to respond to this. Nobody said anything about not using the technology or the resources that was available at that time. You make the mistake of comparing him with Buddha, It will only show how much worse he is. Buddha preached but what monetary benefit did he get out of it and how did he use it? How did it affect the way he lived? If Jaggi preaches, how does it benefit Isha? How is that money being used? How did Buddha live? did he want to be comfortable and cozy, even when he could have? Infact he is the opposite of Buddha, Buddha went from riches to rags but Jaggi is quite the opposite, even his philosphy is cleverly constructed to suit his lifestyle. He is a genius, gotta give him that.

      “Nothing wrong in living rich unless you are attached to it”, Really? that is very easy. It is easy to be not attached to anything when you have everything. It is easy to be not attached to your job when you know you wont starve, It is easy to be not attached to your material possession when you can buy anything you want if you so desire. Point is, if you are not attached to anything you wont want to live a life of richness and luxury, you will find everything pointless, that is the whole thing about attachment in the first place. If you want to live a luxurious life that indicates your attachment to luxurious things, plain and simple.

      Problem with luxury and living rich is it highlights the inequality in the current system. When we dress ourselves in expensive clothes, nice shoes, big cars what are we trying do ? We are just showing off how much better we are than the rest of the population,aren’t we? Look at me, i am better off! Our whole society is kind of like a competition ,each person tries to better somebody, So every time somebody who is underprivileged looks at all this show, all this bling, what does it instil in their minds? Their realisation about what they don’t have, an insecurity, realization that they don’t have anything, the realisation that money is God, they will then desire to be rich , making them money oriented machines. When they themselves grow up what would they do? they will do the same thing, they will show off their things to others look I am also better now, I can buy stuff too… and so the cycle continues, in a never ending pursuit of money hunting and material possessions. In the end nobody will be happy. That is the curse of luxury. Anyway that is not our point.

      Talking about communism you talk about Vengalappa as a joke, but you don’t talk about Che, do you know his history ? I can give you numerous examples where people have fought for the same thing you so lightly talk about. People have sacrificed their lives and money for the same morals and philosophies which you brush off as only good to speak and listen. They sacrificed everything they had because they wanted a society where there shouldn’t be people who own aeroplanes and people without food. Just because we haven’t achieved it yet doesn’t mean we will never. Look even the 8 hour work day was fought for and obtained, we didn’t get it by sitting around saying it looks too good to be true. Not all the people who fought and still fight for equality are poor, mind you. In fact most of the revolutions were fuelled by the middle and upper middle class, Poor usually don’t have the luxury of reading or thinking about their state. Not all rich people don’t give a shit. There are still some rich people with humanity, some who have grown up wanting not only money.

      When talking about Isha`s spendings, you insist we ask Isha legally to show their earnings.I dont even think they are legally obliged to show us how they spend their money, they are a business. If you are an accountant you know how you can fudge the records. Anyway you claim they spend majority of their money on social welfare (even they dont claim any of these), If they share their annual account statement it will speak for themselves. If what you say is true, what is stopping them? it will only make their organization look good, right?

      About universality of morals, good and bad, right and wrong. If we get philosophical, of course there is no such thing as good or bad and we can argue all day. But lets be practical, have you heard of the Golden rule? Generally a thing is considered bad if it affects another person negatively, if you hit me with a spade and argue that there is no such thing as bad, I am gonna get really angry. Here bad is not based on pre concluded notion, it is bad, because you objectively hurt me. Likewise any action on a society can be termed good or bad based on the effects it produces, based on whether it is beneficial or not.

      Murder and rape are not wrong because they are pre-concluded notions, murder and rape are wrong because it affects other people negatively without their permission. Things in nature are such that you have to kill to survive, agreed. However that doesn’t mean anything. As a human we have morality, as in we have the choice to not hurt others. A tiger will die if it doesn’t kill, it doesn’t really have an option more importantly it does not have a sense of morality. But as humans, as rational beings, as intelligent beings (like you said) we have the “option” to stop suffering, why would you kill knowing it will affect somebody? You can still say i will kill ,under the big scheme of things i cannot term it as bad or good. Agreed, but you would have hurt somebody. If you don’t have a problem with that, then no, objectively i cannot say you have done a “good” or “bad” thing. Granted morality might be the result of what benefits the whole society, But then what’s your point? Jaggi or anybody can do anything? If somebody hurts some one you like, Will you be sitting around arguing what is good, what is bad? No good can come out of arguing semantics. You are actually talking a lot like Nietzsche, who kind of inspires the feeling that “I” am more important than society because i am better!

      I don’t agree that everybody wants to be deathless or everybody does things so their name stands out, even a cursory glance around us should show that it is simply not the case. Majority of the population in India do think so, mainly because of their insecurity, Our new age gurus have a habit of uttering these gems, mainly because it is these insecure middle class people that flock to them, so they identify themselves with what these gurus say. See, what we want in life, these kind of things are dictated by the society we live in, by the things that surround us.Our thinking is highly influenced by our surroundings. Not every body in every country wants or does these things. If what you say is true, why did soldiers die for their kings? why did revolutionaries die for their cause? They didn’t do things so they remain in history, they didn’t do things to be deathless, you are just cherry picking things that match your assumptions. Confirmation Bias. There are all kinds of people in this world who desire all kind of things, lets not club everybody in the same bucket.

      I don’t think i grasp your concept of pity and compassion, I understand pity and agree that it is really unhealthy. But you don’t need to be enlightened to understand compassion, all you need is empathy. Compassion blossoms from empathy.I think you are over analysing things and making them needlessly complicated. There are two kinds of people those who sympathize and those who empathize, you don’t have to be some enlightened monk to understand empathy. Do you know Orwell? Emma Goldman? Bakunin? There are countless others.

      I can elaborate more, i am sorry if i came out as rude in some places, but i am really short on time and typed this out quickly and I didn’t want to not reply to you, that would be disrespectful. I will just tell one thing, from your comments i can see that you are interested in Hindu philosophy, spirituality and that you are probably a good reader. Spiritual philosophy and mythology are good , makes you wonder, question lot of things, but i feel it will be really good if you read about the real world problems, current economics and politics too, beyond what comes in mainstream media (My friend can recommend you a couple of books if you are interested). I think that will help you become a a well rounded individual. I mean it only as a compliment. Because I will be honest with you, i think your intelligence will be really useful elsewhere where it will really matter. Spirituality will only make us look inside, about the self, Economics, psychology, politics will open the world outside of the self, will make us less worried about the self and more about the rest of humanity and society as a whole, for the betterment of our species.

  24. Hello Siddharth & Yogi,

    I also took a lot of time to read your replies… 🙂 Thanks for writing.. I just bought the inner engineering course for $90.00 and started listening… As I listen and see his eyes… I felt there is something intriguing about him. I am not sure what.. so i googled his personal profile..heard about his wife’s samadhi and alarmed.. too good to be true of course.. If its true.. then God bless the soul.. Or else, mmm we will never know i guess.

    Everybody has a past.. they learn and then they change…(then of course they start to preach.. those who don’t know/don’t learn from hard lesson’s cannot preach..unless they are great soul from birth)

    My opinion here is.. I needed advise on ‘mind’.. I am just focusing on the content.. i don’t want to focus from whom it came from… (already aware that the content may do good for my problem and hence the content coming from the author who wrote 100 books and earned little credit from me)

    He said “Earth is flat or round debate for several several years came to a full stop when man flew into the space and proved scientifically (separated from earth and saw) ….same way separate from our mind and seeing the mind will solve the pblm”. I like this theory and all his talk is related to seeing self and separating the self within you..

    As for me.. I decided that I will just listen what He says and see if I can apply that and try to turn in to a good person..helping my family and others and not get in to the argument if He is a scam artist or not 🙂 (By the way.. I won’t spend any more money on this.. thanks to this blog….We have the whole google and youtube freely available for these kinds of speeches and I will stick towards those)

    Thanks again for writing and creating awareness guys!

      1. Yogi – like Sid said, everyone had a give jaggi shit for cutting down a few trees even though he compensated that back with planting even more trees.what kind of grocery hypocrite are you??! I doubt you were very compassionate to all those fruits and vegetables you slaughtered these last few years since your birth.I doubt you bike ride everywhere instead of using public transportation or a car.I doubt the roof over your head isn’t some poor cut down tree.
        You forget that all these hospital figures you mention were anything but saints, angels who feel down from heaven. JFK dragged us into Vietnam and even fucked Marilyn Monroe being hid wife’s back. Yet we remember the good he did. Saints in biblical terms were always horrible sinners prior to their enlightenment. King David set up the death off his own friend so he could get his wife; St.Paul (who wrote half the New testament) was the Jewish version of Hitler, a high class Jew who hunted down and murdered the Christians before becoming one himself and being executed along side them. Half of the founding fathers were most likely racist slave owners. But even Martin Luther king understood that the IDEA of America was worth forgiving it’s past in order to attain its future as a free society.
        Like Jesus said. Take the plank out of your eye before trying to remove the speck from your brother’s.
        Sadhguru can’t control everyone underneath him. Just like your mother shouldn’t be blamed for all your fuck ups.if you have a problem with people being elitists it’s either your an elitist hypocrite yourself, or you need to take your argument up with Sadhguru instead of buying about it being hid back on the internet.
        The only real argument you had this whole time was the argument on the cost of their goods and services.
        Sadhguru isn’t an accounting major, not does he micro manage one can.
        Just like any business owner can’t guarantee their own manager isn’t stealing moneyout good right from underneath their nose.that’s what happens when you delegate ANY task!
        So if you think some people that work for him sre making way too much profit you should try saying something to Sadhguru personally before passing judgment

        1. Thank you for your response, i apologize for the delay, i was a little held up with other matters.

          Coming back to your response, First point, You can call somebody a Hypocrite if he/she preaches something, but they themselves act opposite to what they are preaching. So you call me a hypocrite, what am i preaching and what did do opposite to what i preach? You can call me a hypocrite if i say, Please save the trees, look at the trees, they have life, look how the leaves blow in the wind and so on and go furnish my apartment with wooden furniture’s from top to bottom. Who is the one doing that?

          Second point, it is strange that you pick up all these leaders who i have never actually mentioned anywhere and ignore everybody i actually listed!! i don’t remember mentioning JFK or St.Paul anywhere. Nevertheless i get your point, I agree nobody is perfect, it is true that a lot of great leaders have done something that is morally questionable. BUT you have to note something, never did they act against what they preached, they might have been questionable in other matters, but on the matters they preached they had great belief and acted in ways they wanted the people to act. If MLK had acted racist towards his fellow men, while preaching against racism then you can point him out, not otherwise.

          Coming on to your next point, “Sadhguru can’t control everyone underneath him”. Come on man, you think anybody can be in Isha? do you think if you stay in Isha and act against their interests they will still keep you? Do you honestly think Isha is a one man show? Reputation is everything for organizations such as these, they will do anything to not jeopardize it.

          And what is this “Take the plank out of your eye before trying to remove the speck from your brother’s.” what the hell did i do? what are you talking? you are talking as if i am running around hurting people, and i should stop before asking others to not get hurt. WTF man?

          “Sadhguru isn’t an accounting major”, If you still don’t realize Isha is a business and if you think they can run a huge establishment such as these without accounting for the money they get and spend, then my sympathies are with you man. Like i already said, it is not an one man show, the CEO of Microsoft does not have to know accounting! Nowhere did i say people below him are stealing money, i am just questioning the goal of the entire organization, not one or two rotten apples , i am questioning the whole basket itself and what it stands for.

  25. Dear Yogi,

    You definitely have a point when saying that animals don’t have a sense of morality and humans, with superior intelligence, exercise a choice whether to murder or rape or not. And the fact that modern society and its luxuries allow us to live without the need to make such choices.

    As for the Sadhguru’s speeches and words of wisdom, they can be a great source of comfort for many people that are lost or down on their luck. However, their attendance to Isha Foundation programs should not be equated with doing a service to humanity, you are correct. They are coming for a sense of community, a break from daily life.

    I am also interested in the books you are talking about on current issues, politics, and economics. If you could post those on here, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sabareesh, Thanks for your comment and i apologize for the delay in responding. I agree with everything you said, i couldn’t have said it more clearly myself.

      As for the books, Personally in my opinion Economics, Psychology and Politics are something everyone should learn and know about, since our entire life depends on these things. Every decision we make, every place we look, every moment of our life is influenced by these three things, think about it, but we hardly take the time to know these things. If you ask me, these should be made compulsory reading in schools. But creating well informed, rational citizens is the last thing a Government wants, it is more profitable to keep people as ignorant, obedient , non questioning consumers.

      Anyway i am deviating, Below are the books i generally highly recommend to my friends to start with,
      Economics in one lesson – Henry Hazlitt
      Influence, The psychology of Persuasion
      Predictably Irrational – Dan Ariely (to quickly glance through, can be boring)
      All the books by Arundhati Roy (There is a box set with i some 5 or 6 books).
      All the books by George Orwell.
      The Culture of Make Believe – Jensen Derrick (Highly recommend this)
      The Zinn reader by Howard Zinn and all the books by Noam Chomsky (These are too American centric, but they are a very good eye opener on politics of governments as a whole)

      Below are some of my favorite documentaries, do have a look, if you haven’t seen them before,
      The Power of Nightmares,
      The Century of self,
      The Trap,
      The Corporation,
      The Men who made us spend,
      Manufacturing Consent

      I will update this list as i remember(my memory is horrible) and with inputs from my friends.
      If you have already read/seen these, and interested in more along the same lines, please drop me a note.

  26. What we perceive are created by ourselves. Thinking we are all clever, we fool ourselves. If we understand, things are just as they are. And if we don’t understand thing are just as they are. Practice the middle path as taught by the Buddha. With Metta to All.

  27. jakkki is life saver for many.just try isha for some time and see the difference.i have not seen any one organisation or a religion to explain spirituality this deep.for me jakki is god himself

    1. haha..this is what Jaggi ever dreamt off.. to replace god with himself and people like u are fool enough to follow him to actually make his dream come true…great going …ask ur god to make INDIA as super power after all its his mother nation….vl he ??? fuck off then .

  28. I visited Isha twice. I cannot understand selling loin cloths in the name of God.

    Plus point was the canteen outside the premises gave good food and the bhajans were simply marvellous.

    1. I think the loin cloth is closest to the point of creation in man. We call god a creator, when does man become a creator? Only when he removes the loin cloth correct. So it’s the most spiritual product to be sold. May be holier than Rudrashk

      1. Why “sell” a holier product venkat, may be you should give them away. Especially if you already are sitting on a ton of money? Or is it something only people with money deserve ? May be poor people can’t understand it.

      2. Yogi clearly doesn’t understand basic economics. Resources, duh? Why are you breathing out and breathing in continuously, why don’t you stop? That is the kind of argument suited to your level of intelligence

  29. Why cannot be a temple rich or beautiful..why cannot a spiritual guide be modern..every thing changes .. why should not these ..Sanyasam and sadgurus way are differnet..let us enjoy a modern guru.. His level of wisdom and understanding spiritual thoughts and bring it to modern lives is highly outstanding.

    .I see this bridging is need of the day..The new modern age is very different from any yet so far ..They have to face more pressures..and commitment to prove..they need the guidance..

    at above 35 years of age u need not any guidance..your experience can guide..

    This man started the transition make smooth..

    hero worship and mangod is the psyche of india..can never be changed..

    We never question a politician or an actor having luxurious cars or building cottages by destroying forest..because it took granted..even we proud of that..

    than any personality sadguru need to be taken care..such men are rare ..His basic philosophy is giving peace and happiness to common man..

    My experience is less with isha movement very less..I attended 3days programme with him..lot of answers and clarity about life and world ,I learnt in those days..

    as he commited it freshens the mind and body..and the kriya link health thought process enough for me…

    it is the curse of our land..questioning and disrespecting every one..we feel little ego comfort in that..

    about the complaints about services at the ashram posted by some one..Volunteering is volunteering..this has to be taken with a service mind..if u dont like dont take it..u can walk out any time..that freedom always there..and also one point is a volunteer organization..if there is a is ours..we have to try to clear it..

    It is always difficult for anyone to admin an organisation, has lakhs of supporters, thousands of day to day duties..some complains about i didnt get a towel..or pillow cover ..shows the misunderstanding about the basics..

    my sincere guidance is try once his teachings..u will get some advantages for sure..continuing to next level is up to you..

    1. Dear Bala,

      Thank you for your comments, you ask why cant a temple be luxurious, why cant a spiritual guide be materialistic, I would have agreed with you if you were referring to any of the other stereotypes that are rampant in our society, but problem with the things you talk about, about the temples and spiritual guides is that they are hypociritical, they contradict their purpose, their nature. If i say to you i am going to help the poor, i am going to help the socitety, get money from you and instead of using that money wisely i spend millions building a cool building would you be fine with that? Would you rather not have that money used better? I think i have mentioned this in one of my previous replies too.

      About spirituality, I see a lot of guys here claim his understanding of spirituality is amazing, i wonder how you can come to that conclusion? have you read any of the scriptures? any of the hindu philosophy ? and by reading it you have came to the same conclusion or understanding as Jaggi and that is why you claim his understanding is correct? Or Are people saying his understanding of spiritual thoughts is amazing because he caters to their preconceived notions? Based on my (admittedly limited) understanding of Hindu philosophy It is pretty complex and has a lot of nuances. It is by no means simple. If people care so much about spirituality may be they should start reading them! (The three volume book, Indian Philosophy by Radhakrishnan is a nice place to start IMHO) Instead of listening to one hour talks and think they have learnt spirituality or Hinduism.

      I think this is primarily because people nowadays dont want complex things, things that take a lot of time and energy, they just want simple things neatly packaged in colourful containers so they can quickly consume it and go back to playing candy crush and their facebook status updates. (If thats the way you want to learn, that is fine, but please don’t go around saying you have understood spirituality).

      You say “it is the curse of our land..questioning and disrespecting every one..we feel little ego comfort in that..”. Problem with our society is not because people are questioning, it is because we are not questioning more, that is our real problem. People take for granted a lot of things, like stuff you said about politicians and celebrities living rich. not everybody is proud of that mind you, but the majority are and therein lies the problem. Not enough people question the inequality, Not enough people question politicians squandering “our” money, not enough people question the way women are treated, or why so many farmers die every year, or why so many corrupt people are in politics, If people had questioned more our people would have been way better. But it is easy for you people to summarily dismiss the people who dont subscribe to your thoughts as “egoists” instead of thinking critically why people say the things they say. “Ego” is used as a shorcut for so many things that the word itself angers me nowadays.

      1. Yogi, you have made many arguments, some of which seem to be utterly stupid, but I don’t doubt your intentions. It is good to be skeptical, but try to understand the difference between skepticism and cynicism, I see you are more absorbed with the latter. About your argument of using x amount of money to build an aesthetic place vs. using it to feed the poor : Please try to understand the larger picture. There are multiple things to be considered here : One message is that spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean glorifying poverty. Living a frugal life doesn’t necessarily make you spiritual. Also, think about it, would they reach as many people they are reaching if they didn’t have an aesthetic set up. Surely, some amount of money is being spent to ensure that, but in turn, there is lot of money coming in due to the greater reach, thereby ending up donating/using for the greater good more than they would have earlier! If you are truly concerned about humanity, you would not spend time criticizing such a huge effort based on a few fallacies which are bound to creep up in any large organization, but rather try to look at the larger picture, spend more time understanding why things are the way they are, rather than making baseless assumptions about someone’s personal life, by copy pasting things some random person wrote on the internet. I have seen Sadhguru live, and you can know a lot about a person by the way they are, just the way they conduct themselves. I bet you would start moving and itching out of restlessness in a satsang in a few hours, but Sadhguru has no such compulsions. This is only possible after a certain level of mastery on one’s system, clearly they don’t need a lot externally to be blissful.

  30. Hello.. I have a friend who is too much in this cult n blind follower of isha. Can someone who has escaped this contact me? I really want to know how i can help my friend get out of this.. Thankyou . Kindly reply here . This is urgent thanks

    1. Hello Kritika,
      I am interested to know more about your friend as one of my friend has joined the Isha fulltime and we also would like to help him.

      Kind regards

    2. Hi Krithika,

      I was part of Isha,they mix certain kind of thing in the kashyayam which will make them subconcious to their own thoughts,Isha is a Spiritual Scam,

  31. Ummm I’m sorry but saying this is a scam without actually experiencing what certain people have experienced through Isha is really ignorant and rude. It is not a cult. I can garuntee it makes you a better human being. You can’t just go there once and say it’s a scam. It’s sad that people like you are giving Isha a bad name. I’m definitely one who has benefited immensely through Isha in every way of my life. Spirituality is beautiful, you shouldn’t go on saying bad about something you barely know anything about. The reason they sell what they sell is so to encourage people to buy natural and be natural, our world is so distant from what is nature. Also these crafts and items are made by people from villages and they are sold there to help these people. Please don’t spread stupid ideas when you have no idea what Sadhguru is doing for people.

  32. Hi Yogi,
    I have read through this entry of your blog and all the comments because I was looking for some information to confirm how I felt about Jaggi Vasudev. I should say i found a lot of resonance to your views and your words comforted me in many ways as I believe there should be faith, but not blind faith. I appreciate you taking time to share your views in this blind, split and hypocritical society we live in… in a way I find our society (India) to be kind of schizophrenic…
    Many thanks… Pavai

    1. The Great Nithya Swamiji had his Time to face the “reality”, now he is still confused about his/her gender.

      Jiggi will face too!! No doubt in that..

      But there is something in common between these two- they both earned followers n $$$$$$!!!

      My only question to all Swamiji followers- why do you all need a saffron wearing long beard Swamiji to do your PERSONAL SEARCH???? CANT YOU DO IT YOURSELF??

  33. Name it ‘kirukkal’, or sheer prattle / blabber , but to confess with a different stroke :

    Human being, not for the time being, but from time immemorial, as ever, has been,- or emphatically proved and infallibly demonstrated self to be, -a highly self-9or mutually) contracting creation, both in mind and thought, walking (?) the earth. Prefers to be insistent dogmatically upon, and questioning or doubting, any thing and everything, seen or unseen, or happening really or in own perception and imagination. In short, to borrow a modern idiom – crazy enough to take a fancy for, or enamored with the pastime of walking the talk all the time. That, perhaps, explains why the CREATOR made sure that there is an invisible control, per-destined (-ordained), over his longevity, thereby not permit any ‘aberration’, of whatever kind, to be , though perpetrated, not to be perpetuated so as to pollute, and continue to do so, the surroundings perennially, and in the result nurturing nothing but chaos, to ETERNITY.

    Simply for a change, just for sake of it, to anyone aspiring for self enlightenment, recommend to read, for knowing the deep rooted causation, ECKHART TOLLE’s , – A NEW EARTH.

    1. Ok, let me get this straight what you are saying is Because of the humans ever questioning nature, God made sure there are deviations to human thoughts, these thought disruptors (like me?) so that they will forever remain confused in chaos? But werent humans created by god too? and by extension their ever questioning nature is a product of God`s creation? so he created a confused mind to get confused?

      I really got to learn how to write from you guys, you people have the knack to structure simple thoughts in such a way that people dont half understand what the hell they are reading. I know my poor English is probably to blame for it, but man even reading classics and philosophy were much easier. Please let me know if i misread your thoughts or can you please present them in a format lame people like me can understand and learn a thing or two.I will definitely have a look at that book,Thank you.

  34. Lot of people are cynical in what they see. Quite critical of materialism. Anyone who has a good or bad comment, should keep it to themselves. Let others decide. The choice is left to them and accordingly can decide.

  35. Yogi,
    Respect your good intent here..
    Think about these..
    Why questions about the intent of Gurus/any spiritual leader when the core is just about YOGA?
    The only question i will have as a spiritual seeker is if YOGA being taught the way it is portrayed in Patanjali…
    Not just in Isha,even in Nityananda’s ashram and in Ravishankar’s programs, Yoga is being taught properly…No deviation from what is said by Patanjali…
    So i really dont care if Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev turns out to be a murderer or if he is not actually enlightened as he claims to be…
    If its proved that just proves he is bad but not Yoga and not what he taught….
    He may be a liar or a murderer….
    But there is no denial that he is my Yoga guru…
    It is through his words and throw his eyes i have seen Yoga…
    I will ever respect him for that…
    To me what is being taught is most important rather than who taught that…
    So please focus on what is being taught if you are a true spiritual seeker…
    Please write to us if there is a genuine flaw in the Yoga practises he is teaching…That will help guys like me…


  36. I have recently joined this forum. Read the good and the bad. In every religious organisation, the good and the bad co-exists. If you believe in the existence of God or a Supreme Power we have a rationality to analyse good and evil. Hope you guys must have seen OMG and Peekay – the two movies which comes as an Eye-opener to the doings of some so-called spiritual charlatans. An expose which set a section of the people of this country demanding a ban on the movie – Peekay. Religious sentiments were hurt.
    I find a lot of persons here who either denigrate or try to glorify Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev. Maybe, the critics look down upon the ostentatious life style of Jaggi Vasudev, which they think that a ‘sadhu’ or a ‘sanyasi’ should shun all materialistic attachments. The defenders of the cult say it is a message that is sent out to the world at large for the benefit of humanity.
    I don’t wish to enter such a debate, where at the end, it remains undeniably unresolved. I would rather pick up the good and leave the bad. When you buy fruits or vegetables, you select the good ones and discard the others. In the same way imbibe the good and leave the bad or the rotten. It can’t be either black or white.
    My friends, to prove your point either way you don’t score brownies for it. Go ahead with life and other issues which are or should be your priorities rather than entering into a ceaseless dialogues, which never comes to an end.

    Uttam Mitra

  37. Namaskaram!!!!

    Dear Mr.Yogi says,


    You have won the debate.

    Now please try to relax. Your job is done. Now business is over. People will get your message simply by reading your posts. Your brain functions at very high level. U are genius. U are eye opener.

    You won!!!!!!!

    Go celebrate, party.

    But one thing I wish to say is “life begins with belief, your mother introduced your father to you, so you may believe her or you may go for a DNA test, but remember that the way you choose decides your karma”.

    shambho mahadeva!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment, You say life begins with belief,but it can also end if you go on believing the wrong people. Blind belief and faith is why you have terrorists, it is why you have people fighting against another group each thinking they are the good guys, blind belief is why millions of people die for their leaders, blind belief is why Hitlers and Stalins could kill so much people. Blind belief is why thousands of people in India fall prey to so many goddamn scammers, blind belief is why people still blindly vote for a party without critically thinking what actually benefits the society at large.

      Oh by the way i dont live for karma,i dont live my life hoping and doing things so i will get a place in heaven. My philosophy in life is very simple, do no harm to anybody, treat fellow humans the way i want to be treated thats all. If by not following your leader or his teachings blindly, i will get a “negative” karma or whatever, to hell with karma.

      Namaskaram and shambho mahadeva to you too!

  38. Distorted Mindset posting a blog on a Enlightened Master. Even Buddha was stoned by fools. Buddha just walked in calm meditativeness. To Fools keeping a silence is good. Fools who have prejudice and agitated are ignorant of millions of meditators who have been highly benefited by Isha,

    1. Hi Jivika,

      Good that you quoted Buddha, but my dear friend buddha left his elegant life, his luxuries, wealth and happiness to find peace and solace.. but ur guru jaggi is making all these materials and calls himself a peace seeker.

      Try to figure out both sides of the coin. dont be a blind beliver. What about the land grabbing issues coz of ISHA. million people specially the poor farmers suffered. he might be running few schoola and his coaching institutes for free in one or two places but what about the income tax cheating he is doing in the name of running a profit free org.??

      God bless isha ppl. its not a yoga center anymore…its a centre of mentally hipnotised ppl.


      1. Aniket Verma,

        These Mentally Hypnotised ashram people or jaggi defenders never even bothered to question and ask for a live webstream on youtube as to how the Sadhguru got cured by taking a celestial snake bite in the naval as written in Mystic’s Musings ! Also this celestial snake visits Sadhguru once in 11 years, from Kailasha. No videos made of this even in 2008 when it was supposed to come the 2nd time. The Next visit of this Snake is in 2019 so let’s wait and see !

        Also another thing, How people defend Jaggi when they have to pay money to volunteer for his specific programs. None said anything on being a paid exploited slave.

        Hats of to Yogi !

  39. This is addressed to original post at the top.

    I don’t disagree with your perception – it just needs to be expanded in ways you may not understand at this time. Read Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, Your True Home. It will help you to understand what I mean about perception. I appreciate your heartfelt search for something more. However, our own history of betrayal and being taken advantage of leaves us with misperceptions, leaving us “on the watch” for any opportunities where we might experience it again.

    My heart goes out to you. I pray that you one day understand what enlightenment truly is and what it is not. This entire life is based upon our own perception – from the Yoga Vasistha, “What you choose to see is what you will experience.” One must go beyond what the eyes see and see with the Heart to understand what is beyond the physical.

    My heartfelt wishes to you in your search for what lies within you.

    1. Yoga Vasistha also says “Question your perception… continuously keep questioning your perception…take one perception and relentlessly question only that particular perception…. as you question it will lead you to its root… Question that root it will lead you to its root…Question that root… it will reveal its root… And if your search is strong enough, rather if you are steadfast in your search, you will get to the Root of all the roots…and ultimately you will hit the TRUTH….” & when you hit that Truth, you will transcend….

      1. Hi Sivaramakrishnan:

        I shall try and explain why it is not very helpful to read texts to find the truth:

        In my view treatise like Yoga Vaistha etc are not meant for intellectual understanding.

        Just to give you a intellectual point of view, when you find the ultimate truth, how can you call it the truth. Truth exists only when the false is there. That’s y its called truth,

        When opposites cease how can you name what exists beyond. How can you perceive that. To perceive some thing there should be cognition. When there is no medium, how can there be cognition.Mind is also a medium as like eyes, ears and other senses.

        Transcendence exists as an state as opposed to Immanence.

        When both are not there how can you call that state a transcendence.

        Advaitha cant be intellectually explained. All the books can explain it away

        The non dual is a very scary state to a person who has an experience. Assume, if you wake up and you find your body has lost its boundaries. You can your neighbor become one. If you see your self in your son, daughter etc.

        Thats what happened to Arjuna when he saw Krishna’s vishwaroopam. Not sure if that is a factual incident. But the effect of such state is indicated by the wise through characters of Krishna and Arjuna

        Gautama the buddha never use to answer 10-12 questions all through his life. All the metaphysical questions were covered in those. He used to tell people to sit quietly for 1-2 years with him so that questioning mind ceases. When mind ceases you are in a state where all is know. There were people who criticized him for not answering those questions. He always used to request his people to ask questions closer to home. God, non dual enlightenment were not real problems of the seeker. A seekers real problems were jealously, sexuality, hatred and other matters concerning his energies. His meditations were focused to give you the vision and not give you the answer

        When learning mathematics, a student should learn how to solve the problem. If he looks into the answer, it would be disastrous for him. He can memorize the answers and repeat them, bit that’s not useful for becoming a mathematician. He can at most become a pundit or parrot.

        Thats what reading Yoga Vaistha and other religious texts of all religions and creeds will do to us. They give the answers and we keep repeating the same every where

        After solving one can look into the answers to check if its correct. There have been instances of students even correcting answers and finding mistakes and printing errors in solutions!

        Not sure if I have conveyed what i intended. Thankful to all the seekers and fellow travelers on the path. Peace be with all

  40. This is also addressed to original post at the top.

    Why should poverty and spirituality be linked. Is it that an enlightened person be only poor.

    Janaka who was a king was the considered to be one of the significant enlightened person in his time. He never renounced his riches

    In fact an enlightened person should live in utmost luxury as he has realized his goal and this going to be the last time he is going to come to the physical plane. Others have many more chances to enjoy

    The poverty around is not a creation of any mystic or Jaggi Vasudev, why should he clean the mess. Logically, the mess needs to be cleaned by the person who created the mess. Is it not logical?

    The problem with an Indian mind is that it does not treat spirituality with respect. It wants matters relating to spirituality be given free of cost. Not only that it also wants prasad (food) after a spiritual event or discourse

    Even Manu the greatest systematizer in east has indicated that search of god can be left to the last phase of ones life. When you dont have energy to do your own work, you want to search for god. See the importance that is given to God or search of God

    I dont know about Isha Yoga but the article throws a lot of light on the person who has written it.

    Enlightenment is not a family property. Even if Jaggi tries his best, he cant give it to his daughter. He can give her wealth, but not inner experience

    Only when a person is fed up with material life, he can move to spirituality. if your interest is in material stuff, even if you are sitting near lord shiva, nothing will happen to you, because existence gives you so much freedom that you will have to take a decision

    So when u go to an ashram, if the material stuff interests you, please understand that you are still not ready. Its like seeing a women, if u look at her or look away from here there is some un know attraction. Indulge more and consciously untill you come to the point where u realize that these things dont matter to you

    When we were kids, we all were after toys. When u were 3 years or 4 years, even if Sunny Leon stood near you, you would not have been interested. Now, you may not be running behind toys. Its not that you renounced them. It just dropped off naturally.Like a toy materialism will drop till that wait. Else you will have to un necessarily fight

    Sadhana is for a Sadhak. Why should Jaggis daughter have to undergo that if she is not interested in spirituality
    In fact he is not partial with his family. If he was, he should have forced Sadhana on his daughter

    You need to be sympathetic towards Jaggi for that fact that he is not giving the best to his daughter and what he is giving will be taken away one day. If he gave her Sanyas , then you should crib, that he is giving some thing precious

    What will death not takeaway that Jaggi is going to take away from you? One should voluntarily surrender that to him? Money, love, relationships etc are going to taken away by death. So he is only doing that like a revision exam

    The problem with people, is that they think religion is akin to a democracy. More followers you have more its better. That y u have foolish guru’s and stupid followers. Not all enlightened teachers can be masters

    When you are on the spiritual path, leave your mind outside before getting inside. Else its going to waste of your time

    For curing disease, poverty planting trees, sanitation etc leave the stuff to Governments and CSR initiatives

    1. Dear Venkat,

      Thank you for your time and your reply. You contradict yourself in a lot of places, before that please explain what do you mean by enlightenment? Enlightenment is an abstract word, it has a lot of meanings under different context, In the west enlightenment indicates reason, analysis, and individualism, However under Buddhism it indicates an understanding of oneself, ones mindfulness.Before we even go into that please help me understand one thing, some people here ask me “When did Jaggi ever claim he was enlightened” and some people here are justifying his actions saying “enlightened people can do this” i am not sure whom to believe.

      But i agree with you in one point, if by enlightenment you mean attaining moksha by practicing yoga, then yeah you are correct. But these are philosophical treaties and in my opinion they are not to be taken literally. Because if you do then we begin to come to dangerous conclusions like “The poverty around is not a creation of any mystic or Jaggi Vasudev, why should he clean the mess.” or like “an enlightened person should live in utmost luxury as he has realized his goal and this going to be the last time he is going to come to the physical plane. Others have many more chances to enjoy”

      Do you notice how it places emphasis on ones own over everything else? This contradicts with what hinduism stands for, even you have said “Only when a person is fed up with material life, he can move to spirituality.” How does that sit well with everything you said above it. If you attain the level where you don’t care about material possessions then will that person really care about wealth? The point is such people won’t bother about luxury. Revelling in luxury in itself is materialism, is it not?
      the whole thing is contradictory, don’t you see?

      Then you said, “So when u go to an ashram, if the material stuff interests you, please understand that you are still not ready.”. This is my whole point, you won’t be interested in all those things if you are “ready”, then how come the “teacher” of all people is so interested in all those things that he spent so much money to construct them in the first place!!! If Isha yoga was not so lavishly designed or if it were held in a modest place with no harm to surroundings, then you can say this.

      I agree with all your points on his daughter though, she should be free to do whatever she wants.

      “What will death not takeaway that Jaggi is going to take away from you?” So mind sharing your wealth with all of us? Or to a Non profit? why Jaggi?

      You said you learnt about me from my article, do you know what i learnt about you? From your comment I think you are some spiritual rich guy who is afraid that to be enlightened you have to lose your wealth, even though you talked about materialism i think you are heavily attached to it, so you are developing these complex logic in your mind to justify what you do! Oh and you don’t want to help others because that is not your problem, you didn’t create the problem why should you bother. Who cares about doing the right thing, lets just do yoga and go to heaven!! If everybody thought like that i wonder how our society would be.

      1. Hi Yogi

        By enlightenment what I mean is when consciousness is with out content. When i describe a person a enlightened i mean that he recognizes this state of consciousness with out content. By Spirituality, I mean the process when a person desires to know this consciousness which has no content. I am not very familiar about various religions and hence cant comment about how they define.

        This state is available to all. Its a question whether one realizes the state or not. This state is with in Jaggi as much as its with in Yogi, and all the beings. Whether we know this or not the state is the real issue. (Obviously not be reading books but existentially)

        So that why i am saying that it does not matter if you are rich or poor. There were economically rich people who experienced the sate without relinquishing their riches (eg Krishna, Janaka). There were people who were economically poor who experienced this state with out becoming economically rich ( eg: Jesus and Kabir)

        There were economically rich people who relinquished riches and experienced this state (eg: Gautam Buddha and Mahavira)

        This state is your nature and your are born with this. Rich or poor is not a concern.

        All I am saying is that we go to places like Isha or other gurus to know how to realize this truth (which is the spiritual journey). We need to be focused on what we need. Real Spiritual Journey is one of the most selfish endeavors that man can take and very silly issues can distract man from his goal. In spiritual journey the mantra is Judge ye not. What Jaggi does is his problem. He will get exposed if he is false one day. But if your purpose to go to him spiritual, then you can never get cheated.

        Yes there are false guru’s, but if one is sincere in his search and not cunning you will never get deceived. If a guru does not fit, its better to move on in life searching for another guru. Just be thankful to that person that he has helped you a little bit in finding your true guru. Also when there is a counterfeit currency, please know that there is a real currency.

        My view is that you renounce wealth only when you consider that a precious thing. Money is utilitarian and i dont have a view about that (its good or bad). Its like eyes- its useful. There are things you can buy with money and many you cant. Knowing that is very important.

        In my view tree is real. Forest is a myth. You are a tree and its only you that you can change. Let every one handle his mess. That much of freedom we should give others. Society will change when every one takes care of himself

        At least give Jaggi some credit that he a built an oasis for meditation. It will be difficult to meditate in a dingy place initially. Once you become an adept you can mediate in the market place and if you become a siddha you can renounce that also. When nothing is to be done – life is a leela

        I dont fully know my self, how can i know you Yogi. My comments were made to you in order bring only one point to you that in a spiritual journey dont bother about the non essential. Other than knowing the consciousnesses with out content- rest is all non essential

        To sum up Zen monks have been saying a very beautiful statement – In meditation when you encounter a buddha, cut him to pieces. In the morning they pray to him with ultimate reverence. Life is contradictory. To live with contradictions is living fully. Night is required as much as sunlight is required. Even though you call Sun a god, if night does not come life will not be colorful. So may stars moon etc, that beauty is because of night.

        1. Thanks for a wonderful comment Venkat, that was really good.

          I can’t really comment much on your definition of enlightenment because by definition it is not quantifiable.But Here’s the thing, you say though there are a lot of scammer`s, Jaggi isn’t one and that we can’t be deceived. I am curious, can you tell me how you found out he is enlightened. I want to be able to identify people who have understood their consciousness fully? If I say I am enlightened tomorrow, how will you prove me wrong?

          The examples you give are all people from mythology and i have trouble accepting that, can you give me an example of a person not from mythology who is enlightened and at the same time enjoyed his riches?

          You say if we are sincere in our search we can’t be fooled, I beg to differ. Our brains are a lot more complex than that. Our brains are a result of millions of years of evolution, it was not designed to be “perfect” or rational. It has a lot of peculiarities, it has lot of biases. It is in fact very easy to fool people. Look around, the world around us is designed to use our shortcomings. Advertisements and marketing are a good example. Sincerity doesn’t mean anything.

          You said “Tree is real, forest is a myth”. Can you please help me understand how you came to adhere to this philosophy? I am curious because what you are saying is western philosophy, it focuses on individuality and individual rights. By contrast our philosophy and in general almost all east Asian philosophies focus on the society as a whole. It puts the well being of the society over individual rights and well being. If you notice closely, our morality and traditions reflect this sentiment clearly. In our society we are meant to take care of each other. Not everybody are in a “mess” because of their fault, nor everybody has the knowledge or money or time or mental capacity to get out of their “mess”. It is only humane to take care of each other.

          Regarding renouncing of wealth, you say people renounce wealth if they feel it`s precious, In my view it is the exact opposite. Please look at money from a broader point of view, beyond their obvious use. People renounce wealth because of what it stands for, It is the great divider of people, the symbol of inequality, the tempter of evil, the source if jealousy, the harbinger of consumerism. We all are born in this world pure and devoid of anything, this earth belongs to each one of use, but lot of children end up dying because they cant afford food while there are people who will spend millions for their children’s marriage. If you think about it, it is pretty disgusting.

          You say “What Jaggi does is his problem. He will get exposed if he is false one day. But if your purpose to go to him spiritual, then you can never get cheated.” I cant really wrap my mind around this, You are saying if you trust him and if he fails you tomorrow it is his problem alone? First of all how can you trust somebody blindly, especially when things look so sketchy? If you come to know that he was wrong all the time at a later point of time, wont it affect you? Wouldn’t it mean you wasted all your time, how can it be his problem alone?

          You say at least give credit to the meditation chamber they have built, you mean the mercury infused meditating chamber they built destroying the forest? Please read about mercury poisoning. Even if it was the greatest meditating place in the whole wide world, we have to check what is the cost we are paying for it. Historically almost all the intelligent scammer`s do good things like build hospitals, open schools, so that one day when they do get exposed, people like you can come around and defend their organization, so they can have the support of general public. Which is why we have to focus on all the things an organization is trying to do as a whole, instead of just focusing on one or two things.

    2. Mr Venkat, you are absolutely right… an enlightened person need not live in poverty, he can enjoy every luxury in life… But please understand he cannot/should not allow his stature to be misused… But unfortunately and invariably any organization he starts or any organization which is centered around him over a period of time goes out of his control and becomes a money spinning industry….

      1. Shiva, an enlightened person is one who does not have an individual will. He has merged in the whole. His vision is very difficult understand unless we have the same vision. That’s y I am telling, please endevour to get that vision in the first place and rest can follow. Our vision is rooted in duality. For an enlightened man, there is no duality. Actually a vision of an enlightened man is very scary and it can be considered to be against perceived morality. That’s y these things were hidden. Only when man was really interested he was exposed. Curiosity is the original sin. Man is yet not evolved. Small things can push him from the search. Some foolish gurus have started speaking about these matters openly and curious people get attracted. In zen and Sufi traditions you were not given instructions until you waited patiently for ten years. Masters will not even see you eye to eye, you could not ask questions. You need wait until you we’re ready. It could be ten years or more. If you are ready for such stuff seek spirituality. Else try bakthi Marga. But for that to work also you need to mad in love like meera or so innocent like Kannapa nayanar. But do we have that mettle like that?

  41. Firstly, Hinduism is not a religion and a Hindu is not a religious identity but merely a geographical identity. Sadhguru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan and many others have all spoken about this, clear explanations are available on youtube.

    Sadhguru is a realised spiritual master who is able to spread insights on a dimension beyond physicality, which is the consciousness. This consciousness is present in every atom of existence, it is an energy from which the materialistic world originates.

    He used to conduct free yoga classes with the aim of attracting others to explore such a possibility within our very existence. However when a person becomes more and more popular, organisations are set up which then grow in a rapid pace and politics inevitably kick in. As these organisations continuously expand, power is divided among vast numbers of people across the world. This will result in the NGO becoming much more profit oriented just like any other commercial firm. A lot of their products are being advertised as “100% herbal”, “No Preservatives”, etc. but in reality they are heavily packed with chemicals but still contain minimum herbs. This does not mean that the products are not effective.

    At first, I questioned why such organisations are so corrupted even though their heads are highly knowledgable human beings? Why nothing truly informative and positive appears on TV? I understood that we are being programmed to see the world in a specific pattern. This “pattern” is clearly explained by “David Icke” and “Healer Baskar”. They have free videos on youtube in which they dwell deep into what is actually happening in our world. Once you grasp the key concept of their talks, you will be able to practically understand how the world is being manipulated so effectively, making us extremely blind. It will be sufficient to analyse Isha, Art Of Living, and all these foundations.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a therapy called Anatomic therapy. It involves no medicine, tablet and no need to purchase any product at all. In the treatment, Healer Baskar just talks about how every cell in our body functions in very lay man terms and the route cause of any ailment in the world. He then explains very simply how to cure any disease in a matter of less than a year. He is not at all profit oriented as he does not sell any food supplement or any medicinal herbs, etc. but purely educates us on how to cure our own diseases

    Please check out the videos of all these people, and lets spread constructive knowledge to everyone we can possibly reach out to!

    1. Hi Prahlad,

      Thank you for your insight. To learn about what Hinduism stands for or how it came about, how the individual religions came under a common banner you don’t have to listen to these guys, its not that only they know, even history books are sufficient, only we don’t take time to look at the right place.

      For instance do you know how Ganesh Chaturthi came to be celebrated all over India? Do you know it is related to the independence movement? and how Tilak used it to create a grass root movement to unite people against the British? Do you know why we have the custom having these huge processions? to unite people and spread information. Guess where i got this information from? history books.

      Guess where those guys you mentioned got their information from? Most likely from history books. They didn’t get it from thin air.

      You seem to be merging philosophy with reality “This consciousness is present in every atom of existence, it is an energy from which the materialistic world originates.” what is the basis of this? what does this even mean are you saying atoms have consciousness? what is this energy you speak of? you mean the energy in an atom?

      Science and spirituality don’t mix, please don’t attempt to mix them. These religious figure heads like the people you have mentioned clearly understand that the common lay man does not understand science, so they use scientific sounding words to impress people but these things don’t have any scientific basis and if you talk to a proper scientist he/she will laugh at our face for being so naive.

      They use our lack of knowledge to their advantage, spreading propaganda and attempt to live off of it. You assume the leaders are good, its only the organizations that surround them are corrupt, But i think otherwise, I think these leaders they are just very intelligent people who use their charisma to fool us. Because if you are the most important person in an organization, if without you the Organization cannot exist, then its only you who will control the organization, right?

      Regarding David Icke and the local guy “Healer” baskar, David icke makes some interesting points regarding economics, growth, environment ,he talks factual mostly but his conclusions are not always level headed. You have to take the information from him with a grain of salt. For instance he believed there are shape shifting lizard aliens who control the earth, he says moon is an artificial structure created by the so called lizard people. He is pretty much up there along with Scientology if you ask me. Oh he also says volcanoes are created by all the negative thoughts we have and because of what we have done to earth. None of these things are scientific, and don’t have any basis other than his word. so while some points he makes are pretty good but please for the love of god don’t believe everything he says.

      If you begin to start looking for patterns you will find them everywhere, only reinforcing your beliefs. sometimes we need to step back and ask ourselves which is more logical. This pattern searching is the basis for almost all the conspiracy theories. For instance there was this one guy who was tracking the missing Malaysian flight and ended up finding “proofs” that the plane was hijacked by Russia, but he realized what he was doing and stopped doing it. He understood the shortcomings of his/our brain. Please read the article, it offers very interesting insight

      Don’t even get me started on Healer Baskar, my friend almost lost his kidney because of that guy. See people like Baskar (there are lot of people like him and I wont call him a Healer) do not have any understanding of human biology or science, these guys simply sit and think over the experiences they have had and based on their understanding they formulate a theory, a theory which they firmly believe is how things work, and most of these people don’t even have a good formal education to start with (you know the status of our education system in India).

      What this Bhaskar guy says is essentially your body can cure any illness you throw at it, because your body has this separate knowledge (apart from your brain) of its own, which it uses to maintain its well being. Like since body can generate heart and kidneys during child birth (for the child), it can by extension heal its own self, because think about it if a body can generate any body part it should also be able to replace or heal anything right? WRONG, NO they are totally different mechanisms, just because from the outside they appear logical does not mean they are true. Even entry level medical students will be able to tell you how ridiculous the whole thing is.

      Forget the scientific part of it, lets use some common sense, If it were true we should be able to regenerate our own hands if it were to be cut off, how many people have had their hands and feet regrown? If what he says is true , if he can cure cancer why not take all the cancer patients of the world to him and let him cure it? why not help all the people who die every single day? he will become a millionaire within a fortnight. Companies will scoop him up.

      See Personally baskar might be a nice guy but he is seriously deluded, he has invested so much time and money on his theory so it wil be very difficult to come out of it. If what he does and the myriad of other pseudo scientific things like pranic healing appear to work, it is mostly because of Placebo.

      Do you know how medicines are formulated? do you know how a cure for each disease is found out? do you believe in vaccines? every medicine has to go through a series to trials before it can even come for human use., A rigorous process is followed to understand and try to fix a disease. I am not saying things are fool proof and not all Pharmaceuticals, hospitals and doctors are operating in our interests, but to reject the whole system and go on believing some guy because he thought about it while half asleep in his bed makes zero sense. You people want to use the latest technology that science has to offer, what smartphone do you use by the way? which car do you own? But you are willing to reject science because it “appears” wrong to you!! at least try to read up on the subject or talk to somebody who is an expert in the field before coming to a conclusion.

      Its good to question everything, but please question your so called “leaders” too, no one is infallible, If you become a fan of somebody you will stop looking at things objectively and begin to accept everything they say. the only way out of this is to learn more.

      I like the general point of your comment, you seem to be level headed and think through things, but i am afraid you are getting your information from all the wrong people. Please have a bit of skepticism in your thoughts.

  42. Awesome discussion except for Mahadev’s emotional comments and faul language. People are trying to justify Jaggi’s actions. It is sad. Religion or religious gurus breed dependency. The weak and vulnerable people can be easily addicted to either alcohol or religion. Selvaperumaal with the help of Isha made himself better. So are millions of Ayyappa devotees keep 40 days away from alcohol, and smoking etc. This does not prove either Ayyappa or Isha traing has any powers. All this is in faith. People have faith in doing something to get something. Then they start believing that whatever they did made them better. Belief isolates people.

    It is possible to keep oneself away from bad habits without depending upon a religion, or guru a training. The determination is within. Only thing can truly help an individual is self-awareness.

    Only when one can see beyond his belief, he will have a clear view of life and this world.

    We have wisdom from ancient scriptures. Rigveda suggests that ” “let a noble thought every corner of life.If you feel something is wrong question it. If you are in doubt question it”.

    Avoiding this discussion, or not having a discussion like this is no solution. It is a pure escapist philosophy. In fact discussions like this should strengthen our thoughts and bring courage.

    Let us not fear to admit that all gurus take advantage of weak and vulnerable people. All contemporary gurus without any exception are pursuing funds, wealth and travel to get more funds. Viswamji, Jiyyar swami, Amma, Sahaja Yoga Nirmala Devi etc way too many spiritual gurus frequently visit USA. Sadhguru is no exception. Each ticket to attend his lecture costs $25 -$50 depending upon the seat location.

    Imagine a trip to USA with lectures in 50 cities, and 1000 people attending each lecture. All this money is hard earned tax payers money and goes into “development” activities. We see only organizations grow and not their surroundings. Gurus make money for their own welfare and not to bring any change.

    I am hoping to hike the Velliangiri mountain to challenge myself and improve my fitness levels.

    Sadhguru in Boston: Wisdom, Meditation & Bliss

    Friday, May 8, 2015, 6:00 PM

    Back Bay Events Center
    180 Berkeley Street Boston, MA

    1,095 Meditators Went

    How many times have each of us wished for answers to life’s deep questions?In this special, interactive event, Sadhguru will offer refreshing and unique insights into many aspects of life, ranging from the mundane to the ultimate. Traversing seamlessly from the ancient to the ultramodern, Sadhguru bridges the gap between the known and the unknown,…

    Check out this Meetup →

    1. Thanks for a great comment. Velliangiri trek is really great. Don’t miss the soda’s they sell on the way. Have a pleasant trip.

  43. why ppl forget/overlook simple thinking? Real gurus who can enlighten others don’t lead such a wealthy life. Gurus like Ramakrishna paramahamsa, Ramana, kanchi Chandrasekharendra Swaraswati(Maha preiyava) resemble with gr8 Spiritual vibrations and can enlighten a least person in any kind of world.
    With hummers/private helicopters ppl like JAGGI is definitely a fraud hypnotizing others with yoga. he could even be lesser than BABA RAMDEV who can perform all kinds of yogasanaas.

    1. Why do you pegion hole enlightened people. Hindu gods were always identified by their vehicle. Lord Muruga had peacock, lion was used by Amba etc. now blue cross will arrest u if u use them. So we have to use hummers. I feel there is some thing sick with the Indian mind that they worship poverty

      1. Ha ha thanks for the laugh, The image of lord muruga driving a hummer really does crack me up. By the way renouncing materialistic life is not the same as worshipping poverty.

    1. Hi Shiva Kumar how have you concluded that fact. Did you witness the incident or what is the basis of such statement. I am sure you are not naive to come to this conclusion after reading some newspaper.

  44. Dear Mr Yogi.. First of all you you don’t take the responsibility of the entire nation and try to rub your views on them.. We just give up pennies may be a week end trip or a restaurant visit to spend for the program.. I experimented for 48 days and my life changed miraculously.. let all have the same personal opinions positive or negative.. You please don’t take trouble to hypnotize people with your opinions.. Let each one make their own after the experiment. If you don’t like it don’t come back again…

    1. Dear usha, how is it that mentioning an opinion becomes taking responsibility of an entire nation? Since when is it wrong to question something? Am i hypnotizing, or those who run events across the country spending lakhs in advertisements ?

  45. @ Yogi

    The problem is you are stuck in your head. There are other ways of knowing and thinking is the most rudimentary. You are asking how can I trust, when things are sketchy. I am telling u that the trust that born when you trust a man who is not appearing to be trustworthy is far more superior than trusting some one who is trustable like Raman Maharishi or Maha Peryiava who are very clean. Your faculty of trust does not grow. It’s like trying to pump your hand without iron. Muscle won’t grow. For muscle to grow u need iron. I feel even Jaggi is a soft seer. You Ned company of rascal saints like G.I.Gurudjieff who can smash you head and ego.

    Yogi have u ever fallen in love. Did u think before and evaluate if the person and see if she will fit u,ur family etc. then that’s not love. It’s a wild flower and it blooms spontaneously. Now don’t give me statistics of divorces that come out of love marriages and suffering that children undergo. That’s got nothing to do with love. It’s falling because of expectations which people have.

    If I say think about the tree and forget the forest, you say it’s western philosophy, were individual is given importance and eastern has always given importance to society. If gurus start doing social stuff like hospital, school u say they want to hide

    I think u should do isha prog for 90 days without ur mind coming in. Then check if it has helped you. Some thing in your unconscious is stopping you and your rationalizing why u don’t want to do yoga

    1. Dear Venkat, thanks for keeping this discussion going.
      The things you mention appear to me like fairy tales, trying to say there is something more to something than apparently there is.
      Trust is awesome, until you realize you misplaced your trust. May be you have never been cheated in your life ( which is good and I am happy for you) but not everybody are so lucky. There are so many scams running in our country that I have wondered how people can be so gullible. If you don’t have problem with ethics it is very very easy to become rich in India. People are willing to believe anything that seems advantageous to them.

      To give you an example, there was a company here selling a sticker that you stick on your phone so your brain is not affected by the “radiation”, later they started selling for TV’s also. Go figure! Then there are all these finance companies which promised ridiculous rate of interests then ran away with peoples money. The latest emu bird scam, I can keep going. It is depressing to see so many people getting fooled by their “trust”. So please don’t tell me we should trust Jaggi just because you feel like it.

      Ah love, the most romanticized emotion. To be honest I have thought about love more than anything else, and yes I have fallen in love and have been loved ( long story ).
      Anyway it took me a long time to understand that love is not what is shown in movies, there is an underlying psychological explanation for people to whom we are attracted to, it could be a physical trait, a character trait or a million other things. Even advertisements and stories we read can influence the kind of people we are attracted to. So i am sorry i don’t find that to be “magical”.

      My past experience with Isha indicates that i will probably be really furious If i do attend and beyond that it is against my philosophy to support these kind of people.

      1. Hi Yogi,

        Fairy tales tell u some truths which you can not other wise communicate. My finger is pointing to the moon. You miss the moon and bite my finger.

      2. Yogi must improve English and writings of his. Did not you know how to grammar your sentences. Lot of rightings for long years. no work he has i think. get job and listen to saddy’s talk on free google and enjoy learnings. why time waste righting for no reason. saddu is good talker and we must enjoy his talk and spend more money at his house. he must be paid for work he does. i hope you all will always agree to this all the time in the future from now onwards. Jaggu’s products are good quality and cheap as chips. take care u all will you not. bless the god always

        1. On yes, here comes the judgemental professor. sorry my English is poor. That automatically invalidates everything I have to say right? It is a logical fallacy you know,ad hominem? We will believe everything that comes out of a rich looking guy with fluent English I guess.

  46. The modern day formula of success, HOW to EAT, and HOW to BREATH, teach this simple tacts and become a millionarie….No wonder we find weight loss clinics and fraud gurus who are manipulating simple tacts and looting common people.

    Breathing is patanjali sutra and neither it is patented by sri sri sri nor isha….wake up people….

    It is simple. Dont fall for stupid things and lose your money and hype others so much

    1. Hi Sonia

      can you tell me where yoga guru Pathanjali is taking classes in India for me to go and attend. Un fortunately I don’t know sanskrit and hence I need a guide. Where to go? either to item gar classes or isha. Both are same costs

  47. @Yogi Nice topic of discussions, questions like this make for an open society where people can question their own beliefs and go to the root of the problem. Unless we have the yearning to find out the truth, we are stuck in this belief system.

    No human needs to be elevated to a god status and for that matter Guru is God kind of analogy leads to blind faith system which is dangerous. For me Guru is simply a tool ; an external help, use it when you really have tried everything possible with yourself in raising your self awareness.

    If there are some tools and methods available which can help us , big yes to use it for our benefit, respect the person who showed u the way. That’s it! The aim should be the process , techniques and not the person who has introduced us to the same. I think that’s what most people mix it up with and get confused.

    At the end of the day , every one is a human being and can err ; has to be responsible for his actions or pay for it. Laws of nature work the same for everyone.

    I found out that you seem to have some issues with terms like vibrations and energy? Is it in context to your Isha experience? Would you shed some more light on it.

  48. In continuation to my post and in cognizant of the topic of this thread, can we answer the following, to kind of put this into right perspective:-
    Copy, pasting URLs from here and there is fine , but they dont give us any complete information.
    1) like if sadguru is being accused of killing his wife for some other lady, then what is his relationship with his daughter?. I assume if you and me are aware of this theory , then his daughter would also be knowing this. Can we get some more legit information on this, not some stranger or third party saying something. Some legit info. Is there any court case or a police FIR for this?
    2) I am still OK with the money side of the business, considering the work which Isha is doing, you need money for that. Selling stuff in dollars or rs is OK as per me as far as the person who is buying it doesn’t complain. People spend huge amounts of money on useless stuff, if some rosary or stone , ring or whatever gives them some solace , some tools and techniques and they are OK in paying for it, then it should not be a problem. I see it in that perspective. I see it as a pure transaction , you give something and you take something. I am not sure about you, but friend for most of the people simple breathing process is a surprise or puzzle. We have never been taught how to breathe properly. Simple things in life have been forgotten coz of which chronic ailments like bp, coronary diseases have come up. If some one is paying to be blissful or happy why should that be a problem?
    3) Land grabbing issue , is a serious charge and I am pretty sure that there would be some court cases on this. Do you have any official legal notices, or court documents to prove that charge? Not some random people commenting on it but some valid details in black and white.
    4) coming on Hinduism, I think this is a loaded term. What we call sanatan dharma in India , outsiders call it Hinduism. But it actually is no ism. Its not based on some heaven hell theory or some faith , but it talks about the life as is and simple techniques to transform it. Its a pure science, but as happens with every religion rituals and dogmas crop up over the time and the real spirit it lost. Hinduism is a recent cooked up term as compared to sanatan dharma. I think we should be mindful of the differences between the two. I dont want to digress but I still stand with Isha on this when they say they dont follow any religion as such. The context is really important here.
    5) why is his daughter not volunteering is a personal choice I guess. Maybe if you meet her next time , you should ask her. Like wise as far as I know, no one is forcing daughters and sons of other people to become volunteers, I assume it is their personal choice, unless we have some proofs of the opposite case.

    It would make more sense if you actually would do some more research on this topic like the actual investigators do to give some factual information. If you really want to lay this thing to rest or do justice to what you have started. Otherwise it would seem that you are like those India news channels only interested in TRP :-). This would also make justice to your name Yogi 🙂 so be a true yogi 🙂
    Right now it seems half here half there, if you know what I mean. I appreciate your aversion for blind faith though. Peace 🙂

  49. Hi Venkat,

    Sorry to know your state. Vipasana centres teach perfect meditation by giving free accomodation and food for 10 days. You could give a try. Breathing is simple but much hyped by these fake gurus who are spiritual business gurus.First of all realized persons do not come into fame nor they are interested in giving TV shows and taking so much lame publicity.

    When you find time read this blog

    It is a treasure. Every breathing tacts and what is life, how to breath and how to live and priceless information is published free of cost. This is spirituality. This is what is called service to humanity. Just not buliding big ashrams, in meto citiies, advertise so intensiely in all IT companies and introduce the concept of INNER INGENIEERING with big banners to attract people. Thank god there still many Great GURUS left in India who have not sold God.

    Do not do join any ahsrams…..Just read all the articles published in blog related to meditation, and start practicing it. And help the others too.

    1. Thanks Sonia for the link and the vipasana centers. I shall go and try the same

      All i meant to say was you need to be a disciple for you to learn. Head needs to be put-off.

      But yoga and meditation are stuff you cant practice by reading manuals or dummies. There is some amount of subjectivity of the person who is practicing the Asana which needs a teacher.

      Also right from my school days i have required additional support like coaching etc as i have don’t have a sharp intellect that can be self thought

      Spirituality is considered as the highest attainment and you need to pay with your life. Money may not be enough. I need a living master. If i get cheated at Isha, its fine. I will search till i find some one with whom my energies will fit

      At this point of time Isha appears to be fitting. Actually, i got curious after reading Yogi’s blog and tried Isha. When so may people are writing negatively, then there should be some thing positive there. Humanity likes dead masters and a dead god as they can manipulate as they like. A living master is dangerous. You dont know when the next video is going to go viral on your master. Naturally your ego is going to be hurt

      I know its like playing with fire but anyways one day all have to play with it. Let me see what I have that cannot be taken away by death can be taken away by Jaggi

  50. Hmm…i really believe you are the most foolish person to see evil in everything??? Surely life has beaten u down to be a very sad and pathetic soul..this human form is wasted on u..ur post screams of depression,angst and will teach u its ways in time…ull be running back to sadhguru for answers..i pity u

  51. And yeah , whats wrong with isha yoga being about hinduism..are u a paki or just a case of sour grapes….being hindu is like a curse now..cant we ever be proud of our religion even for a second..pgs like u have to shit on everything

  52. I remember UG Krishnamurti’s words denouncing ashram as worse than brothels.

    Jaggi Vasudev, Nityananda and Sri Sri Ravishakar are basically ‘pleasure’ peddlers.

    There is blooming market for them.

    Gullible people are millions in number across the globe to buy the shoddy goods sold by these fake gurus.

    1. UG Madhu , UG Krishnamoorthy tells that Ashram is a brothel. But he ran one after bitching so much. If u see the thruth, why did he teach and have people surrounding him. They did not come to him to learn how to build computers or cars. He was selling the same stuff as his peers. It’s just he is a hypocrate. Yes religion is like a fire and if you don’t have the guts to trust drop off. But it’s a miracle that UG has followers, he looks plain, not an iota of karisma and he speaks substandard stuff and stil attracted a crowd. Anything is possible in the world

  53. Jaggi basically repackages great ideas from Hinduism. Removes all links to the source(Hinduism) to make it appeal to “modern” Indians and foreigners. One may ask what is wrong in that ? If one accepts this, well then what is wrong if a scientist steals ideas from other published materials ?

    His teaching is all random bit and pieces ripped off from Hinduism. He says he himself stumbled upon the truth there is no systematic way to reach the same point.

    Unlike traditional gurus he craves for publicity and there is lot of self aggrandizement. Unfortunately the typical modern Hindu is so removed from his tradition he easily falls for this.

  54. if you open your mind and look within yourself for a while,while you are in the ashram, you will understand what you are missing by living life on such doubts.It is indeed a beautiful place to be in and what they preach and ask us to practice does result in good.If you really shut all your doubts only then will you be able to see what sadhguru has to give here. Regardless of what you experianced at the ashram,i suggest you visit it once more and see for yourself.See if you can dissolve all your doubts and just be yourself 🙂

  55. Thanks for all this research and hard work. Thanks a lot. Jaggi comes to Ndtv every second day. We knew he is a cheat but this info is really helpful

  56. If you try to find issues in anything, you could easily do that…. Human mind is very much capable of that…

    Does fire has an issue – if you put the pot on it you could cook food, if you put your hand in it, it will very much burn your hand.. does that means it has a positive or a negative feature to it, no. it simply is. How YOU make use of it, is the question!

    Human mind is also very much capable of interpreting & manipulating the things as and how it wants to perceive and observe.

    Yes, you do see what he says and does with a skeptic mind. Nobody is going to stop you doing that. However, just try to see if his methods (all of them are freely available on youtube, no money need to be spent in anything) really make a difference to you, If yes, well and good, take it and do that, there is nothing being given forcefully to you…

    Let me ask you one thing – do you have any one ideal in the world, share his / her name, and i will try to find the negative reviews about him / her. What do you say?

  57. I usually try to completely ignore ignorance from critics who have nothing good to say about a good thing… But sometimes I use it as a learning experience and a test of my own level of growth. Even Jesus Christ was crucified, ‘ for crying out loud’. So I accept that these types of augments must go on for the sake of living in a world of duality. Those of us who know, there is no out there, All we see is our own projection of our inner selves. That is why one person goes to the Ashtam and sees beauty, while another person goes and only Find things to criticize. Introspection is all Sadhguru is trying to get us to do more of. He is not the first person to try to guide people to go within, I suspect he will not be the last. Anyone who finds a reason to criticize if you would just look within and ask yourself this question” what is it within me that sees this situation as bad?”, then just wait without any judgement of yourself (if that’s possible for you😊), the truth will be revealed to you from within you. There is so much suffering in the world, please be a part of the solution by first ‘knowing thyself’.

    1. Ya completely ignoring people who don’t have the same belief as you is very healthy. That is not the path to enlightenment Winnie.

  58. I wish somebody would also write abt the violence and deciet perpetrated on the Indian innocent population by Christian Missionaries from 1500 AD until now and the Islamic Barbarians from 1000 AD until now……Do u see what ISIS is doing in Syria, iraq??? That is exactly what happened in India when these Islamic Barbarians came from the Northwest.

    Find out how much funds are flowing in from Saudi Arabia into India for Jehadi Islam.

    Find out how much funds are flowing in from the US and Europe for Christian evangelist preaching…..

    Then yap yap about Jaggi Vasudev or Ravi Shankar or Baba Ramdev…

    Everything in India is Voluntary….If u dont like it dont go there ….go to a Pub and chill out…drug urself out …and of course later u can go to a Whorehouse and get AIDs or syphillis too…

    All the best.

    1. I don’t understand one thing guys, this isn’t about Hinduism this isn’t an attack on your religion. Why do you have to defend him? Why does one story about something involved with Hinduism always have somebody asking Christians or Muslims also did it? Let’s keep our house in order?

  59. Hi Yogi,
    It seems Your mother developed you NOT in her embryo BUT on her intestine ….. That’s why your mind is stinking more than a shit.

    You kind of negative creatures will never improve even if you pass few more births. I doubt u have family and friends? if at all you have I would like to here about you from them. I am sure they are in shitful environment created by you. you motherfucker…

    Sadhguru has taken birth mainly to guide and liberate soul of you like people.

    Have you visited Triupathi or thiruvannamalai or thiruthani or thiruchendur or any holy temples? How many times? but still u r stinking like shit. Even real God can not turn you into good human being and you r expecting changes in one visit to ISHA??!!.

    Come on my dear bastard! you know …. even after so many visits to holy temples of India, still people are in same suffering and mentalities …. they go with some purpose to temples and few get some god changes but again falling in sufferings of same routine life mess. I heard some good changes on people who visited Isha …. Guidance is given there for life change and thought process…. you have to take some efforts to get happy right path. Isha is not selling readymade spiritual pack…….. without effort, you cant fuck your own wife.

    Tirupathi admin and priest are not so arrogant? They really want to be arrogant? Their profession is so, there is a need…. like our patents sometime being strict with us…. Isha admin is run by we like normal humans … may not be as enlighted as Sadhguru….don’t expect so much from Isha admin. You are going with a purpose and see how to get that peacefully and fruitfully. bcos others are getting it.

    I have not seen Sadhguru….. I came to know about him just by watching his all videos in youtube for LAST SIX DAYS ….. and very very little more about him 2 or 3 years back through one CD.

    In which temple money is not collected? Running anything in the world needs money….money is just money…. to do some good thing what is the wrong in taking donations or even forceful donations (like shiridi baba during his living sometimes with some people) …. in india for Ganesh pooja, there is a violent collections of money….. (anybody got benefit? or atleast any peace out of those poojas?) even lower middle class and middle class people never cried that Isha swindled money but they only cry that their life is changed and they are happy.

    Have you planted any tree for the nation?
    Have you given teaching or education to at least one other’s child?
    Have you done any one damn thing which sadhguru has done for the world so far?
    THEN you bastard! better you shut your mouth and skeptic mind. It stinks more than your dirty ass. I am sure your skeptic mind has been created by god and that is just above your asshole.

    First you clean your dirty ass and then put your nose to see sadhguru ass to see how much dirty it is. Truth and Yogi power cant be killed by you like virus. Such YOGIs can create you like skeptic and shit like creatures purposefully by twisting you guys mind so that people will turn into full confusion by meeting and discussing with you like people and at the end of all their analysis, those people would fully come to firm conclusion about god and their right path of soul liberation.

    His commitment is to spread Yoga or just to seed a Yoga culture into everyone in the world. For that he may be taking money from people …… He purposefully contact celebrities politicians and social heroes so that he gets a chance to be popular and noticed…also gets money to serve the world.

    Our mother earth converts shit into manure to help plants…plants to help animals ….u know well all those cycle. like mother earth Sadhguru may be making all donated black / white money or whatever it is into service to the world. You think he is going to take all properties and temples made by him along with him when he leaves the earth?

    Anyway you are doing one good service to make Sadhguru popluar. Like me so many people visits this page and gets correct info about sadhguru and start or keep following sadhguru.

    Ok friend. I am very poor in communication. So I beg you to go through this page word by word.

    You analyze yourself and see the truth. please have some changes in you and have peaceful and cheerful life. bye.

    1. I dont have to say anything, the way you talk should itself be a lesson to people. If people like you are who infests ISHA I better damn stay sway.

  60. Yogi pls stay away….Isha is not meant for u….Hope u find another that suits ur mind body system….

    Every human state of mind is different….

    There is NEVER and will NEVER be One single prescription for all human minds…

    HAVE FAITH in whichever concept or process suits u the best and do it sincerely. If it does not work for u…it is not meant for u….that does not mean it is bogus….DON’T PASS JUDGEMENT’S LIKE A COURT OF JUSTICE AND DON’T DEFAME A PROCESS OR CONCEPT IF IT DOES NOT WORK FOR U…IT MAY WORK FOR SOMEBODY ELSE…..

    What u give to the Universe by thought words and action will come back to u with equal measure…..Newton’s Law …not mine….

    However well meaning u may be and think that u r doing newbies some good by penning this blog, THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES….The Universe has no emotions….it gives as good as it gets….

    Stick to ur path and to ur Guru if u hv one……and pls stop defaming other human beings / faiths/ religions / cults./ masters….

    BTW all religions/ faiths/ philosophies that crystallize into places of worship and groups are CULTS……Christianity is a cult…Islam is a cult…Jewish faith is a CULT…Its all a CULT…..




    THE HUMAN BEINGS WHO FOLLOWED THEM ADDED THEIR OWN CONCOCTIONS AND MADE BOOKS AND HV BUILT MULTINATIONAL RELIGIOUS CORPORATIONS…..which is not a bad thing….if it does good for humanity in a voluntary manner and does not force its faith down ppls throat with the SWORD/ GUN / DRONE THREATS or other ALLUREMENTS…..

    Wish u all the best my friend….


    1. Dear Friend,

      I wanted to reply to you for a long time, i am sorry i couldn’t reply sooner. I have read your comments but i am not sure what you are coming at, i agree with some of the points you have said about science and religion but i could not identify the reason or logic behind your support for Isha, probably it is because of my poor comprehension.

      But all i see are stuff like dont question Isha, dont blame jaggi, dont do this, things like that, without reasoning of any sort, Can you help me understand why we should not question Isha ?


      1. The Constitution of India gaurantees u the right to question anybody including the Highest constitutional office in India….

        Pls question as much as u wish….


        Your freedom ends where the person whom u r questioning’s nose begins…..

        There is a thin line between questioning somebody and defaming somebody without evidence…..

        I am not supporting anybody…..nor ever hv i said dont question isha or dont blame jaggi or anything…..Pls dont put words in my mouth like the modern day crooked media journalist…

        If ur questioning and blaming somebody do it with evidence and not just hearsay…….

        1. I don’t know why you seem to be so pissed of if you don’t really support Isha. Alright just answer me two questions then I will may be shut up.
          Why did Jaggi lie about solidifying mercury in room temperature ?
          Why doesn’t isha open up their balance sheet if they claim to be an organization meant to help people.

        2. Are you aware of the extent to which the forest area around isha is being exploited by them? go and talk to the people who live nearby then may be you will understand. Its not like we don’t have any better thing to do and we purposefully slander somebody because we are bored.

      2. Q: I don’t know why you seem to be so pissed of if you don’t really support Isha.
        A: When one knows that one’s arguments are not standing the test of truth or logic, then one becomes angry. U r so angry now…

        Q: Why did Jaggi lie about solidifying mercury in room temperature ?
        A: It seems to matter a lot to u….I respect ur freedom and right to question it…..I will let it pass.

        Q: Why doesn’t isha open up their balance sheet if they claim to be an organization meant to help people.
        A: Well, this is a good suggestion. I welcome it. All such institutions (including political parties/media/NGOs/Govt servants…etc etccc) should publish their accounts on their websites. But the very fact that u want only Isha to do this proves u hv some motivation in maligning them..

        Q: Are you aware of the extent to which the forest area around isha is being exploited by them?
        A: If human beings did not exist at all on earth, really nothing would matter to the rest of the species or earth. The earth would be a much better place.

        The earth needs to be handled with love and care. I am all for environmental protection.

        If Isha has damaged the environment in and around their campus, then they need to compensate for it…..

        I believe they have and are in the process of planting trees…
        (I heard in some video 24 million)….I am not sure…U may know better since u seeem to live around that area…..

        Generally when such a cult appears in one’s local area, the locals initially resist this change and are very angry at this infiltration…..Somehow i feel u are angry with isha because of the same syndrome….I am not sure…I am not being judgemental….Pls forgive me if i seem so….I am just saying…

        Thank you for the blog….It has unitentionally given a lot of publicity to the Isha cult.. either way…..

        1. I still don’t understand you man. You said don’t slander him without reason ,so I told you why I suspect them and asked you to answer. Then you go on dismissing my questions as meaningless and start justifying their actions. From your reply I also learn you havent read my other responses, it answers your questions. I hoped to learn something meaningful, but you are just like others, justifying whatever the organization does, since you are so bent on protecting the organization. So there is no point in going on talking anymore. Take care.

      3. Q: I still don’t understand you man. You said don’t slander him without reason ,so I told you why I suspect them and asked you to answer.
        A: Answer what? If u hv suspicions, it is entirely ur private problem, its called Paranoia, and u hv a right to be so. However, when ur paranoia gets into public space, then it involves the peace and wellbeing of other citizens of this country.

        Q. Then you go on dismissing my questions as meaningless and start justifying their actions. But you are just like others, justifying whatever the organization does, since you are so bent on protecting the organization.
        A: I am not justifying anything and neither protecting anything. I am only saying Slander or defamation without direct evidence just on the basis of suspicion is simply not done.

        U take care too.

        1. So what do you suggest? everybody should keep quiet and carry on like that world war 2 poster? We shouldn’t say our opinions? Even if we suspect anything? Even if the odds are against something? We would still be slaves if that’s what we did.

      4. Q: So what do you suggest? everybody should keep quiet and carry on like that world war 2 poster?
        A: R u not writing, posting, expressing ur opinions? So are others who are replying and u r replying back too. Good.

  61. I have been a volunteer for 2 yes and I have wasted money more than 78000 on isha. Firstly people treat you good only if you pay donations. I being from a poor background found problems which I couldn’t imagine. I I had was slavery and miserable time. I am no longer into the ashram. Regarding the practices all I would suggest is not to do it. If any more details is wanted please write to

    1. Hi Ganesh,
      please share your experience more. i found the life in ashram very traumatising, and isha practices damaging ones physical and mental health. I wish there were more possibilities for people who consider joining this organisation to inform themselves before it is too late. Even just going to ashram or participating in their programs might be detrimental.

  62. StI’ll now i am receiving calls which makes me frightened. .. I get threatened by volunteers and they warn me not to share their secrets or my bad experiences about the ashram. But then I am doing it to make people concious about isha.

    1. Hi Ganesh!

      There is plenty of Recorder apps on mobiles phones now a days in which you can record all calls, and present them as a evidance to your nearest police station while filing an FIR for threatening and frightening you.

      Have you thought of this option?

  63. I am a devotee of lord Shiva and shakthi … To be a devotee u don’t need money … Pure devotion s enough but some r misusing this … In Hinduism 1000 years before there are true siddhas saints who can even make a dead man alive … If we go deep in to Hinduism it’s vast , highly powerful which u can only under stand by experience … But nowadays some are learning this half away and when they r teaching small techniques to people ( am talking about Isha who himself tell him as god)…. Poor peoples are surprised and thinking him as god… Even if they do so guru must explain them he s not the god but i am shocked to hear his speech…. He s saying he s the god and every one should surrender to him… Peoples easily fell to him just bcoz of the smaller meditation techniques…..they r thinking since he s a god he can do all these… Let him do any nonsense I have seen children’s staying in ashram for more than 5 years unwillingly.. How can their parents compel their children to do so? I hear fees s about 7 lakhs for 7 years… And another thing one tantra cost 3 lakhs…? One guy aged 25 only son for his parents left his home to be in Isha group… Parents r crying till date… dear devotees a good saint or a guru will expect just accommodation and survival from people that’s not wrong… he will teach u meditation and yoga that’s good for life and that’s what a real one does…. Thinking him as god and spoiling ur life and children’s life is nonsense… They talk more about power energy and dhyanalingam… U don’t need power from and energised lingam… Learn meditation technique properly ( but not from here) power and energy is yours … No material thing is power…. God is inside u don’t need to search outside …. Am writing this just bcoz let it reach some … A person who already know this meditation techniques properly won’t easily fell under him…. But a new comer will be a easy prey to him… So beware ….

    1. This is RIDICULOUS….Can u show me one single piece of EVIDENCE where he says HE IS GOD??????

      When did he say he is God?

      If somebody is staying in his ashram with his family WHAT IS UR PROBLEM? HOW DOES IT AFFECT UR LIFE?


      If somebody wants to pay to learn something …What is ur problem? Is it being debited from ur bank account?

      U r a devotee of Shiva and Shakti? I doubt u r one. If u were a devotee u would mind ur own business and ur devotion instead of defaming and demeaning somebody else who is trying to do some good work for society.

      Lady…u need to work on ur devotion and let everybody else be…

      Note: Also ur English is pretty scattered. It is difficult to understand what u are saying. U can also comment in a local language.

  64. “…my first shock was when i noticed that the volunteers and residents there who are supposed to be enlightened showed clear signs of frustration…”

    This cannot be correct, right? They are volunteers; they can leave if they feel frustrated. Is anyone holding them forcibly? Did you feel that way? I do not think so. How do you see the signs of frustration? It may be that you felt that way, so you saw it that way.

    “… every other place screams Hinduism! A huge nandhi sits outside the isha building. Behind the dhyanalinga building they have a huge marble with lord shivas face etched! The bhairavi temple has a trishul where people tie yellow ropes after praying! They give kum kum ! Within the temple they have chantings praising lord shiva.
    Now tell me this isn’t Hinduism!”

    In Vedas there is no God. Shiva, Krishna, Brahma are not Gods. Vedic theory says – your soul created your body, and my soul created my body. Therefore God did not create you and me. There are thousands of examples that prove this. Take a look at yogic power, reincarnation theory, and destiny theory chapters in the book on Soul Theory at

    Thousand years of foreign rule, first Muslims and then Christians, created Gods in India. Indians distorted Vedas to satisfy the rulers and to cover up their own ignorance about Vedic theories. Buddha and Vivekanada both said there is no God. Sadhguru has also said these things many times in his many videos.

    If Shiva is not God, then how can Nandhi be God? So maybe your tour guide was not knowledgeable. You need to investigate Vedas more carefully. Shiva is considered the first Guru of Yoga System; Sadhguru also has said that.

    1. Were u a joyous human being the moment u were born? or Were u what u are the instant u were born?

      Did it take some number of human years for u to reach where u r today or even gather the intelligence to comment on this page?

      So why do u expect ppl who are staying there to be joyous instantaneously?

      There is a path to everywhere and u trudge this path and all paths are strewn with thorns and stuff (some like U) that make seekers ….But the thing is they are on the path and will be what they intend to be in some time ….just as it took u so many years to learn the language and other stuff and computers to pen this comment. SO PLS STOP BEING JUDGEMENAL AND LOOK AT THE THREE FINGERS THAT POINT TOWARDS U!!!

      ““… every other place screams Hinduism!” WHY SO ALLERGIC? U sound very much like the followers of the Abrahamic cults that claim “My God is the only God and my Prophet or Son of God is the only one.” What is wrong with a bull or a Shiva statue or whatever…? Does it give u rashes? Who are u to decide what the Isha Yoga ashram should have?

      In Vedas there is no God. Shiva, Krishna, Brahma are not Gods. U seem to be ill informed. The Vedic culture encompasses Vedas Upanishads Puranas Itihas Vedangas …..Hv u gone through all this stuff to DECLARE WITH THE CONFIDENCE WHATEVER U R DECLARING?….U BELIEVE WHATEVER THIS BLOG SAYS AS IF THE AUTHOR OF THE BLOG IS THE ONLY ALL KNOWING PERSON ON EARTH??????

      NOWHERE…NOBODY IN ISHA SAYS SHIVA IS GOD!!!…..Sadhguru himself says even Tendulkar is a God. If he had a light bulb 500 years back he would be called God!!!

      1. You wrote – “NOBODY IN ISHA SAYS SHIVA IS GOD!!!” and you are correct. And I have also said the same thing. So, what did I say wrong?

        I think Sadhguru also said there is no God in Vedas, in one of his videos.

        “AS IF THE AUTHOR OF THE BLOG IS THE ONLY ALL KNOWING PERSON ON EARTH??????” – that is not necessary. All truths are on the internet. One can search and collect them in a blog site. The blog site has all necessary references.

      2. “All truths are on the internet”???????

        Nobody knows the truth…..If somebody knew the truth, then he would not be around…he would be with the truth…..

        As for the internet… is a huge collection of data on hard disks scattered over the world which is available for access either free or by payment….


        All the above comments with the blog is on the internet….Is it the truth??????

        I hv gone throught “soul” blog….He is quoting a few things here and there and adding his OPINIONS!!!! It may be true may not be true….WE DONT KNOW…NOBODY KNOWS…EVEN THE BLOG OWNER DOES NOT KNOW….


        So lets make peace and SEEK with a humble mind and fit body and good emotions and balanced energies……


        Thank you….

      3. “Nobody knows the truth…..” – That is not correct. If a truth is known then it is on the internet. Entire Veda is on the internet. Veda has all the known truths. There is no truth outside Vedas.

      4. Idpnsd can you tell me who created the soul. If each ones soul creates their body what were our parents doing in the bed.

    2. In response to Venkat on August 30, 2015 at 2:30 pm

      “Idpnsd can you tell me who created the soul”. Samkhya Theory is part of Vedas and is mentioned in Gita. Samkhya says that the entire universe is filled with two kinds of objects (1) Root cause, which is the soul and (2) Root material. Both are subtle particles, invisible to human senses. However a yogi can see them. All composed or aggregate objects are created from this root material and by this root cause. Nobody created these two root objects; they always existed. There is a law of conservation in Samkhya which says – nonexistent cannot become existent and vice versa.

      No matter how hard you try sex, you cannot have a baby, if a soul does not want to join your family. There are examples in modern yogi books which show that a specific soul can be directed to be born out of a specific family with a specific birth mark.

      Any living or nonliving object can be created by many different ways. But in all cases you must bring a soul. A high level yogi can direct a high quality soul to become your baby; just like King Dasharath of Ramayan got Sri Ram. A yogi can create a baby or a full grown human being outside of mother’s womb, like Draupadi of Mahabharat. There is no limit for yogic power.

      1. Idpnsd
        Though, I have not read the scriptures quoted by you, I believe them good faith. But tell me some thing even if a
        Particular soul wants to come into a family, if the husband wife don’t join what can the poor soul do. Life is a two way traffic.

      2. For Venkat on January 11, 2016 at 4:12 pm

        Every event and action are guided by destiny. There is no such thing as freewill. Thus a soul is destined for a specific family or parents. Similarly husband and wife will join or not is also guided by destiny. Moreover, examples of yogic powers show that babies can be created without conjugal relations. A soul can create anything it wants.

  65. thanks a lot to this blog…..I was in a dilemma wthr to follow my intuition and avoid isha in my life or should i follow him against my intuition as couple of my friends insisted…thank you for giving me a clarity about it..and helping me not to ruin my spiritual life…

    1. When u go to watch a movie u do not decide whether to do so or not to do so by just reading a film critics version in a mag or a newspaper or a blog…..U hear from different people….ur friends… ur relatives who may have watched it….u hear and see the promos….u hear ths songs…see the vids on tv or the internet…etc etc…..there are so many things that help u reach a decision…

      Though the above is not a very good analogy still I would advise u not to be put off by JUST ONE BLOG SUCH AS THIS…..for the very reason that if u read all the comments here……the very article of this blog author has been negated and trashed completely……as well as the blog author seems to hv a motivated desire (for reasons best known to him) to defame Isha….

      Pls take more informed opinions from ppl who have experienced Isha and then take a decision.

      However, it is not my intention to promote Isha or goad u into doing it…..

      All the best with ur Spiritual Life….May we meet in bliss wherever our goals are….

      Thank you.

  66. Hi Yogi,
    A very good thread indeed. A few arguments were very healthy though others were not. But at least everyone is free to express their views.
    I was expecting you comment on “Energy” and “Vibrations”. How easy it is attract people with these scientific sounding words. It is because our science knowledge is very limited and so when someone utters these words with confidence we assume he knows all about what he is talking.
    And Jaggi, and for that matter all of these con artists, seems to know this great limitation of our science knowledge very well. Or else how will he talk about Higgs boson so confidently..As you said, we have to give it to him for his oratorical skills. Listened to his talks on this on NDTV and youtube. Superficially they sounded like this man is a great scientist but infact all his woo woo made no sense whatsoever.
    I would be interested to know your views on how people fall for this scientific words and woo woo.

    Have a great day

    1. It is because our science knowledge is very limited ….

      U r absolutely right….they are limited and the human being is also limited….There are gross limitations to knowing what is beyond if there is a beyond…

      Now the probability theory says there is a 50:50 chance that either u may surpass ur limitation or u may not if u do Yoga…..or whatever process u follow…

      If u chose not to….then u r still in ur limitation and u go to the grave…

      If u chose to follow a concept and a process then there is a 50% chance that u may get to experience something more….

      The choice is urs…..

      Con artists???? Are u sure? Oratorial skills?

      At least he does not claim to hv heard voices of Angel’s or Father in heaven etc etc. like some con artists hv done in the past 2000 years…and before … Resulting in religions that were promoted by Barbaric Emperors who went on a rampage killing and raping whosoever did not toe their line (HUMAN RIGHTS????? What a laugh when we here white skinned ppl from Amnesty or such stuff today) …and this is happening even today….blatantly in the name of Jehad and slyly in the name of Evangelism and Conversions….

      Modern day psychiatry diagnoses these hearing voices and seeing visions as auditory and visual hallucinations or schizophrenia and they hv effective medications to treat them……..but now don’t tell us that u dont believe science……..U cannot hve ur cake and eat it too….. A pity Psychiatric medications were not available 2000 years back…

      Higgs Boson or the so called GOD PARTICLE is itself a big Marketing CON JOB!!!!

      What hv u fallen for???? Surely some babe or ….if u r gay…..
      No harm done …No offence meant…….Falling for some concept is not a grave sin…..Everybody is seeking….lets seek the truth and cut the crap and move on…..Remember….when u point a finger at somebody three fingers point back at you…..

  67. This is RIDICULOUS….Can u show me one single piece of EVIDENCE where he says HE IS GOD??????

    When did he say he is God?

    If somebody is staying in his ashram with his family WHAT IS UR PROBLEM? HOW DOES IT AFFECT UR LIFE?


    If somebody wants to pay to learn something …What is ur problem? Is it being debited from ur bank account?

    U r a devotee of Shiva and Shakti? I doubt u r one. If u were a devotee u would mind ur own business and ur devotion instead of defaming and demeaning somebody else who is trying to do some good work for society.

    Lady…u need to work on ur devotion and let everybody else be…

    Note: Also ur English is pretty scattered. It is difficult to understand what u are saying. U can also comment in a local language.

  68. A piece of sincere advice for people who are imagining and writing comments on this page like modern day crooked media journalists….

    Pls login to…..

    Key a search word Sadhguru and then watch all the videos for Sadhguru.

    U will realize that most of the things that u guys are imagining and using to criticize Sadhguru is exactly contradictory to what he himself is saying in the videos…

    For eg…BELIEF…..Sadhguru clearly says dont believe him blindly….Belief means u hv closed all doors to knowing or experiencing anything new….

    GODMAN…Sadhguru clearly says that this term is invented by the media and no guru has ever claimed he is a Godman!!!

    etc etc etc….

    There are so many contradictions to what some idiots are criticizing here….The conclusion is they have neither read his words nor heard his words and they are just shooting from their hips.

  69. There have always been people like you in the life of an enlightened being. You remind me of a person called Perumal swamy in Ramana Maharishi’s life too…

  70. Thank you for enlightening us about the non-enlightenment at Isha foundation. It was very helpful as I was considering visiting this center.

  71. This blog is really good. I was thinking of doing the Inner Engineering program and this blog helped me take my decision to go ahead with the program.

    As always i do a lot of research before i take up any activity. I went through lot of material on the internet about Sadhguru as well as his videos and books.

    But this blog really helped me take my decision to join the Inner Engineering Program this month. So many people have contributed their thoughts here and from the arguments it is very clear that the author of this blog has some motivation to malign Isha Yoga. All the naysayers have been clearly and logically countered with proper explanations.

    Thank you all. I will contribute my experience here after i go through the program so that it can help others also take an informed decision.

    Love and regards

    1. Hi Ruchika,

      I would like to know what were the arguments which were put forth here by Isha supporters which is in any way “Logical”? All i see are desperate screaming and cyclic arguments to support their dear beliefs. I am just trying to figure stuff out, so if you can tell me this, it will be really helpful. Much appreciated. Thanks.

      1. Look at the language used by people who were arguing for/defending Sadhguru… is this what you learn in Isha programs??

    1. Dear Mahesh,

      That is not even the point of my post, It doesn’t really matter under whose guidance he grew up, tt is irrelevant. I am skeptical of the organizations claims and activities is all. We cant jump to conclusion from your link either that Isha is good, Jaggi is enlightened etc…

    2. The sum and substances of all what these guys have spoken is found in two books transcribed from Rajneesh’s talks. The book of secrets which deals with 112 meditations supposed to have been taught by Shiva to Parvathi and Rajneesh’s commentry on Pathanjali’s yoga sutras; From Alpha to Omega vol1 to 10. Both these are gems for inner world. Unfotunately, Rajneesh’s playboy guru image has prevented sincere seekers from going near his works.

  72. Isha yoga : Thillai Senthil Prabhu who was actively involved in isha went out of isha seeing all the money and other fraud that was taking place in isha.
    Various Bramacharis got married to each other. Maa Mamukhi and Swami Jatadhara got love marriage and left ashram . this is only happening there in the name of bachelor hood .
    Swami person commited suicide drinking poison since he was tortured there. his mother works in linga bairavi . she got to know about it just after he drank poison.
    Many people who were involved there left that place seeing terrible things happening.
    People. this is to create awareness. Don’t ever get into such money sucking , life sucking business that isha is into.
    I’m on of the victim . i came out. One swami loved my wife and he approached her to bed. not wanting to see this i came out along with her. what a bullshit place that is. in the name of spirituality they are doing so much stupid things.
    Don’t even go there to visit. you will be sucked there

  73. So many christians leave the church, so many christians commit suicide, so many christian priests and nuns have illicit relations or get married and leave. So many christians fall in love with another Christian’s wife. So much money and wealth is involved with Church activities. Crusades, homosexuality, pedophilia, forced conversions from 0 AD continuing until now…

    —- Does that make the great Guru Jesus Christ a Villian or does it make the teachings of the great Guru Jesus Christ false, or does the institution of the Vatican and the Church become a Fraud??????

    The problem is with the followers who are not able to keep up to the values and teachings of Christianity and not with the Philosophy or the Great Guru. Jesus Christ was a very very Authentic and wonderful Guru and his teachings were universal and the same as that were said by other Gurus who appeared on this planet and other faiths.


    So many muslims leave Islam, so many muslims commit suicide, so many muslim maulanas or whatever the religious order is have illicit relations or get married…So much wealth is involved with Islamic preaching and building Mosques etc….So many terrorists have come and gone…so much murders, rapes, loot has taken place in the name of Islam….

    – Does that make the great Prophet Muhammad a Villain? Does it make his teachings false?

    Again, the problem is with the followers who are not up to the mark. There is no flaw in the philosophy or the Guru.

    Prophet Muhammad was a good man and his teachings are truly good and Universal and the same as whatever Christ said, Krishna said, Rama said, Guru Nanak said…..etc etc…


    I can go on with this eg for every other Guru, his teachings, his institutions, his religon, his faith, his cult, his followers…..It is ENDLESS…..HUMAN FOLLY IS ENDLESS…..

    In every single case it is the Human Being who claims to be a follower who is DEFICIENT! NOT THE TEACHER OR HIS TEACHINGS. PLS REFLECT AND INTROSPECT ON THIS POINT.

    As for Thillai….u were concerned about ur wife and u left…good for u…. That does not in any way change, demean, prove false the teachings of Sadhguru Jaggi or the credibility of Jaggi himself.

    This is a Universe of Duality. Everything comes in pairs and one cannot exist without the other.

    I have followed the course of Human Spirituality and hv researched on a lot of Gurus, religions, faiths, cults etc etc….and the common thread i see everywhere is the good and the bad, the right and the wrong…. They exist everywhere. Let us not trash the Guru or his teachings. It is not fair.

    We would rather do well to look within us (remember the three fingers pointing back) and try to become good human beings ourselves.

    Thank you and wish the very best.

  74. Hey , you should have gone thru what i have. you don’t have any rights to talk about me. For blabbering about jesus or mohammad, u can talk everything now logically giving examples, but have u ever lived during those times. and dare not compare this fake guru with Jesus or mohamad. go to hell man

    1. I am sorry, that was insensitive of him, please take care, no one should have to go through that.
      People will go great lengths to support things they are heavily invested in. They will blame the victim and no matter how bad the organization is run (which was founded and is controlled by his guru, unlike the examples he compared with, which in itself is an affront to the people of those religion ) it is the problem of the people not his guru. No he is above all.
      We can’t do much about them, we can only try to show them what we see, its up to them to take heed or not. I wanted to thank you for sharing your story to rest of us as a warning.

      1. Insensitive? What did I say… I just said good that he left and wished him the best.

        U can show what u wish to show and the Isha guys will show what they have to show. Let the people of this country decide and let us not sit in judgement as if we are the holiest of Saints.

    2. “go to hell man”??????

      If this is the kind of language and the attitud with which u r using, u were never meant to be in Isha in the first place. Good u left.

      1. First of all when somebody says something so personal out in the public this is not how you respond back to them, it offends people. So his response is at least understandable.

        Secondly your organization is supposed to take people like these and convert them to more calm enlightened mass, so how can you say its good he left? Your target audience are people like these. You are supposed to convert them.

        Thirdly compared to the hoard of Isha supporters language here, he is way better.

      2. For the umpteenth time, i hv nothing to do with any organization. I am a lawyer and as per the law of the land anything said in public without evidence is DEFAMATION. That is all i am trying to say.

        How do u know whatever he is saying is true? U hv no way of knowing. But yet u have Absolute Trust in what he says. At the same time u do not want to believe what the guys from Isha are saying. So there lies ur motivation for this entire blog.

        Thank you your Honor. I rest my case.

        1. You claim to be neutral yet a) refuse to answer my questions about Isha b) your arguments are one sided, Willing to believe anything said by ISHA supporters even if they don’t have any evidence for their claims. Try to act neutral then you have a point my lord.

          This kind of thinking ” assuming any organization to be good by default irrespective of their suspicious activities”is why we have so many scams running in our country. If only all the innumerable people who lost money to such scams (eemu is the latest) had at least a little bit of suspicion, they wouldn’t have lost their entire savings.

  75. Yogi I think you should act true to your pen name or whatever and become one i.e. a Yogi insetad of wasting your time and life probing into other people.

    If you think Isha or any organisation for that matter is a cult and not worthy of the adulation that its gets then dont bother thinking, writing about it. It is not worth it.

    Go get a life.

    1. In that case…if you do not agree with his views you are wasting your time on this page. why are you commenting? go get a life

  76. This particular baba is very popular among the dubious socialites in the power centers of Delhi. Once I saw him in the party of a socialite, I thought what this baba doing here among the people who are known and well known looters of India.

  77. Guys,
    I am reminded of what Naranamoorthy once said to his employees. Love your job and not the company. I think that is applicable to modern day spirituality. Love the path to enlightnment, learn what’s taught and practice with reverence. Don’t get involved in Ashram and its company. Do the inner engineering program and all that can be learned in Isha or any where else. Practice it and see if it benefits you. The proof is available only to you and do a reality check to see if your desires, passion etc are changing form. Don’t get involved in activities of ashram etc. be selfish, learn and practice. Once you develop a being you can see what’s to be done for benefit of humanity and mankind. Keep all children off these places. Let you kid find what path suits him. Once you enter an ashram as a volunteer the problem starts and competition enters through back door. Even sinners can reach but volunteers never start the journey

  78. More power to Yogi!! Thanks for posting your observations (original post) and carrying out the debate in the form of responses to the comments. Hope people of India will realize that widespread corruption and resultant depression is the reason they begin to look for hope in the form of religion or cult. Radhe Maa is another example of such a corporate religious business, with the exception that, unlike the business savvy Sadhguru, she herself is not the mastermind behind her empire. We can start by asking a homeless person how much they care about enlightenment. If someone wants to do some good, go feed the homeless; give them shelter; support them to get a job. There is no need to be a part of a cult to feel good about oneself.

  79. Glad I came across this article, had almost decided to spend a day on my Coimbatore trip to visit this place. Now I’m seriously re-considering the idea!

  80. SILVA- this guruism is expanding as so many people are in search of relaxation, spiritualism. I did this silva course (2 days only) last year and it is ultimate guys. It’s above all. You don’t have to follow any guru there. And you attain anything and everything you desire. Be it money, relationship, health, peace… The teacher teaches us many techniques like dream control, mirror of the mind, glass of water, three finger, subjective communication and many more. It’s basically all about mind control and it’s all scientific based. Must do. Jose silva started it.

    Thank you,

  82. I fail to understand some of the comments here. They are contradictory. How is it maligning and defaming jv if yogi expresses his doubts and asks questions? by the logic is it not defamation when jv puts across his views on energy healing therapies?

  83. Dear Yogi / Whoever,

    I would like to share my perception to you regarding your encounter with Isha. In your post you clearly mentioned that you went there out of curiosity with some assumptions / expectations you got from your friends about Isha.

    You got your first shock when you happen to encounter that the volunteers and residents who are supposed to be enlightened beings showed normal human frustrations. Here, I would like to point out what an enlightened being has to do as a volunteer or a resident of Isha? If they are already enlightened (masters of themselves) then there is no point in serving an another master. They will serve themselves and not others. You don’t even know what it means by an enlightened being by your own experience. If you’re one already, then you wouldn’t have assumed them as ones or gone there in the first place. Likewise, your assumptions and expectations about the place has made you frustrated and not Isha. If you don’t want to be frustrated in your life, then there shouldn’t be any expectation of any form in you. There is no other go.

    Normally, people go to such places not for an enlightenment. They think or say like that. But they go for other reasons. The real question is why do we need an enlightenment? What is wrong with us now without that? If you don’t have these questions in you already then you really don’t seek an enlightenment. It’s just a means to the end. Now it has become a fancy term. People go to such places in flocks because they heard something from someone, someone from their neighborhood has attended already, to get their problems solved etc. You’ll get what you pay for. There is no free lunch. I’m not saying in the monetary sense.

    When they go for the first time they get hooked by ambiance, speech, etc and starting to feel that they have missed these things in their lives so far. They seem to be new and gets attracted to them. But it doesn’t make them enlightened beings. Because they don’t have that inner thirst with them already. The beauty is when the disciple is ready the master will come in front of you. Nature / existence makes sure it happens. You no need to go in search of a guru. When you do so you’ll always ends up with a phony guru. Because a disciple hasn’t come to the level of a master yet. So he/she can’t recognize him. But the master can recognize the disciple who is ready to receive. That’s the only required qualification of a discipleship. He needs to be receptive always. If not nobody can teach anything if they are closed. The bottle needs to be empty to be filled. If it’s already filled (with expectations / assumptions) then it’s impossible to fill anything new from anyone.

    Unfortunately, it can’t be filled with payments either. I haven’t seen or heard anyone got enlightened by simply going to ashrams, attending seminars or programs, listening to speeches of masters, etc. The design is not like that. I’m not saying they are waste. They can take you to somewhere a bit depending upon your sincerity in it instead of no progress now. All seek outside and shut that possibility. We need to close our eyes and shut the world outside. It’s the other way round. The rest all are the delusions of our minds, nothing else. We don’t know what we don’t know. Once we know that we don’t know only then the possibility of knowing arises. We’ll start to seek. Not before that. We normally close this possibility by simple believing / assuming.

    When you say you believe in something which literally means that the doubt / uncertainty is there which you don’t want to explore by yourself. Instead fill that by a conclusion in the name of a belief. Because it’s always easy to conclude rather than to explore. Majority of the humans fall in this category. Non-believers also doing the same thing (conclusion without probing) as believers but in a negative sense. That won’t take us anywhere. We need to seek by ourselves to know the truth. Nobody can’t do it for ourselves. That’s impossible.

    If you still feel the same with Isha just leave them as their problems and don’t take them to your head (mind) and look for your progress in life. It’s just your mind’s game and nothing else. Don’t fall prey to it.

    Best regards,
    G. Rajesh Ganesh

  84. Dear Yogi / Whoever,

    I would like to share my perception to you regarding your encounter with Isha. In your post you clearly mention that you went there out of curiosity with some assumptions / expectations you got from your friends about Isha.

    You got your first shock when you happen to encounter that the volunteers and residents who are supposed to be enlightened beings showed normal human frustrations. Here, I would like to point out what an enlightened being has to do as a volunteer or a resident of Isha? If they are already enlightened (masters of themselves) then there is no point in serving an another master. They will serve themselves and not others. You don’t even know what it means by an enlightened being by your own experience. If you’re one already, then you wouldn’t have assumed them as ones or gone there in the first place. Likewise, your assumptions and expectations about the place has made you frustrated and not Isha. If you don’t want to be frustrated in your life, then there shouldn’t be any expectation of any form in you. There is no other go.

    Normally, people go to such places not for an enlightenment. They think or say like that. But they go for other reasons. The real question is why do we need an enlightenment? What is wrong with us now without that? If you don’t have these questions in you already then you really don’t seek an enlightenment. It’s just a means to the end. Now it has become a fancy term. People go to such places in flocks because they heard something from someone, someone from their neighborhood has attended already, to get their problems solved etc. You’ll get what you pay for. There is no free lunch. I’m not saying in the monetary sense.

    When they go for the first time they get hooked by ambiance, speech, etc and starting to feel that they have missed these things in their lives so far. They seem to be new and gets attracted to them. But it doesn’t make them enlightened beings. Because they don’t have that inner thirst with them already. The beauty is when the disciple is ready the master will come in front of you. Nature / existence makes sure it happens. You no need to go in search of a guru. When you do so you’ll always ends up with a phony guru. Because a disciple hasn’t come to the level of a master yet. So he/she can’t recognize him. But the master can recognize the disciple who is ready to receive. That’s the only required qualification of a discipleship. He needs to be receptive always. If not nobody can teach anything if they are closed. The bottle needs to be empty to be filled. If it’s already filled (with expectations / assumptions) then it’s impossible to fill anything new from anyone.

    Unfortunately, it can’t be filled with payments either. I haven’t seen or heard anyone got enlightened by simply going to ashrams, attending seminars or programs, listening to speeches of masters, etc. The design is not like that. I’m not saying they are waste. They can take you to somewhere a bit depending upon your sincerity in it instead of no progress now. All seek outside and shut that possibility. We need to close our eyes and shut the world outside. It’s the other way round. The rest all are the delusions of our minds, nothing else. We don’t know what we don’t know. Once we know that we don’t know only then the possibility of knowing arises. We’ll start to seek. Not before that. We normally close this possibility by simple believing / assuming.

    When you say you believe in something which literally means that the doubt / uncertainty is there which you don’t want to explore by yourself. Instead fill that by a conclusion in the name of a belief. Because it’s always easy to conclude rather than to explore. Majority of the humans fall in this category. Non-believers also doing the same thing (conclusion without probing) as believers but in a negative sense. That won’t take us anywhere. We need to seek by ourselves to know the truth. Nobody can’t do it for ourselves. That’s impossible.

    If you still feel the same with Isha just leave them as their problems and don’t take them to your head (mind) and look for your progress in life. It’s just your mind’s game and nothing else. Don’t fall prey to it.

    Best regards,
    G. Rajesh Ganesh

  85. This WordPress Blog is designed for nothing good.. Its personal matter whether to follow ISHA or not !! No influence is required here..

    See the life the way it is…. Fake wordpress site.

  86. Hello,
    Friends I.m here after searching about satguru jaggi and I found this blog

    I m listening lot of gurus and teachings for long time now.

    I do not understand ur blame on Mr jaggi
    He is not forcing n e one to follow him
    His teachings are free on u tube and
    Some kriyas are free
    If u like it u follow or unlike it and forget it

    I know u must be thinking that I m 1 of his follower ur wrong..
    I m just in search of truth and good teachings..

    One more thing I have seen people using fengshui and using terrocards for there destiny.
    Spending huge amount on the so called fengshui is now a huge market of China in.India why people following and do not comment when nothing change in there life

    They do not believe in there own yoga vastushastra and other ancient Indian
    Or positive methods
    But they spend money on fengshui,terror,and
    Pyramid therapies etc etc..

    India’s culture religion and worship teachings and the methods are scientific …
    But it doesn’t need stamp or authentication of fool unknowledgeble people or organisation or blog…
    Who just don’t know about there own culture and spread nonsense
    Let the people decide wrong n right.

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  88. i have never visited any Isha Yoga center, but have heard Sadguru’s talks on TV and Youtube. I have to say that the writer of this page TOTALLY missed the point. We live in a world full of people with all sorts of negative tendencies. If you went to the Ashram expecting a heaven like place, no wonder you were disappointed! Its the same people who went there and are trying to learn how to come out of their negativity. If you are expecting any ashram to be full of saints, then it is not possible in “Kali Yuga”. You have to wait a few centuries. And the spiritual knowledge is for YOU, ME, the individual, not to look around and critique everyone’s behavior. You did not go there to seek the truth for yourself, because you are not interested in truth, just in finding fault in others. Lastly, I would suggest you listen to Sadguru’s talks and try to understand what he is saying. If Scientists from US Universities (Stanford, Rice Univ etc.) are wowing him, they are definitely not fools…

  89. Dear readers, I would like to give my opinion whoever is confused or got a question in their mind about ISHA.

    I have done my ISHA one week course “SHAMBAVI MAHA MUTRA”. The whole point why i did that course is to learn some ways to lead a good work, life balance, handle stress, hanger and maintain good relationship with others with good humnaity.

    The course whatever they taught helped me as a tool in my everyday behaviour. That is it.

    Definitely, there are lot of controversies, conflicts between sadhguru’s preachings and sadguru’s personal life and ISHA activities. I had the same negative feeling about ISHA Yoga. But if we start investigating and arguing it is never ending. I am sure that everything what ISHA does is not right.


    Just cherry pick what is needed from their preachings and use it in your everyday life to make your life better.

    Money is very important in today’s world. ISHA is making and chasing for money in everything they do directly or indirectly.

    Please don’t waste time by leaving all your work and going behind isha volunteering. You got to take care of your family and loved ones first. Particularly, if you are from middle class family please use ISHA as a tool don’t get carried away.

    I have seen volunteers fighting and competing with each other for target, positions and money.

    I have heard people saying 10000 rupees for linga bairavi kudil, they do Yantras for lakhs of rupees.

    If you need to move and live in ISHA ASHRAM, I heard that you have to PAY 10 LAKH Rupees upfront. I don’t know it is true but it is really funny.

    There is good and bad eveywhere. Its upto every individual to decide what to look for and what to pick and how you use it.


  90. I’ve had terrific experiences with Isha and Sadhguru.

    It has provided immense benefits on my life.

    This article is concerning because you haven’t read his book, done any courses and have made serious questions/allegations against Isha and Sadhguru without really investigating any of it.

    It is by now means a perfectly run organisation and Sadhguru no doubt has his faults.

    He is human.

    I would urge you to get involved before making such empty comments devoid of any real credibility.

  91. Hello,

    There is seemingly a big misconception it would seem of who is a genuine spiritual guide.

    Simply put,

    When a person says ‘I am God’, he is fraud.

    For a person to think that rishis like veda vyasa muni,vishwamitra,patanjali and acharyas such as ramanujacharya knew less than these modern self styled ones is a crime.

    According to vedic yoga shastra, the authenticity of a true master is not measured on how good he makes another person feel or how much he reduces stress. It is more elaborate than that. He takes charge of ending the cycle of birth and death in which persons(jivatma inside the body of a person or Soul.) are struggling for millions of years in different bodies from an ant to human to whatever other bodies due to accumulation karma(simply termed moksha).

    1. Simply performs whatever his master taught him. No change.

    2. Should never reject his guru or his orders.

    3. Becomes a guru on his guru’s orders.if this is not done, the whole process is null.

    4. Should abide by the stringent rules of yoga/jnana/vijnana sastra and never desire to be guru himself.

    5. His guru should be in a proper lineage already established in yogic sastra,if not the whole process of teaching is invalid and will not yield results in full. NO NEW PROCESSES/YOGA METHODOLOGIES ARE APPROVED. Simply one has to perform what ever is already present in yoga sastra.This is called a parampara.

    6. He does not want material things such as money nor does he keep his own savings.

    There are many more but if one does not have
    above parameters, he is NOT guru, no matter how the process may work or seem to be good.


    There are three parameters to a system apart from the standard framework: sambandha , abhideya and prayojana. Abhideya is the approved process. If there is no clear sambandha and prayojana then its not going to provide the intended fruit.

    Other considerations:
    He has, to my limited knowledge never read/heard bhagavad gita nor any scripture. This is an important criteria for establishing the authenticity of a guru since whatever form of yoga anyone practices is from the sastra/scriptures. They who have no clear knowledge of sastra can never know what is good and bad, what is liberation and what is the goal of life and how to get there. Just meditating on these questions rather than hearing from sastra, may lead to greatly misconceived notions of life that are formed due to one’s own limited experiences.

    Some established paramparas in modern india:

    1.Dvaita/ Vishishtadwaita/Suddha dvaita/acintyabhedabedha:
    (This means that God and soul inside man and other living entities are different. god is supreme eternal and jivatma inside all bodies is his eternal servant. Jivatma when he understands the relationship between god and him/her that is liberation. God is both impersonal and personal and has both form and formless aspects simultaneously in this system. Jiva(us) is never equal to god. everyone is an eternal part of god and yet different from god.
    Liberation means to serve lord’s lotus feet eternally in God’s supreme abode which is not made of material atoms(god’s material energy) but made of God’s spiritual energy. )

    a.Brahma Madhva

    2.Advaita:( this system means that man is equal to god in all respects. God is formless. soul merges into god at its liberation stage.)

    Whatever philosophy system of the above list one wishes to use, one whose guru is not in above list is not a guru and will mislead people. Actually god, according to bhagavad gita has both a form and also formless at the same time.

    Also, the very word ‘yoga’ is from sastra,
    if one has not heard sastra then how will he understand what is yoga.

    Some general comments:

    Just because a type of ‘yoga’ removes stress does not mean it is spiritual.

    Spiritual means to deal with the spirit. spirit means soul.
    Light , heat , energy and wavelengths etc are material atomic energy. Spirituality means things that are beyond these.

    Feelings of being ‘high’ and very distinct calmness are NOT spiritual qualities, they are higher material qualities because they are made of material atomic energy.

    Just because one feels good does not make it an authentic spiritual system.

    How to understand and mitigate false gurus:

    Please spend some time in life to read bhagavad gita and basic sastra or atleast before really submitting to a spiritual organization. This will clarify like no other. They are freely available in internet. Even some knowledge of real vedic spirituality will dispel these illusions.

    Please do not be fooled by these pseudo gurus in the name of spiritualism.

    Also i read some comments above stating : Does god say dont have too much money? Ans: yes god says that quite vividly in sastra that too much money increases fear and moha and also increases ahankar. Here ahankara means ego. How can one let go of our fake ego when one has so much money. If a person is a truly advancedperson, no matter how much money he has he will agree to let go of it for a second for higher purposes such as moksha.Ofcourse using it in god’s service is acceptable otherwise it will result in bad karma and will not get liberation no matter how much yoga one does.

    Please forgive me for any offensive statements. please kindly read sri Krishna’s bhagavad gita for bhagavad gita will give immense clarity in these matters.


  92. Some ppl have habit of finding faults. You are just one of them. You didn’t like isha yoga then you should have left it there only. You tolled so hard and wasted your time in writing about him. This very act of yours shows that you are not sincere in the path of spirituality.

  93. People like you are funny who quickly like to say – “this is a scam, that is a scam, etc.”… Even if GOD himself came down and took birth as a human being, looks like you might also be judging, making mockery out of him as well. When will this end, my friend?

    Let our lives be filled with light, love and laughter. Don’t waste your valuable life in attempting to “defame” spiritual masters when you have no clue about who they really are “within”. Try finding inner peace and happiness within, don’t over-complicate your ‘little’ life with your own mind-chatter by making opinions about someone whom you have never had an “experience” of.

    A-U-M Peace.

  94. Random first notes:

    I just returned from a trip to Hyderabad where I met a very wealthy cousin several years after she gave up a potentially successful career as an architect in the USA to take up her father’s business. She’s doing smashingly well. She has a lot of free time and she turned to deep religion in all its confusing cocktail of ritual, noise, communion, calendars… I did not see much spirituality in what she described as her faith but then, Power to her! I wouldn’t have questioned her if she found passion in single malts as long as she didn’t hurt herself or others for I love her. Anyway, she proposed that this unrepentant non-practitioner of magic and superstition must look up a said Sadhguru. [No, I’m not ‘sickular’ or self-hating, you morons. Yes, I’m an NRI but that’s immaterial and I am many other ‘things’]. Too early this morning, I asked Googleamma for some direction and verily landed at this forum. I’ve been absorbed by the debate and it’s a good elixir for jet-lag if nothing.

    I’ve long learned to not get disappointed with all the things said or implied, spewed (in the foulest language or shallowest thoughts), vomited, or unsaid on the Internet. I should just cross the stream and head to the said bodhi tree. However, I’m impelled to leave a few pebbles for someone’s hopscotch.

    I’d be remiss if I did not mention that people questioning Isha make some compelling, logical arguments. Yogi does well and does indeed betray an openness as well as a grounding in India’s spiritual history. Despite a couple of Isha-supporting commenters bring nuance to their arguments, a lot seem just plain defensive, lacking in pith, and sometimes repulsive (in their temperament and language). I guess Isha isn’t working for them. Or, they need a whole lot of whatever it is!

    There are several comments I could tear into but that would neither serve a purpose or enrich/amplify the debate. But I’ll pick one that I can remember and representative of several in the same vein:

    “I don’t wish to enter such a debate, where at the end, it remains undeniably unresolved.”

    Is that what Isha preaches? Not to debate? Not to have respectful argument and an exploration of differences in thought? Isn’t DEBATE the vehicle or locus through which many philosophies dharmas or epistemological systems developed in ancient India? Isn’t that process – ‘purva paksha – the strength of Indian spirituality and intellectual development? Isn’t that what led to great thinkers such as Nagarjuna, Shankara….? I’m confident India will overcome public defecation eventually but how can it overcome this hysterical denouncement (and threat of violence) against debate and dissent?

    Yogi, I won’t question your choice of great reads. However, I can’t help but remark that you write like a man many times better read than your reading list betrays–particularly that sensory overload called Arundhati Roy. Politics, Economics, History are all good. Add to that anthropology (what a race!), Gita, Bible, geology (Ganesha can’t weep milk!), thermodynamics, quantum physics/theory of chaos (the tress and the forest both are the same and different, anatomy (yep, we all come from there…), and many other subjects. Whatever we read, whoever we listen to, whichever movie gives one the release….questioning each is what distinguishes an evolving, growing human from one who is petrified into being a blind follower.

    [That reminds me, although it might be wicked, I gotta suggest this forum to my cousin]

  95. ISHA , I don’t worship God men. But I like this place for its creativity. Work of art. The worship, rituals, even dieties are seen in a new interesting dimension. I really appreciate that. As for me Religion is a personal affair. It bases on faith. Writing here, arguing here is of no use. People go with problems , they try all means logic or illogical and faith grows when they see solutions to their problems. Such faith cannot be shaken. People who go by others citing don’t stay long as their faith dwindles.

  96. jaggi vasudev talks tooooo much as if he knows everything about everything. oh People please think. you really don’t need anyone and no one can give you anything . please understand. just be a good human being to yourself. this itself will take you to higher plan. please dont spend money and time.


  97. I attend the so called Sadhguru ( like Padmashri, not aware who bestowed this title on this conmen!!) laughing yesterday at Hyderabad. My first and last impression..Jaggi is half baked sit down ( not stand up!!) comedian with fairly good language skills ,mouthing old whatsup jokes in the name of sundar pillai..nothing more..nothing less!!

  98. Its quite fascinating how the author bases his entire opinion of the place on random observations. Yes, a lot of people go there to get enlightened which unfortunately is not a saleable commodity and definitely not for people who carry such strong biases. Sadhguru is a realized being and an inspiration for millions around the world. It is unfortunate if you could not get that essence and instead choose to write on petty observations. No one is forced to pay up for anything there. Maintaining a place like that requires funds whether it’s the water purification at the kunds or creating an ambience of peace and tranquility. More than a 1000 people partake of free food every day at the bhiksha halls . Kumkum is nothing but turmeric and lime and there is nothing ‘Hindu’ about it. It was used predominantly in Vedic India. Shiva is revered as the Adiyogi or the first yogi who transmitted the science of yoga to the Saptharishis. Isha centre follows a yogic culture and thus the sculpture . Nothing wrong with expression but please do not spread malicious stories.

  99. See stupids you didnt understand the concept of yoga. For that sake you should not say it is a cult. First understand and then you speak about it. What is the use of targeting a particular religion. It is shame full on you people. The same will affect you and your religion. No community can get uprise based on religion.

  100. The author conveniently forgets the fact that Isha has helped increase the green cover in tamilnadu and has been awarded paryavaran puraskar by govt. And he goes to great lengths to criticize cutting trees in a small area to build ashram facilities. Mr. Author, your own house area may be a forest a few decades ago. How so you justify that?

  101. The theerthakund is a huge water body, it needs constant maitainance and cleaning.

    Regular cleaning of the base is done to avoid algae etc. I never saw the kind unclean at any point.

    In addition, water and soap are provided and we can use toilets too. It is very much reasonable to charge 10-20 rupees for that.

    The author is too prejudiced to see the costs incurred before critisizing

  102. If any sensible person has ever visited any prominent temple in India, it is marked with outstanding art, craftsmanship, and grandeur. And they are appreciated world over.

    The temple is bult in such a magnificent way because the people building it consider the devinity inside the temple as so sacred for them that they want to build the best they could, as an ornament for the god who adornes the temple sanctorium.

    And now the author has problem with this thing too.

    Will he be happy visiting temples with bathroom tiles instead?

  103. The author talks about not being allowed in for a prayer session. I think he is talking about the pancha bhootha aaradhana.

    I saw myself that every aaradhana happens with the dhyanalinga dome full with devotees, there is hardly any space left for more people. So it is plain simple that no more people can be allowed.

    If u are so much interested, the temple is open the rest of the time and no one will stop you.

    The fact that the author chooses even this to criticize makes me thinks he just critisizes for the sake of it.

  104. It seems Mr Jagadish Vasudev aka Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev aka Jaggi has been accused by his own father in law of killing his daughter (Sadhguru jaggi’s wife) Vijji aka Mrs Vijaya kumari either by strangulation or by poisoning, in 1997. Mrs Vijaya Kumari was 31 years old then with a 6 year old daughter . Jaggi has escaped saying that she went into mahasamadhi. (Now, which court accepts mahasamadhi and acquits a murderer?).

    Mr. Jagadish cremated the body of his wife on the next day itself, hence no autopsy could be performed. Before marrying Jagadish vasudev, Vijaya kumari was working in a bank and was previously married to someone else. After her death, another woman who was involved with them (in the tri-vortex of energy needed to consecrate the so -called dhyanalinga), a certain Mrs. Bharathi divorced her husband and came to live with Mr. Jagadish vasudev.

    Mr. Jagadish vasudev has a daughter named Radhe, who is a dancer and she is married to a classical singer and is living a normal, luxurious life in Chennai and the USA, whereas most young women and men in the ashram live as unpaid slave labour, just on 2 meals a day and 3 sets of clothes and hard work to produce products and money for his so called Isha foundation, which many say is just an excuse to get tax exempt status in India and the USA for all ashram activities and businesses. Isha foundation doesnt seem to work much as it is advertised.

    Mr Jagadish Vasudev once said that children who go to govt. schools are walking 4 km per day and giving the bus charges (7rs/ day) to the ashram and that they are very commendable.
    Also, while he asks people to live frugally, and donate to the ashram, he and his daughter, and Bharathi etc live very luxuriously and Jaggi has bought himself a landrover, a landcruiser and a hummer apart from other things. He advises people not to drink coffee, but he himself drinks folgers coffee and is seen at starbucks. His family members (daughter, son in law etc ) go to movies, malls, foreign vacations, and drink coffee and hang out with friends along with their latest i-phones as normal people do. It seems that Mr. Jgadish vasudev is keeping them in “miserable” luxuries while the ashramites are enjoying sublime “spiritual” bliss in bare frugality.

    He has once said that 3 things should never be commercialized…education, health care and spirituality. He is commercializing all the three as – a) isha home school charges around 6 lakh per annum, b) isha arogya (medicine) products are sold through isha stores and c) inner engineering and all other programs (spirituality) are also being sold to the masses.

    He is good with words, but he himself never practices what he speaks. Some people who want to come out of the ashram are threatened from leaving saying that their spiritual progress will be stopped and that they will also affect the lives of many people around them…or something like that. Anyways most of them are in a kind of hypnotic delusional state where they worship their master since he is offering them something intangible like enlightenment, and they believe all the lies he continuously says and defend him and the organization to the best of their abilities.

    You can read more on sadhguru jaggi vasudev aka sjv on guruphiliac forums written by ex ishaites. They say that few people were found dead at both his ashrams in India and the US.

  105. Sadhguru’s free youtube videos saved my life by just listening to it.
    I am sure many of like me are there.
    I also had beliefs like Mr. Yogi. But when I really needed help, he came and helped me.
    This is my experience.

  106. This all comments become rubbish when you start feeling yourself,
    you are not living life since you feel your real dimension,

    If you have luck in this lifetime you will fall in Yoga and feel it in peak, otherwise you will only comment by what you know,

    Prejudged comments always not true

  107. Wow!! So you expect to get benefit without paying anything in return?? Nothing is free including food, shelter, health care, so why do you expect “enlightenment” tor the path towards it to be?

    Who says all the people who work there are enlightened? People are on different paths and go there for different reasons- some out of necessity, some out of curiosity or interest in spiritual path.

    The temple is supposed to be a place of high energy which benefits people who visit it, people are advised to stay calm and silent so they can get the benefits.

    If a child is causing disturbance to other people there, it is the duty of the parents to control the child. People come there for peace and not to be disturbed by others. If you cannot control your children, then leave them with some care taker while you visit the temple.

    It is common sense and also civility not to disturb other people, I think every person has the right not to be bothered by such antics especially when they are serious seekers.

    Being enlightened doesn’t mean tolerating non-sense, on the contrary, one doesn’t take nay non-sense.

    Whoever gave you the idea???

    Yes, volunteers are also people on their individual journeys, let them be. They aren’t your prime motive for visiting the temple, are they?

    Yes, maybe the one you have listened to was gushing a bit too much about Sadguru, but could you not just see that as human fallacy? Someone who might have started on the spiritual path but really hasn’t gained mastery over it yet.

    Again, even starting on the path is a big deal, leave alone enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something that can be attained even in one lifetime anyway.

    Leaving the negative points, aren’t there any positive experiences you’ve had there?

  108. One should remember that Mr.Jaggi Vasudev was a successful entrpreuner before becoming a yogi ..meaning he knows the tricks of running business well be it in any form ..observe how isha people try to sell the sadguru brand in all their courses…this is brand management..coz all their isha products are dependent on this it a rudraksh , oil , honey…etc etc..and he has openely proclaimed that he will not do anything for free !! err..? I thought they were teaching us the life alternative..frugality and abstinence ?

  109. Recently, the AP govt proposed to gift sadhguru jaggi vasudev 400 acres of land in the new capital city worth 800 crores. (Deccan herald and DC- The Andhra Pradesh government’s proposed allocation of 400 acres of land near Vijayawada for the development of spiritually-oriented institutions to isha group.)

    It seems Mr Jagadish Vasudev aka Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev aka Jaggi has been accused by his own father in law of killing his daughter (Sadhguru jaggi’s wife) Vijji aka Mrs Vijaya kumari either by strangulation or by poisoning, in 1997. Mrs Vijaya Kumari was 31 years old then with a 6 year old daughter . Jaggi has escaped saying that she went into mahasamadhi. (Now, which court accepts mahasamadhi and acquits a murderer?).

    Mr. Jagadish cremated the body of his wife on the next day itself, hence no autopsy could be performed. Before marrying Jagadish vasudev, Vijaya kumari was working in a bank and was previously married to someone else. After her death, another woman who was involved with them (in the tri-vortex of energy needed to consecrate the so -called dhyanalinga), a certain Mrs. Bharathi divorced her husband and came to live with Mr. Jagadish vasudev.

    After his wife died, Mr. Jagadish Vasudev flew to the united states and got himself certified seriously ill to escape the prosecution. He then started rumors about how the consecration of the dhyanalinga made him ill, so that no one would doubt his fake illness.

    Mr. Jagadish vasudev has a daughter named Radhe, who is a dancer and she is married to a classical singer and is living a normal, luxurious life in Chennai and the USA, whereas most young women and men in the ashram live as unpaid slave labour, just on 2 meals a day and 3 sets of clothes and hard work to produce products and money for his so called Isha foundation, which many say is just an excuse to get tax exempt status in India and the USA for all ashram activities and businesses. Isha foundation doesnt seem to work much as it is advertised.

    Mr Jagadish Vasudev once said that children who go to govt. schools are walking 4 km per day and giving the bus charges (7rs/ day) to the ashram and that they are very commendable.
    Also, while he asks people to live frugally, and donate to the ashram, he and his daughter, and Bharathi etc live very luxuriously and Jaggi has bought himself a landrover, a landcruiser and a hummer apart from other things. He advises people not to drink coffee, but he himself drinks folgers coffee and is seen at starbucks. His family members (daughter, son in law etc ) go to movies, malls, enjoy luxury villa stay with private pool type vacations both in India and abroad, and hang out with friends along with their latest i-phones. It seems that Mr. Jagadish vasudev is keeping them in “miserable” luxuries while the ashramites are enjoying sublime “spiritual” bliss in bare frugality.

    He has once said that 3 things should never be commercialized…education, health care and spirituality. He is commercializing all the three as – a) isha home school charges around 6 lakh per annum, b) isha arogya (medicine) products are sold through isha stores and c) inner engineering and all other programs (spirituality) are also being sold to the masses.

    He is good with words, but he himself never practices what he speaks. Some people who want to come out of the ashram are threatened from leaving saying that their spiritual progress will be stopped and that they will also affect the lives of many people around them…or something like that. Anyways most of them are in a kind of hypnotic delusional state where they worship their master since he is offering them something intangible like enlightenment, and they believe all the lies he continuously says and defend him and the organization to the best of their abilities.

    You can read more on sadhguru jaggi vasudev aka sjv on guruphiliac forums written by ex ishaites. They say that few people were found dead at both his ashrams in India and the US.

    This news came in the Indian Express in 1997-
    Coimbatore, Oct, 11: Close on the heels of scandals relating to fake godmen getting exposed, yet another ashram from Coimbatore is in the limelight with Jaggi Vasudev aliash Jagadeesh of Isha Yoga ashram at Poondi near Coimbatore, being charged with the murder of his wife Viji alias Vijayakumari.A team of police personnel recently visited the premises of Isha Ashram at poondi and interrogated the inmates of the ashram. Godman Jaggi is away in the US.According to police, T. S. Ganganna of Bangalore (father of Viji) had preferred a complaint with the Bangalore Police suspecting foul play in the death of his daughter Viji. The complaintant had stated that his daughter left him last on June 15, 1996. He reportedly received a message on January 23, 1997, from Jaggi Vasudev, stating that Viji was no more.Ganganna said that Jaggi Vasudev had hurriedly completed the cremation on Jan.24 even before they could rush from Bangalore, raising suspicion about the nature of death. He suspected death due to poisoning or strangulation.According to him, Jaggi Vasudev could have caused the death of Viji to facilitate his illicit relationship with yet another inmate of the ashram. Based on the complaint of Ganganna to the Bangalore City Police on Aug. 12, a case was registered.The Bangalore City Police transferred it to the Coimbatore Rural Police.The Coimbatore Rural Police have registered a case against Jaggi Vasudev under Section 302 of IPC (murder) and IPC 201 (suppression of evidence).

    Update- Also he got his daughter married at his ashram in 2014 and invited 6000 (six thousand) guests for the ceremony, some of the guests were celebrities and politicians too…Wonder where did the money come from for the accommodation, the festivities, the food and decorations ?

  110. I am not surprised at all the horse shit people are ready to throw at anyone who does something beneficial to society, especially those who are self realized and help man in his ultimate quest- discover himself.

    1. I didnt read all the details, but am clear on accusations – That SJV should give everything for free
    2. SJV should oblige and massage egos of self styled swamis like Yogi , Zaysen who calls him Swami something etc etc
    3. SJV should walk on roads and wallow in dirt and mud – should not travel in cars etc
    4. SJV should clear himself of all charges
    5. SJV should demonstrate his abilities to society

    Only one question- why should he?

    1. Has the government mandated that every individual should go to Isha foundation and learn yoga?
    2 . These self styled swamis and confused souls went on their own and as per their destiny got even more confused about themselves and their purpose in life and then started blaming SJV
    3. When people are going on their own – to seek Happiness, peace, discover themselves -what is anyone’s problem if they are ready to pay
    4. Coming to commercialization- how will the Isha foundation run without money, how will the people survive, what about their social service activities without money
    5. Who are these self styled swamis to decide about what SJV should do

    People go in peace- discover your own self – if you cant do it – then be quite. Dont blame anyone else for your own misery and frustration
    Look at this fellow Zaysen, created realms of content on SJV because his ego got hurt somewhere and he was treated equal with others. He thgouth he is some advanced swami who should be seated next to SJV or such something. More often than not some people who go there lose focus on why they went there and then cringe when they are not given importance. These people waste time in writing blogs and all such things.

  111. A person recommended that I watch the sadguru during the mahashivratri celebrations and that he goes into a deep trance etc

    Of course it is indeed commendable that a person manages to gather such a huge following; however I feel that mr jaggi puts in a show ; I feel that looking at his watch and being aware of the time , constantly adjusting his cloths to look prim and proper are no signs of a person in trance

    Regarding the Theerthakund I feel that it may be a mercury poisoning hazard, I have written about it in my blog (it is my personal opinion as per my current understanding)

  112. SRI RAM

    TRUTH SEEKER… SJV should give everything for free.. (gud point) but can pay ashram electric bill…

  113. Hey guys don’t make your life miserable buy taking sides, just accept the way it is and don’t ever think you know everything they are many facets which are not visible .you like it you take it you don’t just drop it and move away may be its not just your cup of coffee .Try some thing else but your don’t try to change or comment as it didn’t work for it’s working for somebody else lets respect there feelings.we indians are the most tolerant guys i feel its vanishing — so sad.

  114. SadhGuru should pay for his murder …. He should be exposed …. The Guy is making people worship the DICK of Shiva.. (Dhayana Linga..) It should stop…

    He is a fraud… Take action against him.. he is a Big Mafia… who is under the control of some masonic dodges..

    1. If Jaggi vasudev has done a murder, he should be punished, I agree with you. but why do you want people stop worshipping Shiva. You seems to be an abnormal guy masquerading as a Normal Guy, first you expose your self properly.

  115. @yogi do you want to open one such foundation like ISHA … then start doing something in real , jaggi proved his strength now you start digging into ground and create your castle .. this blog post is not your KARMA place, Have some balls to reveal your identity . you are simply talking bullshit some airy talk from No man’s land .. OM SHANTI

  116. This is nonsense. Are you so poor that you cannot afford 20 Rs? This is like baby money. It is payment of respect. We respect “Shiva” not for being a “God,” but for his yoga. Similarly, we respect Sadhguru for his teachings.

  117. Thank you Yogi for the thought provoking statements and sharing your views and enlightening us. No pun intended (or was it?).

    It takes guts and a strong character and one without the blinkers on, to come out and discuss at length about something like where we clearly have fanatics to rule you out or abuse you without understanding what you are talking about it the first place.

    What I’ve understood or realised (I do a little reading, watching videos, researching, etc though I’ll admit I know nothing (or almost nothing) of the cosmos, enlightenment, Self, The Absolute Truth, and the other Spiritual and Scientific, etc.) But am willing to learn, understand, implement, realise. Its a process and am willing to go through it. At the same time am going to keep my eyes and ears open and not just follow blindly whatever comes my way.

    What Yogi (true to his name) is saying here (And if I may add that its something I have believed for sometime now) is that how we choose, scrutinise, evaluate with utmost care and then decide when we go shopping for vegetables, clothes, cars, houses, an insurance policy; similarly Why shouldnt we do the same when it comes to what we are consume or about to consume for for personal well being? Matters of the mind, heart and soul. Shouldnt we take the same care in choosing what we want/need our our spiritual needs as we do when it comes to choosing the right apples or dish washing liquid? Unless of course you are one of those who feeds on KFC or treats their children to such junk without giving it a second thought.

    What he is saying here is that please do your research the same way you do when it comes to other aspects of life. Dont be a fluffy bunny. Remove the blinkers and then decide. Dig deep.

    Yogi – true to his name cause unlike a philosopher who philosophizes everything through the understanding, writings, concepts, idea of others; a Yogi experiences, realises and implements all this himself and then shares what he has to. A philosopher is someone who brings it to us from all different corners. A Yogi embarks on the journey, sees and experiences it for himself and then takes/makes a decision.

    Am soul searching for the longest but havnt allowed anyone to take me for a ride because of the vulnerabilities I have. And even though I havnt personally gone out there protesting against all the injustice, I definitely dont advocate anything that dupes people or harms them in anyway.

    People are willing to put their money on material stuff which is all good cause they know that all such things have a depreciating value. When people in the name of God plays with their emotions, trust, faith, love and respect then thats a huge problem. That kind of harm can ruin lives irreparably. Its not to be taken lightly. I can always go and get a new washing machine or another bunch of grapes but the trust or faith that has been destroyed can be difficult to get back. Not impossible but difficult. it can completely damage or break someone.

    Thank you Yogi and everyone else who is trying to help and not just defend for the sake of it.

    Am sorry Yogi if I answered for you. I know its not my place to do so. This has definitely been interesting.

  118. Pardon me for the mistakes in the above post.
    The second part of The power of nightmares isn’t available on YouTube. It’ll be great if anyone can share a link to The power of nightmares – The Phantom Victory. Thank you

  119. Hey Yogi
    This is just grand man, you are the flip side of the coin (or should that be FLOP side? )
    Guy, its a free world, you don’t wanna go to ISHA, easy, just stay the hell away.
    Remember, we all face our own karma’s. or whatever it is death does after.
    but bottom line matey, even an idiot should understand,

    “If you yourself cannot Help, then at the very least, don’t Hinder.”

    I’m an atheist, i don’t care one way or another, but damned if i’ll say anything bad of another that’s doing better than i am
    oh, and pause a second, ask yourself, who appointed you as a moral objector? when did you become our collective conscience? If i wanna spend MY money that I worked for on any idiosyncrasy that’s my right man, you aren’t feeding or funding me, so what the hell is your issue. ,


    Some wiser dude already said it

    Money, not morality, is the principle of commercial nations

    have a cold one Yogi bear, and if u cant buy one, take an ice bath buddy…. you sure have a severe case of ants in your pants.

  120. When Modi calls him for spiritual advise, when United Nations asks him to address delegates from 170 plus countries, when British parliament wants him to address the upper house, when world economic forums want him to address their summits…………we MUST believe that SJV is worth listening to and learning from……..unless you think ( like our Yogi ), you are only intelligent and the rest of the world is dumb…….

  121. sadguru is a fake- jokes/showmanship for lack of real content.
    not sure about osho, yet osho is better than sad-guru.
    but at least sadguru followers appears to be better than osho’s followers…
    the truth
    real gurus not known except to a very special few…

  122. Yeah Yeah
    every mortal is a fake, living whichever lie is necessary for that moment.
    Like the “Made in China ” stuff you purchase with your “hard earned cash”, its up you matey. Don’t be a friggin hypocrite. When you do something good, feel blessed, else “STFU”
    Let the man be, even one person that sees some light beats you freaks living in perpetual ignorance.
    With all the kindness you wonderful souls deserve, Get on with your OWN lives, go create a blog and bleat your deeds without hypocracy.

  123. Oh, was it like that? There are good things too. But it seems you were interested only in shity part and collected all the shit.

  124. Truth or fake or its real i had experienced it….All those comments above …Peace or inner peace are within us in ourselves people …You do not ever need a third person that is not even related to you like that guru to explain it to you or go to the ashram and devote yourself or in other words sacrifice yourself for what!!!!!…Peace..Peace is attained in all simple things in our life…and that is Happiness…Well living your life in that building forever is what you described as happiness…Please stop fooling yourself…I had read Bhagavad Gita the basic of hinduism..God never said those who devoted his life will go to heaven and the one not are going to hell…First treat the person who first brought you to this with love and care …you parents…God said that in Gita…Not devoting yourself to something that everyone is agreeing up too…Its foolish..This Isha foundation is a scam that hides big truth!!!!! …unspoken truth!!!! people… be alert people












  126. I happened to visit isha centre. The reason being my cousin was visiting me with his European wife. So we went to the isha centre. On entering the first shock I got was how the volunteers were shamelessly and literally begging my cousin to buy the merchandise. They said it was personally energised by the guru. Then they were forcing them to join the programme. Why? Because they said my cousin and his wife looked depressed. Now let me tell you my cousin is the most fun person on the planet. During all this drama nobody said anything to me. So you see my point. These guys are out to fleece people especially those who live abroad.

  127. Hindu is not religion, its a region. there are some Ancient religion following igna Yoga religion, and some religion following bakthi yoga thats it, all you need to clean the mind, body and soul. “Here every one is a god, you can create, save, and destroy” if you know this already go to Isha center kind of place or create center like Isha or what you want create a place to know answer for those questions. do not evaluate with what you learned from childhood.

  128. Yogi



    Is kalname in short the kalname of present time he got the crap and all the nuisance to spread .
    Dont mind guys people like him has always been there to hang Jesus to question on mother marry’s virginity and so yogi is . He takes time to prepare himself to come against isha. My suggestions to all of you is to leave his crap on him . Let him fight with himself .

    Yogi do not see pop francis living on river bank bearing single cloth and helping people.
    All he got is go behind isha.

  129. Hello all!
    After reading the article, I sensed the author’s desperateness in making his point that Isha / sadguru is a scam etc. I never visited his ashram and I’m not sure what happens there. But I attended one of his programs in US and had a pleasant experience. And I regret your bad experiences at his place.

    There is nothing black and white / totally good or bad person. Every person will have his share of good and bad qualities. Let’s only take good ones from him. Do you see any thing reasonably good in him?

    In my perspective, his speeches are good. Not that he is a good orator. Just because, most of them are not about him. They are about us, and how we can improvise our daily routines, human relations, career ambitions, balancing emotions etc. I don’t mind listening to any person speeches/ books (Ex – Good Ted talks) if they teach positive things about life and motivate us. If you have a better alternative who relates to our cultures and motivate us, please let everyone know. We would appreciate and check on them as well.

    Spread positive news. As you know, a negative incident / news is 10 times powerful than positive news. And it is highly overrated.


    1. You are weak minded to rely on others for common sense worldly knowledge.
      You are foolish for not distinguishing worldly knowledge from spiritual knowledge.
      You deserve to be scammed.

  130. Hi,

    Just wanted to share my views on this issue.

    My background: I have been exposed to ISKCON for 6 years and I have read most of OSHOs books. I am an INTP (brigg myers). I consider myself very rational and I question everything I read or hear about. I am an engineer by education and I work in an MNC (Scientific research based organisation).

    Now, I have followed Sadhguru videos for almost 3-4 years and I am practising his tools (kriyas and sadhana) for 2 years now. I have attended most of the Isha (7-day, BSP, HAta, Angamardhana, Sakthi chalana kriya) programs.

    I use to wonder if the concept of enlightenment itself is a scam. In other words, Buddha, Zen, most Hindu teachings talk about enlightenment, which itself is a big question. I am in search of a living master who can guide me to enlightenment, because all great masters have talked about it.

    In my opinion, a living master is vastly superior to a dead one. the reason below

    1. The teaching of a dead master will be mostly highly specific to the group he/she addressed at that point of time in history and most of the teachings would be irrelevant now.

    As a example, if I tell you take a knife/sword to work everyday 300 years ago, it would have been relevant due to wild animals and theives. Now i live a city and I will be handed over to the police if I did the same thing.

    Ok, so I dismiss every other philosophy and religion as they are outdated. only a living realized master can help me in what i want.

    now, back to Sadhguru,

    IMO, he is a realized master.

    All masters are despised including Jesus. the reason being the general public lacked the sheer intellectual maturity that is required to look past what is projected. We are generation of selfies, we are generation of prestitute media, we are generation of weaklings. We believe in TV ads, We live our life mesmerised by what is projected in media.

    I dont want anyone (public) to approve of the masters, because it will never happen and it has never happened. If it happens then the master is a fake.

    As Osho puts it, anything that people appreciate is generally mediocre.

    I am really happy that these pea brainers try to put down Sadhguru. it is a good symptom that he is the real one.

    As in any spiritual organisation there are many issues, many nut cases, many legal issues. which doesnt bother me. It will be there in any big organisation.

    1. Isha has more money. Can you please question the same to Thirupathi temple? or catholic church or the pope?

    2. Isha gets more donation. Even a political party gets donation, all spiritual and religious organisation do. there is nothing wrong about it.

    3. Is Sadhguru realised. Yes

    4. Are Isha followers brainwashed? Arent general public brainwashed by media, govt, and the education system. Arent these corporate employees working their ass off to pay their home loan and personal loans till they retire?

    Brainwashing does happen at Isha, you are washed off all the bullshit you have learned all through your life.

    Now, just think about the below

    1. There are thousands of extinct animals in the last 100 years due to mindless human activity

    2. There are hundreds of square kilometers of plastic garbage floating in the ocean due to neglect

    3. General public are becoming too selfish, we dont care about anything other than what is ours.

    4. Everyone is running their rat race which is ripping this planet apart.

    5. People are becoming more and more less compassionate.

    The reason being, there is no inclusiveness. a little bit of Isha yoga can bring magic into one’s life. It definitely did in my case.

    I have become more of the below because of Isha practices.

    1. present
    2. compassionate
    3. listen/observant
    4. less needy
    5. more socially responsible
    6. More loving
    7. Happy and content

    And ofcourse, I have my tough moments I do get angry but the ratio is different.

    If i get angry and annoyed say 50% of the time before, now may be it is just 5% of the time.

    And whenever, I dont do my practices I see that i get more heavier. It is just like gym workouts.

    If i dont go to the gym obviously i will get weaker as months pass by. same with ISha practices. It is a gym for my conciousness and mind and it helps me a lot.

    I am just waiting for the day this could be proven scientifically, which is not far away.

    1. LOL
      How do you some one is realized. Its not possible for you to know. Can you know from their acts and deeds if they have an inner knowledge.

      If it show up did then Osho or Gurudjeiff can not be called self realized. Might be only Raman Maharishi would fit the bill. But its not that way. People still believe them as realized

      Religion is like selling invisible hair pins. The seller makes money. The buyer proclaims to have derived the benefit and the person watching the sale becomes confused and either starts buying the invisible hair pin or selling the hair pin based on what he thinks pays off

      Only that individual knows if there some thing like realization or not. Rest are just arguing about words.

  131. Hi brothers & sisters,
    I m Rajesh,love humanity& god shiva,t hen I m also Hindu… basically I don’t know about 2 personality 1.Annai Theresa,2. Jakki vasudev…so anyone help me to know about it. I need not huge data,simply want comparison and difference about us…plz plz help me…
    I like to share one data,from beginning temples are give good vibrations and peace,while our home gives it, that’s also temple.hence no one judge like it , temple is amazing,so that organizer also very good person.but someone are very well person.a anythingelse sorry and thanks.

  132. Yogi,
    From what I understand from your blog…You seem to have been desperately searching for something to believe in and u came across Sadguru who tugged certain strings in you. You have been to the ashram seen what they do and followed ardently until , what you believed should have been the case started shaping into something completely different and this raised a turmoil in you and so u pick up this blog to write about his past actions, blame entire Tamil Nadu deforestation on him. Also, instead of him living in a run down shack wearing a langota (which I am pretty sure u would have gone to visit him their in the first place)lives in a luxurious ashram with all the wood work done by the same Trees he cut down. Not only this, he is branding and selling stuff to people who are buying not because of their free will but by unleashing isha volunteers who have zero marketing skills on helpless, brainless foreigners to buy things. Also, he is brainwashing everyone into becoming sanyasi again not by their free will but through some brain washing/ hypnotic teachings. Okay let say whole of India believes your blog it catches buzz because everyone loves scandal they support you and all of us go put Sadguru behind bars and pull down Isha foundation and what next?? Will you give up ur comfortable life and serve the poor?? Plant trees and provide food for the homeless?? Do all the things that Sadhguru does today but without commercializing anything or by asking people for money. I am sure seeing u plant a tree or better still maybe writing a blog about it people all over will start planting and all rich guys will empty their bank accounts give for poor and sit by to read on ur blog what else they can do with their lives now.
    You are a human being so gifted with supreme intelligence and skills why not divert them into something constructive?? Why pick on A person who has proven to be an enigmatic personality ?He is giving hope to the hopeless , through his courses he is making a person who cant even bend to pickup, do yoga. Why pick on someone who talks And explains Abt things better than ur own parents?
    If u think ur so smart after reading all ur book recommendations you have grasped the corporate brain. With ur acquired knowledge, skills and intellect go build a corporate and make money…from that money bring positive change in people and don’t expect anything back. Or You don’t have to do anything grand just be useful to another human being by doing or writing something positive. If Sadguru has taken from Mother Earth, she knows how to take everything back from him when the time comes (his own words). Why are u losing ur peace over it?? From what I see, he is not harming anyone if u believe he is robbing from people, only people who can afford to give will give, let it be, at least part of it will go into a good cause .

    Be at peace brother…

  133. What any Christian missionaries can any one question them what abt the nuns what abt the pasters… Why they are getting fund from abroad….if it ‘s for Christianity then sacrificing is fine… But poor thing ‘s Isha ‘s just a Indian organization… So u will question right.

  134. Namaste people !
    I am French, Christian, and interested in Yoga, Hindouism… India. I come now and then since like 15 years. Also I heard about Isha, many friends advising me to go, I listen to his videos, I like it. Then I writte totem to enquire about the inner engineering program, as I will be in India one month, in October.
    The price for 4 days program, for me as a French, is 16000 Rs, in shared bedroom. I am sorry, I am very shocked. Nowadays it is like that in many places in India, but this one is very, very prohibitive. And yoga teacher training is some 20 000 Dollars !! So, I didn’t read all the many treads of this passionated debate about Isha and Sadghuru, some of them. Also I would like to contribute, and most of all, ask you : What you think of an organization, a Guru, who claims he will deliver to you “divine inner engineering”… For that much ? I wrote back to them, telling I can volunteer for them, give them time, in the ashram tradition, no answer at all. I am wondering, has the world become a market place all over ? Why India sells wisdom as commercial products ? And to please western standards it seems. I feel bewildered. then if we say such things, disciples fall on us, feeling sorry for us, that we are so petty, so not enlighten. Is it being enlighten to pay to deepen a spiritual life ? I wonder ? Do I have a problem with my relationship to money ? I agree it’s good to give and participate, and sacrifice even, to get something precious like, say, spiritual knowledge. On the other hand I also feel those should be freed from money. I dont know ! What you think ?

    1. Hi Pauline,
      The program you are referring here is a 4 day program which they usually offer to corporates, IAS officers or people from organizations and people who are not ready to attend a week long program as it is offered in cities. The 4 day program also offers you facilities in Isha rejuvenation(messages, forest walks etc. Also they provide you meals for the 4 days apart from giving you a cottage accommodation.

      In cities like Bangalore the same program is offered in a 7 day format for Rs. 3000. You come to Indiranagar they offer this program in an excellent venue and also the Sunday brunch is also included. If you see the way they offer you will definitely realize that they are not even breaking even by doing classes in cities.

      In every Isha Yoga program they are giving you a receipt of donation which is exempt under section 80 G, the organization books are constantly audited and they fully comply with non profit organization standards.

      If you still have problems with the price of the program you should do the Isha yoga program in a village in Tamil Nadu where they offer it for free.

      The Hata Yoga teacher training program which you are referring is for 10000 dollars not 20000. This is a 21 week program where they teach you different aspects of Hata yoga take care of your stay, food, visit to different spiritual places etc. They dedicate 100% of their time to make sure you become a teacher to teach this Yoga in its purest form. At the end they certify you and then you can go ahead and open up your studio or teach this for a fee. They are charging a high fee for this because they really want people who want to teach and take it seriously, they are not preventing people from teaching this for fee but they want people who want to take this seriously and not do this fancifully.

      Sadhguru has also stated that if you volunteer in the Hata Yoga school for 3 years you can do this program for free.

      Please get in touch with the right people in Isha, there are many people who come to Isha and stay for free. Yes these people come there as a volunteer and follow the ashram rules.

      I hope you make the best use of this and experience this, for beginners you can learn Isha Kriya which is offered for free on internet.

      Please read the below article on why Isha Yoga Programs are charged.

  135. Dear Admin,
    ->why is there any rules like farmer’s son/daughter need to become farmer only!! no right?.. then why guruji’s daughter need to do so on the same path..i.e their life.
    ->You are telling the 5rs for the red tape or something..offcourse it will get values if is priced otherwise might you will take more than 2 or 3 if someone else giving free.. this is what human tendency
    ->Guruji’s killed his wife?? do you have seen this incident.. or do you have proof if yes please go and lodge complaint..who does crime he should be get punished their own crime
    ->You are talking about why shiva…or any hindu god… 1st thing Yoga,meditation and ayurveda or some vedas belongs to Hindu(Whoever born in Hindusthan he/she is Hindu). Guruji thought shiva as yogi and he s fallowing but their is no mentioned not enter other religion means accepting all religions..regions..
    ->Think logically before claiming one person to bad..
    and personally I didn’t visited the Isha center neither didn’t see Guruji also.
    but his thoughts and speach it science and logic not as a god or religion blindly he don’t tells.. this need to be accepted and need to be rejected if it is wrong..

  136. Sadhguru will come to your home at night and let snakes in your bed…and reading your post, looks like you will 100% wet it..

    So hold your tongue, and be open to what he is giving you..because you are blessed to even be born in the time of jaggi vasudev.

    And smile man..wasting your time writing this garbage online

  137. Hey.
    Just revisited this site, seems like “The Bleat goes on”
    Guys, girls buddys and HATERS, get off this wagon.
    IF you are worth your salt and not an organism wasting oxygen, DO SOMETHING yourself
    How about Screaming from the rooftops about the perpetual filth and litter around you, Clean up your environment and just maybe you would clean up your minds.
    Swaach Bharath and such arent working. Go out onto the streets, put up bins everywhere, go to schools and temples and every sport event and teach people how to be clean especially the land and roads you walk on. How about teaching people yourselves, And if you dont do anything else at least learn that a bathroom/ toilet should be the cleanest place, not a wet stinky spot.
    Leave the man doing his little bit, and even if he profits from him, May the lords bless him, At the very least the place is CLEAN.
    Leave Gods and Philosophy alone people, to each his own.

  138. Nice compilation there. Some of which, I surely agree, especially – “Does he crave media attention? Yes”..
    Most of the others, I don’t know. I was in their class in 2001 (and still practising). It is beneficial for sure, but things have gone lot out of control I feel. Its becoming a religion, which they themselves want to avoid I guess. More of a profit-minded organization (not just monetary profit, but basically the mindset). As per me, it was not so early 2000s before the foreigners started to come in large numbers (and Jaggi just wants to please them)
    He just wants to be in the good books of USA; he just wants to Indianise America and even Americanise India in a way.
    One of the comments I mentioned in a forum, about “Sadhguru not recommending book yoga early 2000’s, but is okay with his book becoming popular in USA, and that he’s just craving for attention from USA” was taken down (presumably by the moderator of the group).
    Can’t help it. Lots of hypocrites everywhere. Its a scary world. Those were the days! when hindus were charming – that was not more than a generation back – this generation is finding it hard to win hearts – Sadhguru is one such person, not winning hearts, but just wants to lecture and win their (temporary) attention. I really wish things would become better. Let’s hope so.

  139. It is not about Hinduism. It is about seeing the way life is. If this is what you learnt by going to Isha Foundation, I pity you. You could have taken a fraction of goodness. It would have helped.
    God bless you.

  140. Yogi,
    It was nice conversation here. Thank you.
    I attended 7 days program, inner engineering. Everything was cool but I am suspicious about donation receipt instead of bill. As a student of CA, I find it fishy. Needs research. Anyways,as a donor, I will get 80G deduction but for Sadhguru that income will be tax free.
    As per section 11 ( 1 ) ( d ) of the Income Tax Act 1961 voluntary contributions received by the trust or charitable institutions with a specific direction that the contribution shall form part of the corpus of the trust or institution shall not be treated as income of the trusts or institution

    1. Yes all religious and charitable institutions get the benefit and not Isha in particular. As a student of CA, you would have read and understood about of Tax planning and Tax evasion. What they are doing falls under the ambit of tax planning. You should smell fish, if you find that the Trust has deployed the money which they collected for objects other than for the purpose for which the Trust was created. Then there is a tax evasion.

      If you have received a donation receipt, the trust can argue that course is free if you make a donation for the trust. Though, it does not appear to be an ethical argument, that’s an argument that could be tenable under law.

      The best way to curb this will be if all the donations made to all religious, charitable and related institutions are taxed. But the negative is some of these institutions with out going to specifics do real ground level work which would be affected.

  141. 60-70% things you told does not signify that it is a scam at all I can explain every sentence said by you but later when I get time i will do it but for now I would like to point out some flaws in your blog.broadly. 1. you said he did not initiate her daughter to brahmacharya. dont you have mind ? this decision can only be taken by the men or women himself/ can a man can force anyone to do that? talk about supposed teacher. how can you judge any organisation by supposed teacher.
    3. you are seeing this all by moralistic perspective… what you feel right you want to manifest everywhere that is why you did not like this foundation. try to see the things without expectations towards foundation except your well being.. try to experience . Experience is the true knowledge. I have experienced his methods and i found it so beautiful and I have had experiences those are beyond physicality..
    and I have been through sits like prem rawat and zaysen already and zaysen is the most foolish among them.. all the things shown in that site can be explained very easily why those things look wrong but actually not.

  142. It started with GOD, Someone cried .. My God is the Truth and Christianity was formed and another one cried MY God is The Truth and Islam came into being and another cried My God is Truth and Buddhism, came forth, and Jainism, Judaism, and lots of isms… etc etc… so each one finds their own God someday. You have to criticise others to satisfy your justification. As long as Humanbeings are there on this world this bullshit goes on. So I don’t blame you or anyone else… it is the way of the nature in you that is making up all this. IF you go beyond this nature of you [for yourself] then you can be called as enlightened life. No, don’t let the world know that you are enlightened…[You think you are enlightened or know more than other humanbeings can ever imagine, then keep it to yourself] otherwise they will criticise you and start their own way of thinking or even create their own GOD……

  143. Everyone has different experiences. So they write from their experiences and addictions. But there will be truth. Our answers cannot be simply justified by hearing and seeing but justified only by intense research.

    A person cannot be judged by his/her speech and short period activities. Person can be judged by only how he lives ? Do you remember K.Kamaraj, former chief minister of Tamilnadu ? Is Sadhguru really living the way how maharishi lives ? Sadhguru has given a speech in freemason masonic conference. Check the ink:×360.jpg

    If you know freemason, then you know who Sadhguru really is…………..

  144. I have enjoyed Sadhguru’s videos on YouTube, but I decided to buy a rudraksha, mistakenly I went to the Indian site where one is 750 rupees (12 dollars), when I found the US site it was 100 dollars! That made me angry.. and disappointed.. do I need to say more?

  145. Good example of how one intensely gets jealous of another man’s success. Have you attended any of Sadguru’s classes, any personal experience or talks with him. If you are man enough, you can pose these questions to Sadguru directly, he will respond to you. Why are you hiding behind a website as a coward. If you want the truth, seek it. I have experienced inexplicable joy and amazing experiences in his classes, even without he conducting them. Forget he being a sacred man. As a human being has is he not doing anything to the society, what is your arhata? Are you anywhere remotely close? Why should we judge or criticize someone when we don’t know the truth. Just volunteer in a program for one day. They are not driven by Sadguru, they are driven by their own joy. They do it for their own self-fulfillment. Go see for yourself, if you think what you have realized is the truth, publish it, don’t publish heresay. That’s what cowards and jealous people do. Pray, you find the truth, just in case if you are seeking it.

  146. As a soul who suffers still the effects of suffering (so as to say, in Buddhistic terms, coping with Maya and working through the process of reaching the inner place that comes free of attachment, so to say …. words being another point of attachment ….

    There will always be fear on the part of the seeker – fear coming up as resistance – as questioning. Always question the inner at least as much as questioning the outer.

    The seeker is well advised to not look at the outer manifestation of something and claim to know what it is. Recall that when a bridge is distant, it may look like it’s 2 mm long – and when you are on it, it’s apparently 2 km long. Appearance is a big so what? And…. it is governed by the mind and sensory organrs, which, at least if one were to understand the separated self and its delusions via reading (The writings of Buddha are very useful … indispensable… in owning and learning the necessity for the unlearning of self).

    There is always also the prudence of being aware of scam especially if one’s budget is tight.

    If a person can purify the mind sufficiently to enter an ashram, not become attached to the person or the place of the ashram – but rather, to remain in a somewhat balanced inner-outer seeing, then the practice can be seen for what it is, ultimately: the doorway to transcending all suffering, there being no aspect of that mind with its legitimate questions, which is free of suffering as it is occupied with its own identification with forms that come and go – in other words, if you believe you are the mind the body the senses the personality, there is never going to be peace in this world for you. You here, not meaning I am different. So let me say us. WE humans do not have the tools to really be free when we are using the mind to criticize outwardly. The mind must be turned and intellect used to ask always the question, “Who?” WHo is this self which seems to care about reasons not to learn yoga when I have decided to learn it? If you are waiting for a shining perfect never-once-sinned person before you will learn yoga, you will never learn it – and … if you really are honest with yourself, isn’t that what the ego wants??? To remain forever in a state of I am perfect, does this or that compare with what I deserve? Or … I was harmed… is this or that out there going to harm me? WITHIN is the guru. WITHIN is love. A love so profound that NOTHING can hurt. But to get there, the mind has to be tamed. And in this taming process, it will be reduced and minimized. Try minimizing a lion. It roars.

    A teacher is most beneficial when a student is ready to face the inner roaring with fearlessness and love and compassion. And when that student also sees a lion on the outside roaring – in the way of something the mind does not approve of – to see that with equal love and compassion. Even if the compassion is not total and complete: try. Try to see with equanimity on all sides of the eyes, and continue to do any practice that is designed to get the mind calm, trained and transcended.

    All paths lead to enlightenment eventually.

    The longest path there however is paying attention to the mind which we already know must be transcended. That is the best way reason and excuse not to.

    I was blessed with a rather stubborn mind and it loves to look for reasons why not to do things. I can tell you that has never been a formula of happiness. I override that mind with this thought, “If my goal is to transcend you, why does anything you say matter?” All of life is the guru that leads within. The only question we face as humans is: are we wise enough to use all experience as the doorway to face down our inner resistance, or do we allow ourselves to be sidetracked in the weeds of apparent forms and delusions?

    Wishing all which suffers the apparent illusion of duality peace, within and without, and may all beings be free.

    Namaste _/\_

    If I may recommend: that intellect which is very good at reading spread sheets and seeing if an organization is in fact non profit can be put to the task also of noticing the inner resistance, and identifying the suffering within. Wherever that suffering may be … along with all the points of attachment… the mental clinging to what is …the wanting what is not … be with those conflicting urges… see them up close and personal…. and then never again will any spread sheet suck you out of the imperative to do the real work – which is – to drop the intellect. The intellect will never bring joy or freedom. Consciousness is the way. Take every minute of life as a teacher, as a guide out of the outer seeking, and use all of life as the way by which to have compassion for the suffering self, because it is only when compassion is sufficiently cultivated that we have the will to own the ego and the hubris and its notions of specialness. There is a lot of stuff inside … and the place must be swept clean for the love, peace and light of the inner Guru to shine. Sweeping is the task. Not worship of the processes — those self-smug processes that seem to believe and think they know anything about the world. Those are the greatest delusions to face down. Who amongst us has seen the first cause in Creation?! That should take care of the resistance to the inner sweeping….

    May no soul ever overlook the ego and its cleverness in undoing the desire to transcendent. Many a lifetime can be spent in weeds. Keep to the humble, the simple, and just listen to the wisdom that emerges from all things when there is total silence inside… hear, feel and know that there is a truth that is beyond all that the mind can imagine … having no label…. just being. And keep going regardless of who is with you, who is not, who they were or seem to be, who the mind thinks it is, just keep on going!! That is the way: forward.

    May I read my own words and keep them to heart even as I have the same issues, and even as I may seem to have made progress – there being just the path of learning regardless of how far a person seems to go.

  147. Judging someone does not define them- it only defines the person doing the judging as a judgemental person. That’s literally all that judgement is. Instead of worrying about other people you should worry about yourself and YOUR actions. What we do and say literally defines who we are- our character. Assuming the worst will only lead to the worst things in life. I personally don’t have expirence with sadhguru but from your words I can clearly see that you are filled with anger, judgement and assumption. The reality is that what you are really suffering is your own mind. -Peace 🙏🏼

    1. We have to be concerned about the collective. You think it’s okay to accept bombing killing injustices just because “it had nothing to do with you, worry about you” the collective IS you

  148. Hello fellow Hindustan citizens,

    I am not a follower of Sadguru yet I am surprised that there are so many Hindus here attacking him. For several decades now, nonsensical missionaries have been converting Hindus into an abrahmic religion (Christianity) and yet these critics can only find Sadguru to go after? At least, Sadguru is not in the business of converting people. I wish sadguru and his group success. If not anything, they are helping preserve the ancient culture of India.

    1. After reading this blog, I have now decided to convert to Christianity. I am sure Santa Claus will bring me nice gifts this Christmas. The best thing is I can do as much sins as possible and my God will take them all. No need to worry. Heaven is waiting for me. I have bought a coat and a tie and every Sunday I go for mass. Planning to get married, lot of prospective partners seen on Sundays…I hv also got a small candle stall outside and it is running well. Plus best thing is I hv got minority status and if anybody tries to fool around with me I can go and file a complaint and it is treated on priority. I hv also applied for a US visa, of course after changing my name to John from Janardhan.

  149. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate! Your article really made me laugh. Had you put ads on your webpage, you would earned atleast a bit of what Sadhguru gets and uses it for better projects. Your article shouted of jealousy. Poor soul. Don’t call yourself a yogi with such a hateful soul.

  150. Guys…this Jaggi is a big scam …big time MOFO, catching money like nobody’s business.
    I am just amazed to see how people get sucked into his scam. All the stuff he is talking about takes a good read of GITA (which is available for free in many many libraries and temples here in the US).
    I ahve lived in the US for last 25+ years and have seen many of these “Dhongi Sadhu’s” so it’s so easy to smell this AHOLE.

    People, stay out of Jaggi’s dirty net of scams,

  151. I can accept your arguments about the volunteers rude behaviour but paying 5 rs for a red scared thread…come on man…5 rs is nothing…even a beggar would throw away if you give him 10 rs these days!!

  152. Hey Mate,

    It is time for some rebuttal, since I could not stand your ignorance. My response is mainly on your claims about Hinduism and to a little bit of mud slinging that you did on Sadhguru.

    Firstly, I cannot comment on the behaviour of the Isha Volunteers. If they acted like dumbasses, then so be it, that does not make any entire organisation a cult. To give you an analogy, just because you showed your ignorance about Hinduism in this post, does not make the entire human race ignorant.

    Now for some rebuttal on some of your claims. You will thank me later for “enlightening” you.

    Hinduism, is “not” (and I cannot stress this enough) a religion. It is unfortunate that it has been made to be a religion these days. The word “Hindu” originally was a geographic location, the land between the Himalayas and the Hindu Sagara (Indian ocean). The people who lived in this land were called (surprise surprise!!!) Hindus. So when you say that you are an Indian, you are essentially saying that you are a Hindu. So when I say “Hinduism”, I mean the practices or traditions of these Hindus. Ok, I hope that your thick brain has understood what “Hindu” and “Hinduism” mean.

    Now these Hindus back then, believed in seeking deeper meaning to life than what was obvious. They believed that the divine power existed in every creation in this universe including themselves and sought ways to access the divinity within oneself. Thus emerged several spiritual practices, such as Yoga, meditation (dhyana), chanting etc. to name a few. These were some of the many practices that evolved during ancient India (Hindustan). So, when Isha meant that it is a non-religious organisation it meant that anybody from any faith is free to learn these practices to be spiritual. So obviously when you are teaching this ancient practice you definitely will have all its elements like the Sanskrit chanting, meditation and yoga. There is no concept of a deity when you are doing these practices, because essentially you are accessing the divinity within yourself. Although, you can do Yoga without the Sanskrit chanting, I must say that the chanting was an integral part of Yoga back in the ancient times. So, nothing to be surprised or offended by it when you hear people chant nor is it religious. Because dimwits like you need more reinforcement, I will also encourage you to watch this little video to understand the importance of Sanskrit and chanting, explained by a Westerner I deliberately put this video by a Westerner, because I want people like you to be ashamed of yourself for humiliating and beating up anything that is Indian (Hindu) despite being an Indian.

    Ok, do you get this much that I have explained? Now, moving on to the Shiv Linga. Shiva is called as the first Yogi and hence he is also known as Adiyogi. He is not God, he is believed to be the source of Yoga who had 7 disciples (Saptarishis) who then spread these ancient practices through the rest of India. No wonder, the ancient Hindu society, was one of the most scientifically advanced nation, most wealthy and first ever civilisation. So, now it should come as no surprise to even a dimwit as you, that there should be a symbol of the Adiyogi in an organisation that teaches Yoga.

    I hope that with my explanation of Hinduism and Yoga and what it stands for, I hope your ignorant brain has come to some sort of a revelation that will help you explore more about Hinduism.

    Now, I will not go into too much detail about some of your allegations of Sadhguru. I will just say this, that you must have pulled out the lie that Sadhguru’s guru is Rishi Prabhakar, straight out of your ass. There is no reference whatsoever anywhere that Sadhguru’s guru was Rishi Prabhakar. Similar to this claim, most of your other claims were pulled straight out of your ass isn’t it? Because, all they state are your’s or somebody else’s allegations with no evidence whatsoever.

    One last bit, since you seem to be having so much time to find blogs where people have just posted their claims or allegations with no evidence whatsoever, I wish you had spent a tiny bit of time into finding something meaningful about Hinduism. In order to encourage you to learn the right things about this great and oldest tradition of inner well being, way of living and spirituality ie Hinduism (which is essentially a culture or you can say tradition practised by the Hindus), I would recommend that you subscribe to Professor Jay Lakhani’s youtube channel called “HinduAcademy”. Professor Jay Lakhani teaches about Hinduism in Eton College in UK.

    So long my friend. I told you earlier, that you would thank me, didn’t I 🙂


  153. A few observations Regarding Sadhguru,
    I also found Sadhguru very interesting, charming, intelligent, quick witted and his initial message very simple and attractive.
    His initial message claims to only be about a technique that will be very helpful to anyone. He claims there is no philosophy or religious aspects only a simple technique.
    Before very long though he introduces philosophy in many layers. Diet, sleeping, climate, population problems and opinions on almost every subject. This is certainly his right but it conflicts with the original claim. Religion is also very evident in the many practices and rituals, many based on Hinduism ( although he claims Hinduism to not be a religion) . Practices like consecration and the use of lingas and words like sacred this and sacred that certainly sound religious to most. Again this is his right but seems to indicate a much more complicated path then the original pitch.
    If you watch the many videos you soon notice conflicting statements he makes. One small example is ” I’m in total bliss all the time” vs ” I am totally bored all the time”.
    Although he mentions attainment is instantly available to anyone, ISHA is a many levelled, long, expensive road of seminars ,retreats and ever more important seminars, techniques ,devotions and a heavier commitment of time and money seemingly without end.
    Upon inquiry with an ISHA representative about the BSP program with a little probing I learned you would have to relinquish your car keys and cell phone for the intense secluded Three day program. It also was obvious that sleep would be little and diet would be controlled. If you wanted to have your car keys back and leave you would first need to discuss your reasons with several of the leaders, but then if you insisted you could leave.
    Sleep deprivation, constant activity and control of your every action may certainly cause some kind of reaction or ” peak over the wall” this also may be achieved with psychedelics, but these are all very blunt instruments by many standards and may not suit many people. Again these are not simple or soft techniques.
    The MONEY ,A few facts regarding ISHA financial matters and financial statements in the USA, some available online at “” regarding U.S. Tax Exempt organizations. In 2013 ISHA income was $5,247,000 up from $3,826,000 in 2012. Expenses for 2013 was $2,882,000. Profit $2,365,000 and One expense item that catches any business minds attention is “other expenses” usually a small percentage of most statements. In This case it is close to $1.6 million or more then 55% of all expenses? With no breakout of details? In contrast Grants to foreign organizations was a small $474,000 .(going back to India?)
    Assets were $13,880,000 and are mainly land and buildings which are held in Tennessee and California. By 2014 this asset value grew to $17,101,634.
    Very profitable indeed.
    Make of these figures what you like, just realize most of the money you pay is going to hard asset accumulation in the USA.
    If ISHA and Sadhguru help you on your way, great, he seems to have some good thought process’s and techniques, but it might be prudent to understand and learn as much as you can about any guru or preacher wanting followers, money and time from your family and life.
    If you want the long and winding road that is your right and maybe your best choice but remember even Sadhguru has suggested the answers you seek are really only a breath away.
    There are many very wise people who want little to nothing from you, choose wisely.

    Love and peace

  154. After reading this blog, I have now decided to convert to Christianity. I am sure Santa Claus will bring me nice gifts this Christmas. The best thing is I can do as much sins as possible and my God will take them all. No need to worry. Heaven is waiting for me. I have bought a coat and a tie and every Sunday I go for mass. Planning to get married, lot of prospective partners seen on Sundays…I hv also got a small candle stall outside and it is running well. Plus best thing is I hv got minority status and if anybody tries to fool around with me I can go and file a complaint and it is treated on priority. I hv also applied for a US visa, of course after changing my name to John from Janardhan.

  155. Just today I saw on TV that supreme court has asked government to reply why CBSC Kendriya vidyalaya schools are promoting Hinduism with their morning school prayer. How can govt school promote Hinduism like this very quietly like Isha?

    But we are allowed okay. We are minorities. So in our convent schools even if we take all government aid and grants we can promote our faith in our morning prayer. This is also one of the reasons I decided to convert. See I and my family converted, nothing happened in media. But if u try to convert minorities to Hinduism, whole media will be busy for a few days including few political parties. Already Rajni and Kamal are planning in Malaysia what to do with Tamil Nadu just like Rahul Gandhi goes for monthly vacations abroad and plans from abroad what to do with India.


    Story of Muthamma who has filed a case in court against Jaggi for land grabbing….
    ” She had a vague memory that during the Bhoodan movement, a big landlord of the area, Muthuswamy Gownder, had donated 44 acres of his land to 13 tribal families who worked for him.”



  157. I think Yogi now the best thing for u to do is to question ur father and mother first since u like to question everything and u are also Yogi it seems. First and foremost Ur very source of existence is them so that is the best thing for u to do.

  158. Stop concerning yourself with things that are not of your interest. If you don’t like Sadhguru and his work, just ignore him. Calling him a fraud and millions of people worldwide including celebrities and the cream of intellectuals does not project you in good light. Grow up!

  159. Some dumbass like you always find some fault in some good things happening in the I wish I can meet u and pelt you with stones man…

    There are millions of people who follow him!! I am glad all those millions are not assholes like you!! Listen to their music.. so beautiful and soothing it is…

    Such a d***head you are!

  160. Ok. So what’s your point bro?

    Whatever I could see from your article is nothing but hatred. Anyway, may peace find you soon. Good luck.

  161. I am new to Isha Yoga, i have been following it for the last 3 months. Never been to their place, never visit them. But i red your dissertation. And i can say these:

    – your expectations where wrong from beginning, what you were looking for? A crowd of Sadhgurus? And what the heck is fast enlightenment? Enlightenment is a slow process that happens in a different way to different people…

    – everything costs money? Heck, yeah! You dont know? But, lets break this down for a second: 5rp=0.07usd (7 cents) while 20rp=0.3usd (30 cents). You dont agree that the scarf was made from material? that material was made by someone’s work? Work that was done for food? How much of a profit do you think there is hidden there? Did you go to Church? Any kind. And they never asked you any money? They live from pure energy, and everything is free for them, right?

    – i am not a believer. And so i have red all the infos about Isha from top to bottom, and yes, they are Hinduism. So? They have created a program for people like me where logic and common sense take place. And that is exactly what those religious signs in front of the entrance mean: you are all welcomed (i’ve seen the entrance in pictures).

    The whole point is that you have to find you own path. Without judging. What you did with your dissertation is big time judging. What did you do to make it right? Did you approach that Isha staff with love and express concern? Did you said something funny to make people laugh when they were pissed by uncontrolled children? No.

    Be better yourself, dont wait appreciation, find a need – fill a need, and most of all, stop judging others!


  162. There is an Aasaram in every religious denomination including the church the mosque the Buddha vihara the jain derasar the synagogue the temple the every religion cult faith etc…In fact the Vatican has itself accepted there are paedophiles in the garb of white robes in churches…

    BTW Yogi which church do u go for Sunday mass…..

    I am assuming u are a Christian coz the evangelists and church is quite upset with Sadhguru because he has become a formidable force against their fraudulent mass conversions….

  163. God does not create Gurus. Its the knowledge they have that make them Gurus. You like it accept it else dont Follow. The way you are putting it up I pity you. Seems like this is just a profession. Isha is not a scam.
    You can make out with the Article that its written as a part of the profession and no name is disclosed of the writer .

  164. Christian missionaries have trying hard to conduct religious conversation in India.. especially the villeges of south. In fact they have almost succeeded in their attempt but sadgurus programs creating a barrier in their way. So they hired these kinds of guys to go against sadguru. They are doing their work. That’s it

  165. How much is Yogi Paid? who commented in this page by Opposing parties to comment negative for each and every post.

  166. Do you think Enlightenment is a college degree, which every student will get at the end of their course ? And stop writing these negative posts, without even experiencing Isha. Your story is like a child, who doesn’t like the school in his first or second day, and tells his parents that its a horrible place and I dont want to go there.
    People are smart, and they know where this is coming from, so you better utilize your energy and time to get the enlightenment, if you really are a seeker or yogi.
    These allegations and negative posts wont get you enlightenment, you will only get paid by those who want you to write it.

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